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1 International marketplace for tours and activities

2 Tours, Activities and Guides All Over the World Tickets to museums, aqua parks, amusement parks, etc. Reviews, feedback, photos. – impressions where you are

3 Marketplace The market of international Tours & Activities is estimated to be worth $90 billion annually: USA – 33 billion, Europe – 51 billion( Source: PhoCusWright’s When They Get There and Why They Go) Annual market growth is about 4% ( Source: UNWTO ). Estimated number of tour guides on the market - more than 4,000. Number of objects for ticket sales - more than 1,000. Target audience - 90% of the tourists. Age group - 25 - 65 years.

4 Problem The exact same tour sells several guides. Someone have attractive price, Someone have longer the tour, Someone have a tour includes meals, Someone have more comfortable transport, Someone to offer more convenient time of tour. There are a lot of choices. HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST TOUR GUIDE FOR YOUR TRIP?

5 Solution GoExcursion – compare tours before you book your trip.

6 Key Functional - Continue Marketplace B2C, buying - selling tours, tickets to museums, amusement parks, aqua parks, zoos, SPA salons, and other attractions. Service providers (private guides, tour guides, tour operators, museums, aqua parks, amusement parks, etc.) can sell their services through our platform. Platform have a commissions from the transactions.

7 Key Functional - Continue The largest catalog of excursion tours and guides For 05.25.2014 more than 1500 contacts of guides in our database. Video Presentations of tours and guides Colorful description - half a battle of your sales (Source: PhoCusWright’s When They Get There and Why They Go) «Request Tours» - Ability to find and book a tour in accordance with customer requirements 30-35% of consumers do not want to book a tours in advance, 5% want to be able to immediate confirmation from the guide ( Source: PhoCusWright’s When They Get There and Why They Go) Reviews tours, guides, and attractions.

8 Revenue Projections Name of SourceEnd of 1st year End of 2nd year End of 3rd year End of 4th year End of 5th year Number of months in a year212 I. Commissions for travel guides’ services (15%) Average order value 120 $ Average number of tours per day for one subscriber 1,2 Number of days in the month 20 Subscribers2001000200025003000 Specific gravity of portal of total transactions 3%5%7%8,5%10% Income62208$259200$725760$1101600$1555200$ II. Subscription fee (100 $/year) Subscribers 100200300 Income2000$20000$30000$ III. Percentage from selling tickets (7%) Average order value$80.00 Average number of tickets sold per month 5153060100 Number of objects2050100150200 Income$1134$50400$201600$604800$1344000 TOTAL INCOME $65342$329600$957360$1736400$2929200

9 Expected Costs CostEnd of 1st year End of 2nd year End of 3rd year End of 4th year End of 5th year Fixed charges$191900$210600$224400$282000$306600 Variable charges$108000$120000$195600$255600$270000 Taxes$3267$16480$47868$86820$146460 Total$303167$347080$467868$624420$723060

10 Competitors Excursiopedia Sale of tours and tickets Tours: 20000 Guides: Unknown Monetization: Commissions for travel guides’ services Catalogue of tours and guides Tours : 9796 Guides : 1002 Monetization: Subscription fee ToursByLocals Sale of tours Tours : 10420 Guides : 1712 Monetization: Commissions for travel guides’ services 365 tickets Sale of tickets Objects – more than 1000 Monetization: Percentage from selling tickets City-discovery Sale of tours and tickets Tours : 6000 Guides : Unknown Monetization: Commissions for travel guides’ services GetYouGuide Sale of tours Tours : 3000 Guides : Unknown Monetization: Commissions for travel guides’ services * It is not final list of competitors

11 Competitive Advantages Functionality for comparing guides offers Video Presentations of tours and guides Functional "Request Tour" Functional "Offer your price" (Pending) The largest catalog of guides and tours Accumulated reviews and photo galleries Sale of tickets Flexible billing Multilingual (English - general, Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese)

12 Target Audience Travelers interested in tours and activities in a foreign country. Internet users. Age group: 35-64 years. Location: Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Netherlands, Italy, USA, China. Family income: not less than $ 1,500 per month. Buyers cameras and camcorders.

