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Gruppo Argenta Maurizio Bianco

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1 Gruppo Argenta Maurizio Bianco

2 Gruppo Argenta Company Overview
In March 2008, Cognetas backed the buy-out of Argenta, a leading provider of vending services in Italy. Cost: 164 | Cash back: 0 | Valuation: 87 (€m) Business Argenta is a leading vending machine operator in Italy. It owns more than 150,000 vending machines serving more than 85,000 clients. Its clients comprise businesses of all sizes, government offices, schools, hospitals and city offices. Argenta’s vending machines serve hot and cold drinks and food. Today Argenta employs more than 1,400 people in 20 branches spread throughout Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna and recently opened up two branches in Tuscany and Lazio. At the time of the acquisition Argenta business was mainly focused on in the B2B market with a strong presence in the indoor market. In the past two years one of main strategic focuses of the Company was to expand its activities in the outdoor market. Through the acquisitions of Brekky and Mastro Coffee in 2010, Argenta entered the automatic shop business and the B2C business which expand its end markets and represent further growth opportunities. Sales in 2011 are expected to reach more than €200m. The Company is led by Mr Luciano Iannuzzi as CEO. Mr. Jesi former Chairman of PepsiCo Europe and Operating Partner of Cognetas is the Chairman. Country: Italy Description: Vending machines operation and service Fund: Cognetas Fund II Investment rationale The key drivers of our investment decision are: Resilient business Scope for bringing modern managerial and marketing techniques to what is still today a rudimentary industry Opportunity to consolidate the Italian vending market which still remains highly fragmented and allows considerable potential for acquiring smaller companies and achieving synergies with integration Deal Source Cognetas acquired Argenta from Advent in March 2008 alongside Investitori Associati, the former Management team and certain co-investors. In December 2009, Cognetas , in order to rebalance the financial structure of the Company, injected a further €65m into the business alongside a senior manager group, who invested €2m, thus remaining the sole financial shareholder. 2

3 Gruppo Argenta Achievements under Cognetas shareholding
Organic growth / Green Field Development of outdoor business both with Public Authorities (Venice Municipality) and Private Companies (Eni main petrol station provider in Italy) Territorial expansion in two new regions Tuscany and Rome Centralization of workshops (from 23 units to 4) and implementation of IT /Procurement systems for technicians Remodeling of OCS business in terms of: a) operations through call center reorganization and externalization of logistic services to third parties; b) focus on brands shifting heavily from Lavazza to Nespresso (exclusive agreement of a number of provinces) and Illy External growth The Company has a €70 mln acquisition facility of which €50 mln still available Completed coverage of an important area of Lombardy region and expanded operations in Rome with the acquisition of Eurmatik from Coca Cola HBC Structuring of M&A team responsible of new acquisitions and integration processes Completed coverage of Nespresso in one major region of GA operations (Piedmont) through the acquisition of CB and Coffee Show Gained access to automated shops through the acquisition of a network of 45 stores Started operations in the B2C coffee market with the small acquisition of MC Other topics Structuring of management team inclusive of Managing Director, Head of Marketing, Purchases, HR, CFO, Sales and Operations Re-engineering of sales force creating the unit from scratch that now counts on over 45 sales people in the organization Country: Italy Description: Vending machines operation and service Fund: Cognetas Fund II 3

4 Gruppo Argenta Financial performance
BASE CASE Gruppo Argenta Financial performance Sales Growth EBITDA Growth 4

5 Gruppo Argenta Value-creation going forward
Future growth should be driven by Fully exploit outdoor expansion to create new business both with Municipalities and Private companies Carry on consolidation plan through M&A selected opportunities (backed by committed Bank line of Euro 50 mln) Further penetration of new geographies (such as Lazio and Tuscany and adjacent regions) Pursue expansion and growth in the pure retail sector through the automated shops Significant opportunities to leverage on the company’s logistics and operations structure to expand in the B2C market both with brands and private label Capitalizing on new sales force both in the vending and in the OCS market Potential recovery of hours worked in the industry Country: Italy Description: Vending machines operation and service Fund: Cognetas Fund II 5

6 Arcaplanet Maurizio Bianco

7 Arcaplanet Company Overview
Cost: 40.7 | Cash back: 0 | Valuation: 40.7 (€m) In December 2010 Cognetas acquired Arcaplanet, a leading Italian specialist retailer of pet food and accessories Business Arcaplanet, headquartered in Genoa, has 230 employees and operates 46 pet stores, averaging 500 square meters in size and mainly located in the north and centre of Italy. The company differentiates itself through its innovative format, based on larger stores with a vast range of products (7,000 products, from pet food to accessories) at competitive prices. Through roll-out of new stores, organic growth and acquisitions, Arcaplanet has increased sales from €21.5m in 2007 to the €47.8m forecast in 2010 with EBITDA of €4.8m. Arcaplanet is led by Michele Foppiani, founder of the company, as CEO. Marco Jesi, Cognetas Operating Partner and formerly Chairman of PepsiCo Europe is the Chairman. In the past years the market has shown growth of 5% per annum despite the recession, proving it to be resilient and non-cyclical. Specialty retailers still represent a limited portion (30%) of the market, which is mostly made up of approximately 4,500 small family-run stores and therefore has ample scope for consolidation. Country: Italy Description: Pet shop retailer Fund: Cognetas Fund II Investment Rationale The key drivers of our investment decision are: Unique investment opportunity in a growing and resilient market. Important roll out plan in a young and immature market Experience management team Deal Source Cognetas has been approached the Seller (Credem Private equity) in the context of a limited auction in summer 2010. After a second round of bids, Cognetas has been granted three months exclusivity to confirm the initial bid which ended up with the binding agreement to purchase the business. 7

8 Arcaplanet Achievements under Cognetas shareholding
Organic growth / Green Field Strong platform for growth with expected 2011 LFL sales at +11% due to more intensive promotional campaigns Restarted and accelerated new openings with 12 new stores signed for 2011 and 15 for 2012 External growth Intensively working on a domestic deal that could double the number of stores within 18 months Through Cognetas possibility to evaluate a number of opportunities abroad Other topics Addressing management structure needs to support strong growth with hiring plan including Head of Marketing and Head of HR Introduced and implemented full monthly reporting Introduced MBOs (Management by Objectives) Expansion of Headquarter Country: Italy Description: Pet shop retailer Fund: Cognetas Fund II 8

9 Arcaplanet Financial performance
BASE CASE Arcaplanet Financial performance Sales Growth EBITDA Growth 9

10 Arcaplanet Value-creation going forward
Future growth should be driven by Organic Growth Roll out of new stores to at least double current network in 3 years LFL growth on existing stores driven by higher average tickets and higher number of clients as a result of brand awareness Higher contribution margin driven by category management, and scale economy Further development of private label External growth Acquisition of store network from other industries / categories Add on acquisition in Italy Possible internationalization through acquisition of chains in other countries (we received 2 unsolicited approaches in 6 months) Country: Italy Description: Pet shop retailer Fund: Cognetas Fund II 10

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