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S. 6D Orientation Day Class Teacher: Ambrose Fong.

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1 S. 6D Orientation Day Class Teacher: Ambrose Fong

2 Temporary Class Presidents T. Class President: Laura Li T. Assistant Class President: Vincent Lee

3 Body Temperature Record Procedures: - Take your body temperature - Record it - Ask your parent to sign in the blank every day - Prepare to be checked in the morning

4 Student Photos: S. 6 =>(25mm x 38 mm) x 4 Write down your names, class and class no. in PENCIL at the back of all photos Submit them on 3/9/03 (Wed) to class president Class President submit them to me on or before 5/9/03

5 Student Handbook With parents’ signatures, student’s handbook should be submitted to me on 3/9/03 for checking.

6 School activities: Take part in no more than two of the club activities offered. Registration for club membership will take place 17-18/9. Try to support your House by taking part in House activities.

7 Canteen & Tuck Shop Tickets are sold for each meal, to be bought at the tuck shop from 7:15am to 7:35am and during the recesses daily.. During the 1 st recess, lunch will only be provided to those ‘lunch ticket holders’, who must be in the canteen before 9.45am

8 During the 2nd recess, the lunch ticket holders and ticket non-holders should line up separately outside the canteen. After having lunch, students have to put their plates, spoons, chopsticks into the plastic containers near the exit of the canteen.

9 Adaptation Programs for S.2-7 Students Date: 2/9 Time: 1st – 3rd periods Place: Classroom

10 Opening Day of the School Year Mass Date: 8/9 (Mon) Time: 7:50 – 9: 10am Place: School Hall

11 Morning Assembly Conducted on all school days before 6/9/03 and on Mondays & Thursdays after 7/9/03 On rainy days, S6 & S7 may go to their classrooms straight but the class president must attend the assembly, lining up in the area in front of the tuck shop

12 MTR 4/9 1 student photo (40mm x35mm and must be in school uniform) HKID HK$70 (only for those who apply for a Octopus card)

13 Enrolment of Reading Programme Bring your library Card of HK public libraries for enrolment on 4/9 any student does not have a Library card should apply immediately

14 Communication My email address: My homepage: E-Class Intranet: (after getting your account) 4/9 Library Card of HK public libraries for Reading Program

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