13 Marketing Promotion in search engines (SEO). According to research of PhoCusWright's When They Get There and Why They Go, the search engines result is the main source of finding information on tours and activities. To advance in the search engines will be used for article marketing thematic platforms (20-25 articles / mth.). The first placement of articles planned for September 2014. Optimize pages for search queries performed in the process of developing the site. Viral Marketing (get a discount for invited friends). We will give a 5% discount for 5 invited friends. This tool will effectively increase the number of subscribers to our service and provide the highest level of confidence among potential buyers. E-mail Marketing. Effective tool, especially if the communication is effected recipients trusted sites. (700,000 subscribers), (3,5 mln subscribers) are loyality partners to the founders. In Europe, USA, Russia, search for partners for e-mail newsletters begin in September 2014.

14 Marketing Google Adwords and Yandex Direct. This promotion channel will attract the target audience as possible, both among service providers and customers. The campaign is aimed at not less than 50 search requests. Campaign launch - end of the development, in November 2014. Social Networks (SMM). In addition to creating a groups in social networks, will plans to launch banner advertising. This channel promotion proved to be quite effective. We started The experiment: 1045 rub. - 280 hits. Campaign launch - end of the development, in November 2014. Forums. Integration with travel portals.

15 Team CEO – higher economic education (Magister of Finance), more than 15 years of experience project manager. The last few years manages the project CTO – higher technical education, more than 15 years of experience software development. Is the general developer and architecture of Content Manager – more than 4 years of experience SEO & SMM. Now is content manager in, also responsible for SEO and SMM Also the team include of consultants-experts from Ukraine, Spain, Israel. The main quality of the team - the ability to achieve a goals.

16 Risks Стоимость 1% долевого участия 2200 $ RiskDecision Lack of excursionsFilling suggestions during the development of the portal. Lack of salesSubscription fee. Part of the guides gave preference in favor of a subscription fee. Lack of portal / portal not workable More than 10 years of experience in project management in software development allows us to anticipate and eliminate all risks about working on the release of the portal. Lack of buyersThe team has experience with all the above promotion channels. Engaging the target audience confirms sales. Domestic political factorsThe marketplace has an international focus.

17 Investment №Expenditure itemsAmount (USD) 1 legal services 1 500 2 Office equipment (furniture, LAN, office equipment) 2 600 3 Office rental ($35 * 60m2 * 12 mth ) 25 200 4 Office maintenance ($600 * 12 mth) 7 200 5 Dedicated Server ($200 *12 mth) 2 400 6Salaries (12mth) 135 000 7Contextual advertising ($5000 *12mth) 60 000 8 Link building ($400 *12 mth) 4 800 9 SMM budget ($1600 * 12 mth) 19 200 10Costs associated with the signing of customers ($2000 *12 mth)24000 11 Overheads ($2250* 8 mth) 18 000 TOTAL: 300 000 USD

18 Immediate Goals Acceleration of product development. Without attracting investment the product will not released previously 01.11.2014. Due to investment we plan to accelerate the development and release the product until 01/09/2014. Marketing Support. Investing to marketing campaign to accelerate and reach the widest audience. Accelerated increase in market share. Growth and an increase in base service providers. Availability for 2000 service providers will provide project leadership among competitors. Our plan - at least 3000.

19 Financing Stages №StagesAmount (USD)Source 1Designing and scope of requirements2 000Own funds 2Prototype12 000Own funds 3Release of product75 500Investment 4Formation the base of suppliers13 000Investment 5Marketing support (link building + SMM) 4 000Investment 6Commercial product207 400Investment 6.1Marketing support (link building+ SMM + context) 90 000 6.2Software support30 000 6.3Clients support32 500 6.4Operating expenses54 900

20 Share in the project The required investment amount– 300 000$ The size of share will be discussed in the negotiation

21 Return on Investments Expected profit for 5 years more than 6 017 902$ Return of investment during 3 years

22 Summary Technology of development: Node.js Data Base: Mongo DB Supporting for Cross-Browsers Mobile version Date of start of development: 04.01.2014 Planned date of prototype: 06.01.2014 Planned date of start of the project: not later than 11.30.2014 Planned number of guides on 11.30.2014 – not less than 300 Planned number of places (zoos, aqua parks, museums etc.) for tickets sale 11.30.2014 - not less than 100 (Perhaps more than 1000 places if create integration with 365

23 Prototype - home pagehttp:// - tours listhttp:// - guides listhttp:// - tour detailhttp://

24 Uzhun Valentin CEO Atlanta, GA +1 214 734-6782 Ukraine, Kiev +380 50 500-9897

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