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Don Hinsman – N4VIP Alden Oyer – AG5S Alan Hill – N5BGC Ed James – KA8JMW.

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1 Don Hinsman – N4VIP Alden Oyer – AG5S Alan Hill – N5BGC Ed James – KA8JMW

2 What is D-STAR?  D-STAR is an open standard for digital voice and data on Amateur Radio  Developed by Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL)  Uses AMBE vocoder chip from DVSI (only proprietary part in D-Star)  Icom is first manufacturer with base, mobile, handhelds and repeater equipment (non-proprietary)

3 How does D-STAR work?  Voice is converted to digital modulation and transmitted at 4800 bps ○ 2400 bits for voice ○ 1200 bits for Forward Error Correction on voice ○ 1200 bits for data  Voice and data occupy one 6.25 KHz signal (versus 12.5 KHz FM voice, P25, NXDN and MotoTRBO)  Can operate simplex, repeater or linked to other repeater(s)

4 What can D-STAR Do?  Transmit or receive voice and 1200 baud data simultaneously on 2m, 440 and 1.2 GHz (no TNC required)  128 Kb data transmission on 1.2 GHz with Internet connectivity (Ethernet bridge to Internet with IP address)  D-PRS (digital APRS) automatic position reporting simultaneous with voice with GPS  Flexible repeater linking with Gateway and Internet connection  Reflectors act as conference bridge for linking multiple repeaters (57 now in operation worldwide)  DV Dongle and DV Access Point (DVAP) allow voice and data access to D-STAR via Internet connection (similar to EchoLink)

5 D-STAR Continues to Grow  As of October 20, 2012 – 987 Gateways, ~2,072 Repeaters and 24,630 registered users Users 5

6 D-STAR Reflectors and Nets  57 reflectors available worldwide to act as “conference bridges” linking multiple repeaters, Dongle, DVAP, hotspot users  Each reflector has four separate modules for independent conference bridges (A, B, C, D) and echo function (E) ○ Many use module D exclusively for data functions  52 regional, national and international nets established through reflectors  Linking repeaters to reflectors allows local users to participate with no special programming  View repeaters and users connected to reflectors (  Complete Net listing on 6

7 Typical D-Star Handheld (ID-31A)  UHF (analog FM, Digital Voice), 5W  GPS receiver  Global D-Star repeater list pre- programmed  microSD card  1252 Memory channels, all NM FM & all Southwest D-Star repeaters

8 D-Star demonstration  FM – simplex and repeater (442.825 MHz)  Digital voice – simplex and repeater (442. MHz)  Echo  Linked (through W5PMZ to W5SF)  DV Dongle, Acces Point and Node Adapters (KA8JMW)

9 DV Dongle, Access Point and Node Adapters  Dongle provides access to D-STAR repeaters via PC without radio  Access Point creates instant local access point for limited area without D-STAR repeater  Node Adapter provides D-STAR interface to FM radio and can be used to create hotspot or repeater

10 EmComm operation  Quickly setup linked repeaters building ad-hoc networks  Without Internet, repeater still provides expanded voice/data features  Without repeater, simplex operation still provides expanded capabilities

11 D-RATS By Dan Smith - KK7DS

12 Chat FTP style file transfers Messaging including E-mail APRS like mapping OVERVIEW

13 Chat Free-form multicast chat messages – Checksum-protected – No ACK/NAK from remote stations (yet) – Channels and “private” chat – Automated QSTs – Quick messages‏

14 Messaging Email gateway  SMTP for outgoing emails  Rich forms go as HTML emails  POP3 gateway for remote mail checks WL2K gateway  Any internet-connected station can gateway  Experimental RMS packet client  Seamless and bi-directional SMTP/POP3 servers integrated  Paclink-like functionality

15 File transfer

16 Ratflector Connect to other D-RATS users via Internet Easy and clean for testing Data-only reflector Configure D-RATS radio port for one of:  Network port on, port 9000  Network port on, port 9001 User-run ratflectors too! Included in download

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