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WHITE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FY 2009 Proposed Budget Second Public Presentation June 30, 2008 – 9:30 am.

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1 WHITE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FY 2009 Proposed Budget Second Public Presentation June 30, 2008 – 9:30 am

2 Where we started……. Total General Fund requests for FY 2009 were $15,249,127 10.5% over prior year budget This included $837,663 in “expanded” requests which is for new personnel, programs and capital outlay. Capital Outlay requests were $656,188 4 full-time new positions were requested.

3 General Fund Expenditures by Function Agriculture$87,0150.61% Judicial$1,442,78810.15% Culture/Recreation$1,224,8158.62% Housing &Dev.$623,1074.38% General Govt.$3,272,38023.03% Health/Welfare$343,2102.42% Public Safety$5,983,37242.10% Public Works$1,234,7478.69% Total Expenditures$14,211,434100.00%

4 Public Safety Animal Control$ 137,137 Coroner$ 39,468 Detention Center$1,825,923 EMA$ 10,980 Sheriff$2,799,117 E911$ 412,828 Ambulance Service$ 712,419 DTF Contribution$ 45,500 Public SafetyTotal$5,983,372 Public Safety makes up 42.10% of General Fund Expenditures Note: Fire Dept is now in separate fund

5 Agriculture Extension Service$ 19,987 Soil Conservation$ 45,805 Board of Ed.-Ext.$ 17,512 Georgia Forestry$ 3,711 Agriculture Total$ 87,015 Agriculture makes up.61% of General Fund Expenditures

6 Judicial Clerk of Superior Court$379,008 Clerk of Magistrate Court$ 44,746 Clerk of Juvenile Court$ 6,487 District Attorney$ 8,470 Public Defender’s Office$117,357 Juvenile Court$ 78,435 Magistrate Court$206,255 Probate Court$243,324 Superior Court$115,600 Baliffs$ 16,102 Enotah Contribution$168,094 Drug Court$ 58,910 Total Judicial Expenditures $1,442,788 Judicial Expenditures make up 10.15% of General Fund Expenditures

7 Culture and Recreation Libraries$259,382 Park and Recreation$965,433 Total Culture & Rec.$1,224,815 Culture and Recreation make up 8.62% of General Fund Expenditures

8 Public Works Road Department$1,234,747 Public Works makes up 8.69% of General Fund Expenditures

9 Housing and Development Building Inspection$286,204 Planning$274,438 Code Enforcement$ 62,465 Total Housing/Development $623,107 Housing and Development makes up 4.38% of General Fund Expenditures Soil and Erosion activities to be integrated into Building Inspection in FY 2009

10 Health & Welfare DFACS Contribution$ 46,000 Mental Health Contribution$ 15,000 Public Health Contribution$140,000 WC Meth Task Force$ 7,500 Family Connection$ 7,500 Senior Center Contribution$127,210 Total Health & Welfare $343,210 Health & Welfare makes up 2.42% of General Fund Expenditures

11 General Government County Wide$390,373 Building Maintenance$157,281 Elections$ 78,543 Commission Office$474,619 Network$236,406 Registrar$ 42,409 Purchasing$ 73,564 Finance$222,265 Human Resources$ 94,457 Geographic Info. Systems$114,367 Tax Commissioner$411,458 Tax Assessor$476,638 Contingency$500,000 Total General Government $3,272,380 General Government makes up 23.03% of General Fund Expenditures

12 General Fund Expenditures

13 APPROVED CAPITAL OUTLAY ITEMS Tax AssessorHeavy Duty Printer$ 3,300.00 Sheriff’s Department4 Vehicles$80,800.00 ICOP Burner$ 4,000.00 3 Digital cameras$14,400.00 E-350 Van$18,200.00 Equipment for vehicles $27,160.00 Total Gen Fund Capital Outlay $147,860.00

14 General Fund Revenues Revenue SourceFY 2008 BudgetProposed FY 2009 Budget Taxes$10,892,306$12,648,020 Licenses/Permits$323,000$269,864 Intergovernmental$63,481$91,753 Charges for Services$570,750$495,236 Fines/Forfeitures$436,000$412,988 Investment Income$220,000$155,000 Contributions/Donations$9,000$5,000 Miscellaneous$33,991$41,030 Other Financing Sources$1,247,097$92,543 Total Revenues$13,795,625$14,211,434

15 Current Year Property Tax$8,783,549 Local Option Sales Tax$2,100,000 Motor Vehicle Tax$ 667,927 Tax Collection Commissions$ 330,000 Mobile Home Taxes$ 86,835 Other Taxes$ 679,709 Total Taxes/related commissions $12,648,020 General Fund Tax Revenues

16 Where we ended…… General Fund Summary Proposed Budget FY 2009 –Revenues$14,211,434 –Expenditures$14,211,434 =Balanced budget for FY 2009 as Required by law 3.00% increase over FY 2008 ($415,810 total increase in expenditures) Due to Prior Years’ Use of Fund Balance (Reserves) Millage rate will be increased 1 mill to provide funding for the General Fund. County portion of Millage rate has not been increased since 2003 Budget includes : 3% Cost of Living Increases for Employees (no merit increases) no new positions 12% increase in Health Insurance $147,860 in Capital Outlay 50% higher budget for fuel than last year ($145,000 increase)

17 Other Funds FUNDFY 2008FY 2009Change Enotah Judicial Circuit$662,098$735,69411.12% $73,596 Jail Fund$95,000$75,300-20.74% ($19,700 Law Library$13,650$17,70029.67% $4,050 Drug Task Force$543,630$576,3586.04% $32,805 Fire Fund$1,091,486$1,051,895-3.63% ($39,591) Drug Education$34,000 0 E-911$797,274$835,3284.77% $38,054 Hotel/Motel$300,000 0 Solid Waste$59,086$65,42810.73% $6,342 Clerk Re-Index Fund$18,000 0 Inmate Welfare$46,680$36,770-21.23% ($9,910)

18 Questions/Comments

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