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ITC Research Paper.

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1 ITC Research Paper

2 General Project Guidelines
Select a prompt Research the topic and take notes Organize your ideas Write the first draft, referencing sources Create the list of sources Proofread and revise the paper

3 Prompt 1 Computer Pioneer
Research and write about a computing pioneer. Select a household name such as Steve Jobs, or opt instead to research a lesser known innovator such as Intel founder Max Pelevsky. Gather information about the individual’s contribution to the field of computing as well as his life. Discuss the events that led to his industry-changing developments.

4 Prompt 2 Cybercrime Explore the concept of cybercrime. Discuss the types of cybercrime, including information about the prevalence of each type. Also explore methods of cybercrime prevention and discuss steps that individuals can take to keep their personal information safe online.

5 Prompt 3 File Sharing Gather information about the act of file sharing. Discuss the legalities associated with the practice, including the infringement of copyrights that all too commonly occurs as computer users share information over the Internet. Explore penalties imposed upon those found guilty of illegal file sharing and discuss steps that can be taken to prevent the sharing of information digitally.

6 Prompt 4 Computer Viruses
Research the history of computer viruses, discussing prominent viruses that have had an impact on computer systems. Explain how viruses are commonly transmitted and what computer users can do to prevent the acquisition of a computer virus. Discuss how and why computer viruses are developed by nefarious individuals with computer skills.

7 Prompt 5 Future of Computers
Forecast advancements that are potentially on the horizon within the field of computing. Discuss how these advancements may revolutionize the computing industry and explain the implications of these technological tools on general computer users. Explore the likelihood of each potential advancement and explain the factors that may allow for or inhibit the development of each advancement.

8 Requirements Due October 4th 3 pages in length 2 weeks
Works Cited page is 4th page 3 sources Can be online or in print Cannot use Wikipedia Use MLA formatting Times New Roman, 12 pt Double spaced Proper citations Due October 4th 2 weeks In class all next week At home the week after Firm deadline



11 Does Not Meet Expectations
Rubric 1 Does Not Meet Expectations 2 Developing 3 Meets Expectations 4 Exceeds Expectations Mechanics Text contains many spelling/grammar errors. Ideas seem disconnected, and there is carelessness throughout. Text contains some spelling/grammar errors. Evidence of carelessness in writing. Grammar and spelling are nearly flawless. Grammar and spelling are flawless and the flow provides a logical pathway of ideas. Content Information is cursory or incorrect. Little understanding of content is evident from research paper. Some solid information presented; however, some information is incorrect or cursory. Information is clear and correct throughout most of paper. Information is well presented, clear, and correct throughout. Clarity No apparent logical order of ideas, unclear focus. Content is loosely connected, transitions lack clarity. Sequence of information is well-organized for the most part, but more clarity with transitions is needed. Development of thesis is clear through use of specific and appropriate examples; transitions are clear and create a succinct and even flow. Length Greatly exceeding or falling short of allotted page length. (±1.5 pp) Exceeding or falling short of allotted page length. (± 1 pg) Remained close to the allotted page length. (±1/2 pg) Remained within allotted page length. (< 3 pp) MLA Format Proper MLA format not used or there are many formatting errors. One or fewer sources used. MLA formatting is inconsistent. Errors in citation format. Two sources used. Shows correct use of MLA format. Margins and font are all correct. Works Cited section is correctly formatted. Three sources used. Consistent and engaging use of MLA format throughout. No errors in citation format. Three or more sources used.

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