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1 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration Tn52 (5250 / 3278) tutorial Usual configuration.

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1 1 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration Tn52 (5250 / 3278) tutorial Usual configuration

2 2 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration License activation Keyboard mapping Touch screen actions Display configuration Barcode reading Error messages Advanced configuration Table of contents

3 3 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration

4 4 Options: On-line, Internet connection. E-mail license request. Demo mode: Telnet sessions disconnects every 5 minutes. Document License activation guide License activation License activation may be performed using a desktop PC or directly with the PDA if an internet connection is available

5 5 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration

6 6 Access the emulator configuration Start > WireLess TelNet WCE 5250 > TelNet Clients - Default Profile > (PDA model) Emulator configuration is stored in files on the PC, at each modification they will be copied to the PDA How to configure the emulator? Change the configuration, i/e: [ TN52_EMULATION] DragDisplay = Yes Download configuration to the PDA 2 2 1 1 Restart program to read new configuration 3 3 Configuration Configuration download by ActiveSync

7 7 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration You need to: Identify the 'scancode‘ of the key or keystroke to be mapped to a 5250 action It is possible to map any keystroke to any 5250 action Keyboard Mapping TIP! -> identify the scan code: In the “Keyboard Test” dialog on the PDA, it is possible to check the generated scan code of any key Configuration > Keyboard Test Configuration The changes are done in the configuration file, Access it from installation page. On-line help

8 8 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration How-to configure the keyboard mapping? Keyboard Mapping In the 5250 configuration SCANCODE of the key to be mapped 520 Action TIP! -> in the configuration file 5250 actions ( AID, Function, Control, Cursor, Signal) are grouped by purpose: [TN52_AID_KEYS] 5250 Functions (generating transactions with the host) [TN52_CONTROL_KEYS] (Can generate or not host transactions) [TN52_CURSOR_KEYS] Cursor movements (do not generate not host transactions) On-line help

9 9 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration Keyboard Mapping Warning, do not modify this section: [TN52_SIGNAL_KEYS] Specific AS400 diagnostic control actions Advanced configuration Other keys Map Configuration (5250 file) [TN52_KEY_MAP] Allow to map keys to other keys (instead 5250 actions). Example: Map characters that are not in the PDA keyboard. Press “Esc+5” to make a “-” (minus) TIP! -> some examples One finger: In some keyboards to make F1 it is needed to use both hands. It is possible to avoid it by a keystroke map. F16 How-to make F16, this key does not exists in my PDA keyboard? Suggestion, map as: Control+D = F16 On-line help

10 10 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration

11 11 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration With the touch screen, the stylus or the fingers, it is possible to make actions Touch screen actions Display scroll Scroll the display in virtual screen moving the stylus. Allow to scroll the visible part of the emulated screen in the display to view all the content. Configuration (5250 file) [TN52_EMULATION] DragDisplay = Yes Available features Cursor by tap Move cursor between input fields. Operation Allow to change the input cursor position with the stylus by pressing directly on the input field. Configuration (5250 file) [TN52_EMULATION] CursorByTap = Yes On-line help

12 12 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration With the touch screen, the stylus or the fingers, it is possible to make actions Touch screen actions 5250 Functions at screen Send a function key to host by pressing the screen. Press with the stylus any "Fx“ text on the screen. (x= is the function number). i/e: if the text is “F5”, when pressing over this text, send PF5 to host. Configuration (5250 file) [TN52_EMULATION] FunctionByTap = Yes Available features On-line help

13 13 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration With the touch screen, the stylus or the fingers, it is possible to make actions Touch screen actions Available features Double Tap With a double tap on screen, generates a keystroke, that can be a function. Operation Touch two times the screen in the same place, then keep out the stylus. Configuration (5250 file) [TN52_EMULATION] DoubleTap=00XX (code of the key) Example of use It is possible to configure the “double tap” to launch the virtual keyboard (SIP Panel) on the screen. SipScanCode (use the same code than DoubleTap – 00FF as example) It is also possible to generate: Function Enter Letters / digits On-line help

14 14 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration

15 15 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration Configure by the font size in the current session Display configuration 2. See the resulting configuration in the PDA Go to configuration dialog, see the currently selected size and font. 3.Make the configuration persistent Change the configuration on the PC. On the 5250 configuration file [DISPLAYFONT] FullName= Size= On-line help 1.Try the different sizes in the active session In the active session, on the menu “Tools”, with “Text Size +” and “Text Size –” is possible to dynamically change the font size. On-line forumOn-line help

16 16 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration Configure by the number of visible rows and columns on screen Display configuration Font and size Try different layouts with different fonts and sizes. Warning. Prefer fixed width fonts (monospaced) Font Examples Example 1 Example 2 Example 1Example 2 Font Examples Example 1 Example 2 Example 1Example 2 TIP 1. Test it in the PDA Connect emulator to host. With the menu “Go” / “main" back to menu. Go to [configure] / [Display Configuration], change the value in the combo-box, then click on [select]. 2. Make the configuration persistent Configuration option (generic file) [DISPLAYFONT] On-line forum Rows and columns indicator following selected configuration On-line help

