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Dr. PHERC Method!.

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1 Dr. PHERC Method!

2 Problem The problem is when you ask a question. Questions must be testable and NOT opinion.

3 Hypothesis The hypothesis is your idea about the answer to the question. Include reasoning for your hypothesis.

4 Experiment The experiment is when you test your question with a procedure. (Collecting data) Variables: Independent: I Change Dependent: Measured Controlled: Remains the same

5 Results Results are your data and what you discover in your experiment. Create Graphs to display your findings.

6 We will use 3 types of graphs:
Graphing We will use 3 types of graphs: Line (Used to show change in ONE ITEM) Circle (Pie) (Used to show percentages) Bar (Used to compare many things) Don’t forget TAILS And DRY MIX

7 Conclusion The conclusion is a summary of what you found and your next ideas to retest and improve your experiment.

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