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1 Darryl Woodford @dpwoodford

2  Presentations  General Wiki Feedback  Group Wiki Feedback / Wiki Time




6  Simplest way:  Add [1] text after link, and at start of reference.  At start of reference, click link > anchor and name anchor (e.g. “one”)  Copy the URL of the page (e.g. k+6)  Select the “1” in the in-line reference, and click link.  Go to external link, and paste the URL.  Add # to end of URL (e.g. #one)  Click Add Link



9  Don’t just rely on blackboard; you need to be doing your own research.  Each of you should be adding sources; no reason not to have 10/week between you.  Remember the purpose: You’ll be glad of the sources come the final essay report.



12  Discussion for showing collaboration, comments etc. That is where you say ‘Good job on the referencing, how did you do that?’ or ‘Maybe you should add a little more, it seems a bit short’ or even ‘Sorry I’m ill – can’t make it today’.  The actual wiki entry is where you put your value added content. Reference it like any other. Idea is to build up a repository of information for final project.

13  A number of groups are behind on comments. This harms your collaboration marks (if you’re not doing it promptly, it’s worth to your group decreases).  It will only get harder to remember the topic/sources as the weeks go by – I suggest you catch up!



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