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FIELDMANAGER IOWA STYLE!!. IOWA D.O.T. RCE Office FieldManager Set-Up TS1 Line to Ames Communication Between RCE Office and Project Inspection Staff.

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3 RCE Office FieldManager Set-Up TS1 Line to Ames Communication Between RCE Office and Project Inspection Staff FieldManager Desktop (May Be One or Two PC’s) FieldBook2 Laptops (Any Number Depending on Local Availability) FieldPad Handheld (Future)

4 IOWA D.O.T. Stand Alone Installation 15 Residencies – Central Construction – 6 Districts - 11 Counties – 3 Consultants – 8 Contractors Approximately 250 – 275 users Training is done as needed and/or requested

5 IOWA D.O.T. Virtually all interstate and primary contracts are administered by construction residencies and are done so in FieldManager 11 of 99 counties are “live” for eligible contracts 3 consultants have administered FM contracts for the D.O.T.

6 IOWA D.O.T. About $550 million in contracts will be let this year with approximately 65% of that amount being documented & paid through FieldManager This 65% includes eligible county/local contracts and 100% of the primary/interstate dollars The $550 million equates to approximately 300 contracts - about ½ of that number using FM

7 IOWA D.O.T. Contractor Read-Only Version of FM – We currently have 8 contractors using it & more asking about it Contract is exported following each estimate Immediate knowledge of dollars and items paid on each estimate processed Tracking of contract modifications Print their own weekly working day reports Can see details of item postings (all fields on each form plus remarks)

8 IOWA D.O.T. The Life of a New Contract in Iowa – 1. Contract is let by the Office of Contracts 2.Daily - Contracts sends a note to all offices, myself, and others listing the signed contracts they have approved on that day 3.Weekly - I init only signed and approved contracts

9 IOWA D.O.T. Life, con’t. 4. Using a DOT developed application, the contracts are pulled directly from PES/LAS and put into a unique file for the residency assigned to the contract (our “init” process) 5. Using e-mail, offices are advised when the “init” process has been run 6. FM users retrieve their new contract(s) using another DOT developed application and imports it into their FM program

10 IOWA D.O.T. Once the contract is in the FM machine - Residency exports contract(s) to inspectors who use FieldBook to make entries We use either a diskette, removable flash drive, or our network to pass IDR files to and from FM IDRs are exported to FM a minimum of once per week, more often is better but not always a reality!

11 IOWA D.O.T. Offices retrieve new contracts from their unique location Contract is exported from FM IDRs created in FB & exported to FM IDR turn around file imported into FB Other FM functions are performed, estimate is generated & processed Daily Diaries created based on IDR entries FB users import contract into their laptop Contracts are put into PES/LAS for each letting “Init” Contracts Weekly FB Duties FM Duties IDR files imported into FM & IDR TAF created

12 IOWA D.O.T. To pay the contractor – –An estimate is created and generated in FM –The upload file that combined all.exp files in the FieldMgr\Outbox is sent to the mainframe (CPS) where items are paid & a turn around file is created –The turn around file from CPS is imported into FM – that synchronizes quantities and dollars

13 IOWA D.O.T. 6 -9 times per year a new reference file is created so all new items, vendors, etc. are included in it After the reference file is created, an Iowa form is linked to each new item before I alert FM users that a new reference file is available All FM users import the reference file

14 IOWA D.O.T. We have approximately 90 different forms for both English and metric items Many of the forms are self-calculating The only disadvantage to our forms – The FieldPad hardware does not have enough storage for all the forms so we don’t use that program

15 IOWA D.O.T. The form used for all lump sum items

16 IOWA D.O.T. This form is for square meter items Length is calculated based on the Station From and Station To entries while Quantity is calculated based on the length and width entries If the program calculates a different number than what you choose to enter in that field, the program calculation will be displayed in red

17 IOWA D.O.T. The form in this sample is for an HMA item Length, Yield and Quantity fields are self calculating based on entries in other fields

18 IOWA D.O.T. This form is used for flaggers & pilot cars Quantity is automatically calculated based on the 4 hours fields

19 IOWA D.O.T. Some of the Excel queries I have created to search for data due to the uniqueness of our forms Class 10 & 12 Excavation Final Quantities Flagger Fuel Adjustments and Incentives HMA Paving Length-Width-Height Plan Quantity Pavement Markings & Removals Sketches

20 IOWA D.O.T. Some queries are run monthly for management reports Work Accomplishment Inspectors working on contracts Time Charges Contract Mod Items Status of Cont Mods Mobilization Pmts Performance Tracking

21 IOWA D.O.T. Questions??? Janet Wasteney Iowa D.O.T. Training Officer 641-782-2096 (phone) 641-344-0044 (cell phone)

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