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2012 SAYA Program in Washington DC area January 14-Janaury 21, 2012.

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1 2012 SAYA Program in Washington DC area January 14-Janaury 21, 2012

2 SAYA Exchange program offered to IE high schools Chinese students visit for one week and stay with school-arranged host families that are compensated by Ameson Each school can welcome up to 10 students + one chaperone

3 Before the Visit Confirm the number of host families and exchange student information with Ameson to match SAYA students and their hosts Issue official invitation letter to students (through Ameson) to apply for US visa. – Arrange for host families to meet and pick-up SAYA students from your school

4 During the Visit SAYA students attend classes at your school Jan. 16—Jan. 20, 2012 SAYA students have a “show and tell” session in which they share art and cultural projects they have prepared for this visit Host families bring SAYA students to your school on the day of departure (Jan 21,2012) All travel arrangements and necessary insurance will be provided by Ameson.

5 IE and Ameson Sino-American Youth Ambassador Program in China 2012


7 We begin in Shanghai!

8 Ameson High School

9 Interaction with peers

10 Yuyuan Garden

11 Shanghai Urban Planning Center

12 Xi’an Ancient City Wall

13 Terra-cotta Soldiers “After-life Home-land Security”

14 Banpo Museum Archeological Site of Matriarchal Village

15 Muslim Quarter in Xi’an Markets and Xi’an Cuisine

16 Beijing The Forbidden City Ming and Qing Dynasties

17 The Great Wall One of the World’s Wonders

18 Hutong District by Rickshaw

19 Show in Beijing Strength and Discipline

20 Travel Details Tentative Dates: March 24—April 7 or June 18-July 2 Per Student Cost: $4,300 (for a group of 10 or more) Package Includes: Trip Leader, International and Domestic Airfare, Domestic Transportation, Homestay, Hotel-stay, Meals, Activities, and Entrance fees Package does not include: Chinese Visa Application fee, International Travel Insurance, Personal Expenses

21 Contact Xiumin Overall (240) 461-4895 Patricia Mayo (202) 625-9223

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