17 17 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration Show colors in the PDA as the PC Display colors Explanation: Color display differs following emulated terminal model 5251-11 (monochrome) et 5292-2 (color). CONFIGURATION (generic file) [SESSION_1] TtypePreferred=5292-2 On-line help On-line forum

18 18 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration

19 19 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration Read a barcode, then split or truncate them to fill some input fields Split the barcode CONFIGURATION (5250 file) Configure the action to perform with the barcode read. Configuration option [TN52_BARCODES] BcInField Options The 'S' configuration allows to SPLIT the codes that exceeds the current input field width in the following fields. By default the configuration is 'T', that TRUNCATES the exceeding data and fills only one field (the current one). Aide on-line

20 20 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration CONFIGURATION (5250 file) Configure the action to perform after barcode reading. Configuration option [TN52_BARCODES] PostAction Read a barcode, then send [ENTER] instead [Field Exit] Enter instead FieldExit The FieldExit function make a field "Adjust“ then goes to next field (if any) (that performs an ENTER if it is AUTO-ENTER). The ENTER function makes a field "Adjust" then send screen data to host (AID key). Aide on-line Warning Do not add suffixes to barcode!. Use prefixes and suffixes only to add text

21 21 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration

22 22 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration It is possible to show the 5250 bottom message line as a Pop-Up message Message line CONFIGURATION (5250 file) [TN52_ERROR_MSG] NoMsgLine Options Yes= Do not show the message line as a pop-up. No= show the message line as a pop-up On-line help

23 23 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration Avoid end of session Edit barcode reads Send PDA name Connect a serial scanner Macros

24 24 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration Options to configure wait timeouts and simulate a dialog How-to avoid end of session? PDA c onfiguration Explanation: The XS Timeout message indicates that the AS400 host is not responding to emulator requests in the PDA. If the PDA was turned off, probably the AS400 has closed the session. At wake-up time it makes a transaction, but the AS400 has closed the session and do not responds. PDA CONFIGURATION (5250 file) [TN52_EMULATION] XSTimeOut It is possible to modify the response wait time (in seconds), to increase it or set to zero to make it infinite. [TN52_TELNET] DoTcpAlive = YES The PDA can perform a periodical “ping” to the host and simulate a dialog, to keep the session alive. On-line help

25 25 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration There are options to configure timeouts How-to avoid end of session? AS400 Configuration Explanation: AS400 system is configured by default to dialog with continuous connected peripherals. It poll them periodically, and disconnects if the device is not responding immediately (as PDAs turned off) HOST CONFIGURATION (AS400 specific) Modify the AS400 timeouts as shown in the following PDF, to adapt it to use portable terminals with WiFi. AS400 Timeout Configuration AS400 Timeout Configuration

26 26 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration Edit barcode reads Configuration (generic file) [BC_EDIT_X] On= TIP! -> What can you do? Process following read length Process following barcode type Filter to suppress or keep: Ex: (NNYYYYNNYYYN) Y=keep the char. N=Suppress the char. Add characters: Ex: (****013****) *=Keep the char NNN=Adds a char. On-line help Barcode reads can be modified by an edit processing before send them to input fields. How that it works? 1. Evaluate processing conditions 2. Filter the reading to keep or suppress characters 3. Add characters

27 27 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration Sends the PDA name to AS400 host (workstation ID) Send the PDA name CONFIGURATION (5250 file) [TN52_TELNET] TelOpEnvTerm=Yes This option allows to send information by the Telnet “Environment” option, to send the workstation ID. CONFIGURATION (generic file) [SESSION_0] DevName=MONDEVICE[0IP] Set here the PDA name, with option to add an index by IP address. Aide on-line

28 28 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration Connect a serial scanner TIP! 3 powerful options WakeUp Restart connection at PDA wake-up. RestartBtn Shows ComKbd button. Close and reopen the COMX: port by a click (useful for Bluetooth ports). RestartKey Key to restart (close and open) the COMx: port. Configuration options to connect a serial scanner CONFIGURATION (generic file) Configuration option [SCANSERIAL] On= Remind to configure a suffix (terminator) in the serial scanner to perform the code transmission. On-line help

29 29 WireLess TelNet – usual configuration Simulate a keystroke sequence or texts, to replay automatically Macros Example: To make easy a repetitive operations, it is possible to map a key to generate keystrokes or texts: * A text * FieldExit * Other text * F4 CONFIGURATION (5250 file) 1. Create a macro in a text file. 2. Define the key to launch the macro. 3.Download the file into the terminal. Example of a macro that sends text and function keys Macro map Macro configuration

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