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land F/X Australian Guest Webinar

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1 land F/X Australian Guest Webinar
IRRIGATION & WATER SOLUTIONS Planning, Design, Management Suite 2, 3986 Pacific Highway Loganholme Qld 4129 Phone (07) Fax (07) Web: Tony Kanaris

2 About us... Broadwater Consultants are irrigation and pumping consultants with more than 80 years of combined experience. The firm has a reputation for high quality irrigation designs, achieving budgets, reliable and low maintenance pump stations for sports turf and commercial landscape applications. We also provide advice and design for alternative water use, irrigation, water management and central irrigation controls. Broadwater Consultants design services include landscape irrigation design and consulting, golf course irrigation design, pump and control system design, hydraulic analysis & data logging, master planning, water use prediction, water management, central control system programming, irrigation engineering studies, cost estimating, project budgeting, water management software, and SCADA master plans.

3 Broadwater & land F/X... Broadwater Consultants purchased the Land F/X Software in 2010 after attending the Irrigation Association Conference in Sydney. As the owner of the business as well as the CAD Designer I had already looked at several programs on the market and was yet to find a package that suited my needs incl.: Customization Symbols Pipe Types Design Parameters Up-to -date Product Data Base Hydraulic Calculations Primarily Commercial Based Data Output Schedules Quantities Design Results Error Reporting Quality CAD Drafting Functionality

4 Benefits... Time... As a Consultant our commodity is ‘time’. The more efficiently we can produce our design and documentation then the more profitable we are. But... The biggest concern with producing quick designs is a drop in the accuracy and/or quality. The thing that convinced me to purchase land F/X was it’s ability to allow me to expedite the Design Process as well as provide fast Material Off-takes and Design Data Outputs whilst allowing for ‘customised parameters’ to ensure accepted design standards are adhered too...

5 The old way... Place the sprinklers in CAD
Print out a hardcopy to ‘manually’ count sprinklers and calculate flow zones ‘Manually’ station each zone. Back to CAD to ‘manually’ draw Laterals and Mainline Print out another hard copy to enable Lateral & mainline size ‘manual’ calculations Return to CAD to ‘manually’ label all pipe work and Valve Call-outs ‘Manually’ produce Schedule and Detail Dwgs Print out yet another hard copy to ‘manually’ undertake Materials Off-take

6 The land F/X way... Place the sprinklers in CAD
‘Automatically’ count sprinklers and calculate flow zones Stay in CAD to ‘automatically’ draw & size Laterals and Mainline Stay in CAD to ‘automatically’ label all pipe work and Valve Call-outs ‘Automatically’ produce Legend and Detail Drawings ‘Automatically’ produce Materials Off-take No more in and out of CAD or several stages of Printing Drawings to enable manual counting & calculations...


8 My Favourite Features... Customization: This feature was one of the main benefits of land F/X... As a Designer I take pride in my presentation and being able to customize my drawings to a particular style provides many benefits: Recognisable ‘trademark’ style of documentation Clear & Legible Drawings Design Data incorporated into Symbols to allow for various outputs CAD Drafting: The ability to ‘Design’ within AutoCAD was a major factor for me. I am now able to design 100+ Valve projects without having to exit AutoCAD. Land F/X works seamlessly within AutoCAD and drawings can be edited or changed without the need for external work. Product Data On-line: This is critical for a Designer as I know the specific Design Data is up-to-date and direct from the manufacturer. I no longer need to spend hours searching outdated manuals!!

9 My Favourite Features... Product Support: It is so refreshing to be able to have peace of mind knowing that there is excellent support available. I have had many products that once sold is the last you hear from the developer!! Land F/X 100% support and stand by their product . Regular Software Updates – Automatically and painlessly downloaded Library of Symbols / Products constantly updated Excellent Web Based Support Jeremiah, Katie, Krystal and the Team are always available to help Ongoing Development: I have been very impressed with the desire of land F/X to continually improve their product through customer feedback. Jeremiah has modified and added functions to the software as a result of my feedback which has helped me immensely. I feel like a part of the land F/X Team..

10 land F/X I estimate that land F/X has allowed me to produce my Documentation to an even higher standard whilst reducing my design time by up to 50% on some projects. Whether it be Landscape or Irrigation Design, land F/X will not only improve your presentation but it will be a valuable business tool to maximise profitability and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to move their business to another level. Thankyou for your valuable time and pleas feel free to contact me if you have any questions – or jobs for me!! Tony Kanaris

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