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 Electronics Line Detectors 11.

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1  Electronics Line Detectors 11

2  EL Wired Detectors 22 Arrow XL – Curtain Detector Orion PIR – EL55 PET – future release Quad – future release Mercury PIR – EL400 PET – EL500PI DT – future release

3  Mercury Family 11mx11m / 15m x 15m PCB easy lock Analog / digital technology dual /quad element passive infrared Selectable pulse Pet immune /no pet immune Low current Thermal optic stabilization cavity seal Look down MB2 Support Yes 33

4  Mercury Applications 44 Application for EL100 medium to large room size (15m) For standard installations Look down technology Installation that needs low current consumption Optional Bracket Application for EL500PI Small to medium room size (11m) Pet Immunity of up to 11 kg Locations with large temperature fluctuation Optional Bracket

5  Arrow Directional / Bidirectional curtain PIR 9m curtain coverage Dual / Quad element passive infrared Motion Vector Analysis Alarm delay select (5s, 40s, 2min or 4 min ) Easy installation on either wall or ceiling Scale for adjustment Wired/wireless 55

6  ARROW XL Hard overview 66

7  Arrow XL Applications Window protection To be free in your house – Peripheral protection only Entrance shops, stock rooms,… Wall and Ceiling mounted 77

8  Orion 14mx14m selectable range Passive infrared Analog technology temperature compensation : thermistor 1, 2, or 3 selectable pulse count Low Current Consumption Optional Bracket 88

9  Orion Applications Applications for Orion EL 55 Small to large room size For all the standard installation ( ex: office) Locations without large temperature fluctuation 99

10  Questions?  1010

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