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Autodesk Revit USAF BIM Templates

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1 Autodesk Revit USAF BIM Templates
Overview of the Revit USAF S-File Template December 2010

2 USAF BIM Templates Possible Project Templates Project Requirements
Deliverables for FM USAF Graphic Standards COBie Facilities Management Data Systems USAF S-Files Revit Project Model …TBD Export data from Revit project model Combine templates to meet project requirements Multiple Revit templates can be used on a project, as needs and standards demand

3 USAF Graphics Standards Templates
Revit templates can be developed to hold organizational drawing standards Drawing standards – line types, annotations, symbols Schedule views Standard project sheets, title blocks

4 COBie Construction Operations Building Information Exchange
COBie Data Development COBie - a framework for organizing project data for delivery to FM Additional Project COBie Worksheets Facility Job Data development in Revit with parameters Floors Type Resource Data export from BIM to multiple COBie worksheets Spaces Components (individual objects) Spare Zones Systems (sets of components) Design Construction Delivery O&M COBie worksheets Common Contacts Issues Coordinates Documents Attributes COBie Worksheets Exported from Revit Connections

5 Creating a COBie-Enabled Project
Revit COBie Add-in provides… OmniClass 13 Reference Table (Revit Key Table) Revit Schedules echoing COBie Worksheets OmniClass Reference Table Parameters assigned to Revit objects to hold COBie data

6 Supporting the Geodatabase System for USAF Facilities Data
USAF S-Files Supporting the Geodatabase System for USAF Facilities Data Space Usage Data fields supported in the USAF S-Files Revit Template Affiliated with rooms and spaces in the Revit model Exportable from Revit in a structured format (.csv format or via database links/ODBC) S-File database (.mdb) building_space_area table

7 “Containers” for Component/Object Data
Revit Parameters “Containers” for Component/Object Data USAF S-File Template contains custom Revit parameters Created to hold USAF S-File data, to be exported from Revit Affiliated with room objects in the BIM model Displayed in Revit Schedule views (Room Schedule) and Room Properties menu

8 Used to Regularizing Project Data Input
Revit Schedule Key Used to Regularizing Project Data Input Revit Schedule Keys provide standard pick lists for populating schedules, such as with room type properties (populated according to OSCRE standards) OSCRE Schedule Key Schedule Key pick list Displayed in Room Properties menu

9 Populating S-File Data in Revit
S-File Properties for Revit room object S-File Space Usage Schedule OSCRE fields for room names Revit Worksession – Room plan and S-Plan Schedule views

10 Created by Autodesk

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