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제목이 한 줄인 경우 날짜 u-Infrastructure Planning Team Sun-Moo Kang KoFNet - Korea Future Network Testbed.

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1 제목이 한 줄인 경우 날짜 u-Infrastructure Planning Team Sun-Moo Kang KoFNet - Korea Future Network Testbed

2 2 Contents KoFNet Roadmap IV Overview ⅠⅠ Projects on KOREN II KoFNet Activities II

3 3 KOREN Testbed Overview  KOREN : KOREA Advanced REsearch Network  Non-profit research network  Funded by Government [MIC]  Established in 1995  NIA started its participation in KOREN from 2002  Support network service and R&D Project  Currently, 79 R&D institutions  9 funded R&D Projects in 2007  KoFNet : KoREA Future Network

4 4 Network Connection ○ Cheju 20G 10G Seoul Daejeon 1G x 2 622M 10G GSR 1G QSS 10G C7609 10G QSS Busan QoS guaranteed NW C7609 1G Gwangju Yongin Daegu 1G QSS 1G QoS Center 10G 1G TEIN2 (EU) KREONET CERNET (China) JGNII (Japan) BcN 6NGIX MSPP 1G QSS

5 5 R&E User PoP IX (2) QoS guaranteed Testbed Network (1) Best-Effort R&E Network Testbed PoP Testbed International R&E Network Network Function R&E User R&E User

6 6 Open Lab Testbed Suwon Daegu PS KJ DJ Seoul 20G 10G Open Testbed (NIA) BcN QoS Measurement, (VoIP), BcN Pilot Service Internetworking 자재함 Open Testbed (ICU) Mobility, Security, Charging, AAA, Service Architecture Open Testbed (‘07) IPTV test, UCC, FTTH, Motion Deection Open Testbed (’07) u-Mobile, Wibro, WiFi, CDMA, Ad-hoc, Mesh, u-Sensor Open Testbed (’07) Application Service Architecture

7 7 Mesh network Interworking

8 8 KOREN ZigBee Gateway Service Server ③ Server Transmission (KOREN) ④ Providing Services (Web) Family Medical Doctor 911 House of Living-Alone Elderly Person Nursing Homes Senior Hospitals ② Information Collection Vaious Sensers (Including Image Sensors for Patients with Severe Dementia) ① Information Sensing FTTH(100M) TEIN APII IT Village (High-Speed Network) Location Detection (Using Ultrasonic Data) DataBase Management Analysis Action Pattern (Using Acceleration Data) Interface (for Wireless Device) Data Transmission (Sensor ↔ KOREN) DataBase Management Analysis Action Pattern (Acceleration + Location Data) Real-Time Information Monitoring Welfare Support System for u-healthcare

9 9 Performance of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks i) Power, rate, and carrier sense threshold control: To increase the level of spatial reuse in multi-hop wireless networks. ii) Interference aware routing and scheduling: To improve overall network capacity by exploiting temporal- spatial diversity. iii) Contention control for wireless sensor networks: To utilize the wireless channel effectively by adjusting the channel access probability. Web interface model i) Remote control: Online upload or scenario files and application files on wireless node ii) Automation of experiment process: Real time auto collection of traffic traces and debugging messages.

10 10 Auto-configuration for Mobile Objects 6LoWPAN GW Monitoring Service Initial Monitoring Service Service Type A Service Directory WHO AM I? (Addr Autoconf) WHAT IS AVAILABLE? (Service Discovery) Limitations of memory and processing power  Sensors do not have enough descriptions for service discovery Movement Type Based Address Configuration and Service Discovery Service Type B Combining Basic Two Queries KOREN The Internet

11 11 IP-USN and 6LowPAN

12 12 6LowPAN Interworking Testbed in KOREN Daegu Busan Gwangj u Daeje on Suwo n Seoul 2001:2b8:f2: 2::4 2001:2b8:f2: 2::3 2001:2b8:f2: 2::4 2001:2b8:f2: 2::3 2001:2b8:f2: 2::4 2001:2b8:f2: 2::3 2001:2b8:f2: 2::4 2001:2b8:f2: 2::3 2001:2b8:f2: 2::4 2001:2b8:f2: 2::3 2001:2b8:f2: 2::4 2001:2b8:f2: 2::3 2001:2b8:f2: 2::4 DWDM/OADM ATM Switch Router Gigabit Switch 35Gbps 2.5Gbps 155Mbps KOREN is a research network based on QoS/Multicast/ IPv6/MPLS established in 1995 –Connected to APII Testbed (Japen, China), TEIN2(Europe). 6LowPAN Interworking testbed in 6 open test facilities in 6 major cities in Korea

13 13 * Application Commercial IP networks ARP for sensor network service Sensor node architecture based on ARP Energy efficient MAC/Routing protocol QoS issue of MAC/Routing protocol Tiny scale OS Wireless Sensor networks Cooperative network architecture Efficient data delivery Addressing Issue Sink node discovery Mobile sink node WiBro/ Cellular Ethernet/ Optical Efficient interconnection between non- IP sensor networks and IP networks Oversea Network (EU, US, JP, etc) Resource efficient sensor network architecture and protocols IP-USN Sink node (Gateway ) KOREN Target Issues in USN

14 14 OMNIA trial(FP7) Omnipresent Mobile Next Generation Internet Architecture

15 15 OMNIA - Map

16 16 Global Interconnection Testing for 6LowPAN(FP7)

17 17 UNITE – Universal Interoperability Testing for 6LowPAN

18 18 Future Internet Forum Established in 2006 to promote R&D collaborations in Future networking Building research communities –Architecture –Wireless –Service –Testbed –Policy

19 19 Testbed Working Group Research areas include : developing Future Internet testbed (e.g. KOREN] in order to perform end-to-end experiments over diverse, advanced technologies : interoperability, manageability, customization, accessibility, virtualization, and sliceability

20 20 KoFNet Testbed Activities -  Define the need for Future Network Testbed  Purpose of the Future Network Testbed  Various Requirements on the FN testbed  Agenda for research using FN Testbed  R&D Topics on the FN testbed  The anticipated range of experiments  International Cooperation  Various R&D projects with foreign institutions  OMNIA – FP7 Trial, …  Conceptual design  Set-up a reference model for FN testbed  Refer to world FN testbed architectures  Realizing of ideas (Substrates, Network control, etc…)

21 21 KoFNet Testbed Roadmap Conceptual Design Preliminary & Final Design Construction Starts up FN Testbed Operation & Upgraded Plan 2007 2008 2009 2010 Commercial Network 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2015 2020 BcN BcN III BcN II BcN Post-BcN Conceptual Design BcN Expansion Pilot Network Pilot Service Commercial R&D New Internet Architecture Supporting High availability, Security Enhanced, Advanced Service Architecture on the Mobile, Ad-hoc, Ubiquitous Sensor Network TBD Network Operation and Upgrade Construction

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