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Committed to Changing LIVES Best practices in reducing vulnerability of survivors of Gender Based Violence in flood affected districts of Pakistan. Dr.

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1 Committed to Changing LIVES Best practices in reducing vulnerability of survivors of Gender Based Violence in flood affected districts of Pakistan. Dr Anjum Rizvi Director Program Rahnuma-Family Planning Association of Pakistan)

2 Committed to Changing LIVES According to the Global Gender Gap Index Report 2011, Pakistan is ranked at number133 out of total 135 countries. Woman Rights are exploited using religious and cultural norms. Every hour two women are beaten in Pakistan. Beatings/abuse from a male family member is by and large acceptable - a private matter. On average 1000 women are murdered in a year, in the name of honor Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Early/Child marriages, Acid burning and Sexual assaults are quite common MMR 276/100,000 live births, unmet need 34%, TFR 4.1, 34 % literacy 61% of the deliveries are conducted by unskilled birth attendants. Source :PDHS 2011-12 Background

3 Committed to Changing LIVES Contd.. Independence, Empowerment and divorce for a woman are taboos. The GBV survivors are trapped in socio-cultural norms and practices As a survivor she is abused twice – once by the spouse and other to whom she turns for help – including persons from law enforcement agencies, judiciary, community etc. Lack of integration of GBV services in healthcare programs, Weak legal support system and unreliable shelters are some of the serious challenges faced by survivors as well as by the service providers in their efforts to assist these survivors.

4 Committed to Changing LIVES







11 Regional Offices Family Health Clinics Girl Child Project Army Welfare Project Islam & FP Project Male Youth Women Empowerment CBRHEP Prog. Management Offices Str. Electoral Process Strengthening FHC Head Office Lahore RAHNUMA Quality RH&FP Services Combat Domestic Violence

12 Committed to Changing LIVES Project Goal Addressing vulnerability of young girls and women to GBV through strengthened services and improved capacity of health care providers and stakeholders in flood affected areas of Pakistan. Geographical Spread 10 Flood affected districts across Pakistan. Punjab: Muzaffaragarh, DG Khan, Laiyah, Rajanpur Sindh: Badin, Dadu, and Thatta. AJK: Neelam, Bagh & Muzaffarabad.

13 Committed to Changing LIVES Expected Results Increased access to GBV related services in the flood affected areas. Increased awareness on GBV related issues among men, women, young people, service providers and communities at large. Improved capacity of local, public and private, health care service providers to respond to GBV survivors Improved understanding of the on ground situation regarding GBV service provision and impact of the intervention in the flood affected areas.

14 Committed to Changing LIVES Findings of Best Practices Effective and confidential GBV counseling, consultation and screening incorporated in home visits thru involvement of local volunteers Provision of specialized SRH services through female doctors and psychologists Development of strong referral mechanism for legal support and shelter protection with other partners follow ups. Coordination and Collaboration with public sector, with involvement of LHWs

15 Committed to Changing LIVES Contd.. Incident Reporting Format translated in local language and used for reporting with full confidentiality. Effective community mobilization through involvement of village health committee members/elders Extensive capacity building on SGBV of staff and public and private partners and service providers Effective communication though customized radio programs aired from local FM stations.

16 Committed to Changing LIVES Sessions with LHWs

17 Committed to Changing LIVES Awareness session in Nursing school

18 Committed to Changing LIVES Rural Community support

19 Committed to Changing LIVES Psychosocial support

20 Committed to Changing LIVES Medical Camp in rural setting

21 Committed to Changing LIVES Services at Static Clinic

22 Committed to Changing LIVES Support from local TBAs

23 Committed to Changing LIVES Support from Community leaders

24 Committed to Changing LIVES ' Sessions with Stakeholders

25 Committed to Changing LIVES Rescue 1122 Training

26 Committed to Changing LIVES


28 Lessons learnt  Sexual violence is a complex and culturally sensitive issue and needs country specific multi-sectoral response  Trained female service providers (public & private) are critical for the effective services to GBV survivors  Involvement of local volunteers as well as networking with partners makes intervention smooth  Referral & Follow up mechanism needs focused attention from Public Health Sector

29 Committed to Changing LIVES Way Forward  Enormous joint Advocacy and appropriate service delivery efforts by different state and non-state actors are required to manage the complexity of addressing the issues of GBV especially in disaster situation.  Inclusion of MISP in the SOPs of PDMAs plan.  Training/Refreshers on MISP for the staff, volunteers and public sector  Feeding field realities into policy bodies, working groups and other forums / conferences

30 Committed to Changing LIVES 14 th Annual IAWG Meeting Friday 31May-Saturday, 01June 2013 KLCC MISP ACHEIVEMENTS IN PAKISTAN Sarfraz Hussain Kazmi ( Regional Director ) Rahnuma-Family Planning Association of Pakistan

31 Committed to Changing LIVES MISP Achievements in Pakistan Conducted consultative meetings with Govt Officials, press, media, PDMs and stakeholders, Highlighted MISP implementation in disaster management. Conducted MISP trainings for Govt health Officials, health Managers, stakeholders, INGOs, PDMA. Advocacy meetings with PDMA/NDMA

32 Committed to Changing LIVES 04-PDMAs included MIPS in their Protocols Letters of PDMs

33 Committed to Changing LIVES

34 Thanks

35 Committed to Changing LIVES THANK YOU

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