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Purdah – a means of progress Saliha Malik, National Secretary Tarbiyat.

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1 Purdah – a means of progress Saliha Malik, National Secretary Tarbiyat

2 Agenda  My meeting with Huzur at  Summary of Huzur’s Address to Lajna UK Jalsa  Huzur’s letters to Sadr Lajna USA  Other advice from Qur’an, Promised Messiah as, Huzur at …  Questions and concerns

3 Address to Lajna, UK Jalsa 2010

4 TAQWA  When Taqwa (righteousness) disappears from the world, Vices spread all over.  At that time Allah sends His chosen servants  Holy Prophet saw said: ‘Oh Mankind’ – it is only your righteousness and your good deeds that can help you.  It is essential to believe in this Prophet and follow him completely

5 The Blessings of Allah  There is no other way to attain the blessings of Allah – no new book, no new law, no shariah, no government….  Those who claim to believe in this message, should mold his /her life to that claim  Holy Prophet saw was the most beloved of Allah  You can only come under His protection by following His beloved

6 OOtherwise your claim would be useless: TThere would be no value in it IInsignificant NNo Value in it

7 TAQWA Those who believe:  Have fear of Allah in their heart so that they avoid both big and small sins  Take care that no thorns should pierce their clothes as they walk by them Sometimes those thorns that stick to you injure others as well

8 The Imam of the Age For those who believe in Promised Messiah as :  It is essential to follow his instructions  They must remain within the boundaries he has established  Increase in righteousness, reform character & behavior  Whatever I hear from him I have to make it a part of my life

9 Your Children Establish your children on the path of Taqwa:  Their relationship with Allah should be firm  Watch over their prayers  Make sure they are not mixing with people of bad character  They should become the ambassadors of Ahmadiyyat, the true Islam

10 Allah’s Boundary Declaration of belief must be made with both tongue and action:  If on the one hand we say we believe and then deviate from Allah’s boundary, we lose His Blessings  Submit fully to ALL the commandments and act upon them  Recognize the purpose of your Creation

11 The Wrong Path Free education has put some on the wrong path: DON’T  Expose your bodies  Become a stumbling block for other people – by your words or your actions You cannot say you believe and then follow Satan – it’s impossible

12 Who are Allah’s Servants?  Those who are truly obedient to Him  Who stand before Him submissively  Who take care of their prayers & their children’s prayers  Who sacrifice everything for His service

13 Honor and piety of ladies There is ONE GOD who knows the hidden things  A pious lady would never do anything against TAQWA – all her actions are known to God.

14 How do they live?  Protect the affairs of the household in the absence of their husband  Do not squander their husband’s money  Look after the children  Take friends who are loyal – who do not teach them to be indecent or wasteful  Shun evil thinking & do not disgrace others  Their daughters are chaste – who never do anything that has to be hidden from parents

15 They Protect their Sanctity Understand the real spirit of Hijab - no extremes:  Lower your eyes  Cover your Zeenat – your adornments  Partially cover the face – no makeup  Cover the hair completely  Wear a lose coat

16 Qur’an on Purdah  “O Prophet! tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers that they should draw close to them portions of their loose outer coverings. That is nearer that they may thus be distinguished and not molested. And Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.” 33:60

17 Freedom of the West  If this freedom has resulted in their piety, we will accept we were wrong


19 Obedience  Ahmadiis are those who obey everyword of our Khalifa Jalsa USA 2010

20 Huzur’s Letter 1  When attention is brought to young girls regarding purdah, their mothers object that there are a lot of office holders who do not observe purdah.  When office holders are told to observe purdah, they say that purdah is a PROCESS. It will correct gradually.  But there is a lot of bad influence on the new converts and the young girls from this behavior.

21 The scarf is only for the Mosque  Huzur at spoke very strongly against hypocrisy, saying that there should not be two faces to a person. There should not be one face in one situation and another face elsewhere. It is very important to have only one face.

22 Huzur’s letter 2  Ahmadi girls should try to avoid talking to boys in their universities.  Also try to avoid having deep associations/friendships with non-Ahmadi girls – do not get pictures taken with them.  Even if it’s an Ahmadi boy, try not to have too much interaction with him since it’s possible that someone will try to pretend as an Ahmadi and contact/approach them.

23 A means of progress  Your purdah is your protection  Keeping to the boundaries Allah has set, you are comforted by His Guardianship  These things are not a penalty, they are a means of progress

24  So keep on reminding; surely reminding is profitable.  He who fears Allah will heed 87:10 & 11

25 People make Excuses  Purdah is a PROCESS  Purdah is my own choice  When my heart is ready I will observe it  My husband doesn’t want me to wear it  My mother in law says in America we don’t have to worry about purdah  To tell you the truth I don’t observe purdah  I didn’t know Aamla members should observe purdah

26 Qur’an on excuses  Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day will not ask leave of thee to be exempted from striving with their wealth and their persons. And Allah knows well who keep their duty to Him  Only those will ask leave of thee to be exempted who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day, and whose hearts are full of doubt… 9:44 & 45

27 Don’t Delay….  Constantly keep this slogan in your awareness: “If not now then never” (anon)  And say not of anything, ‘I am going to do it tomorrow,’ (12:13)

28 Remain Steadfast  Determination brings the strength to continue, the steadiness to succeed, and the wisdom to slip past difficulties undisturbed. (anon)  “Verily those who say, ‘Our Lord is Allah’ and then are steadfast – no fear shall come on them, nor shall they grieve” 46:14

29 Strive with all your capacities  ‘And as for those who strive in Our path — We will surely guide them in Our ways. 29:70  However, if selfish thoughts and excuses get in the way and slight effort is assumed as ‘striving’, man cannot attain God.  The entire matter rests on striving, without which nothing can be attained. (Promised Messiah as )  Unless one annihilates oneself in God’s way, there is no reciprocation. ( Promised Messiah as ) From Khutba 9/3/10

30 Prayers become profound  Blessed are the prisoners who never tire of supplication for they shall one day be freed  The standing of the spirit (in prayer) signifies that it shows readiness to suffer every hardship and to obey every command for the sake of Allah  Its prostration is that it falls on the threshold of God and forsaking all personal thoughts, loses the very identity of existence Lecture Sialkot, Promised Messiah as

31 When we don’t observe Purdah  Tarbiyat of self:  Personal journey is arrested  Tarbiyat of Community:  Others follow your example  Loss of respect for office holders / Nizame Jamaat  Increase in backbiting, domestic problems  We Assimilate into Society:  Rishta Nata problems / divorce increase  We can’t do the real work - Tabligh

32 What do we gain?  Jihad of the self:  We confront our ego desires, vanity, self image  Relationship with God:  We strive in our plan to be obedient, truthful  We seek help in prayer, increase in humility  Serve the Community:  Encourage others by our example  Spread the true Islam

33 Purdah – a means of progress Questions and Concerns

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