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EUROCHIP 3 WP1 Status of the project 17 September 2010 Sofia, Bulgaria.

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1 EUROCHIP 3 WP1 Status of the project 17 September 2010 Sofia, Bulgaria

2 EUROCHIP-3 PLAN Ahti Anttila Adherence to cervical screening in 5 Eastern EU countries Renée Otter Population-based CR indicators: dissemination and promotion Piret VeerusCancer rehabilitation indicators Andrea MicheliCutting costs of cancer control 4 MAIN WORK PACKAGES + 3 HORIZONTAL WORK PACKAGES coordination (A. Micheli), evaluation (Z. Valerianova), dissemination (A. Costa)

3 Steering Committee Working Team Working Team WP-Coordination EUROCHIP-3 : ORGANISATION CHANGES WP-Evaluation WP Screening WP Registration WP Rehabilitation WP Costs DGS DGS NGS WP-Dissemination Panel of Experts NGS NGS NGS WP: Work package NGS: National Group of Specialists DGS: Domain Group of Specialists (European coverage) DGS DGS NGS

4 WP1 deliverables Administration and management Preparation of material for the EUROCHIP website dissemination Interim reports to the EC at month 18 Final report sent to EC at month 38 Specific reports to be prepared for the European Commission and/or for the Network of Competent Authorities on specific issues discussed in the EUROCHIP forum INITIAL PROJECT

5 DatePlaceAims 26/09/2008TallinnEUROCHIP-3 WP-4 and WP-6 activity coordination 31/10/2008MilanEUROCHIP-3 Steering Committee meeting 20/01/2009SofiaEUROCHIP-3 WP-4 activity discussion 10/03/2009AmsterdamEUROCHIP-3 WP-5 activity discussion 19/03/2009Bruxelles “European Partnership Action Against Cancer” 29/05/2009CostantiaEUROCHIP-3 WP-4 dissemination 06/08/2009Phone callEUROCHIP-3 WP-2 activity coordination 29/09/2009Bruxelles “European Partnership Action Against Cancer” 26/10/2009Phone callDiscussion on Cernobbio’s meeting with WP-2 08-11/11/09Cernobbio3 rd International Cancer Control Congress 08/11/2009CernobbioEUROCHIP-3 WP-4 and WP-2 coordination 11/11/2009CernobbioEUROCHIP-3 WP-6 activity discussion 08/12/2009Bruxelles “European Partnership Action Against Cancer” 28/01/2010Luxembourg “European Partnership Action Against Cancer” 16/03/2010RomeEUROCHIP-3 WP-7 activity discussion INTERIM REPORT WP1 activities

6 WP2 deliverables Dissemination throughout EUROCHIP website Monograph and/or series of papers in scientific journals on EUROCHIP3 result News flash can be disseminated in 5 Eastern European MS for WP4 activities Panel of Experts meeting to disseminate EUROCHIP3 results to the EUROCHIP network INITIAL PROJECT

7 In short, we propose Two or three Cancer World articles Five media packs tailored to each country One media training day for everyone A guide to working with the media in cervical cancer screening Advice and help with specific dissemination projects AFTER THE INTERIM REPORT

8 Press packs Aim to inform journalists and stimulate them to pose relevant questions to the relevant people Present key information, graphs and images Published electronically in the local language/languages

9 Media training day A hands-on training day for WP4 participants Which media for which target audiences? Getting their attention: writing press releases, finding news ‘hooks’, organising press events Clarifying key messages targeted at the audience Delivering the message: conducting press, radio and TV interviews Building long-term relationships CLUJ IN JANUARY

10 WP4 deliverables Publication of EUROCHIP-2 study results Study protocol on adherence to cervical screening in 5 Eastern EU MS Result of studies on adherence to cervical screening in 5 Eastern EU MS WP4 to be strictly connected with WP2 on dissemination INITIAL PROJECT TUMORI ISSUE

11 SUMMARY - BULGARIA National campaign (related with EUROCHIP-3 adherence study) not yet started Without this campaign study should be rewiewed We suggest To prepare an alternative protocol for 15th August To share it with EUROCHIP (Ahti/Milan group) but also with your Bulgarian partners because probably this will have organizational and economic implications (about EUROCHIP funds) If the campaign will not start before 15th September the EUROCHIP study will follow the new protocol WARSAW MEETING NEW PROTOCOL

12 SUMMARY - LATVIA Study designed to reach doctors Today after meeting discussion with Paolo on destination of 17600 euro available in EUROCHIP Data collection closure for April 2011 Analysis closure for August 2011 WARSAW MEETING SUMMARY - ESTONIA Study started All questionnaire sent Up to now 26% of respondent Project in time for reporting results to EUROCHIP and to ESO AMENDMENT REQUESTED

13 SUMMARY - LITHUANIA Study designed aimed to evaluate the role of centralized invitation system Is realistic that deadline of analysis is september 2011? YES Discussion after meeting with Paolo on the destination of 17600 euro availble in EUROCHIP WARSAW MEETING SUMMARY - ROMANIA To evaluate the possibility to perform a study Ahti will call Florian AMENDMENT REQUESTED DECIDED TO CONTINUE

14 WP5 deliverables Continuation of CR promotion in countries without CRs EUROCHIP qualitative questionnaire Report on cancer registry indicators in various countries WP5 to be strictly connected with WP2 on dissemination INITIAL PROJECT

15 Description of WP5 Continuation of population-based CR promotion oin countries of the EU without PBCRs (Lux, Greece) oPromotion to make the PBCRs national wide in those countries were only some regions are covered (France, Italy, Spain, Germany..) Inventory (Questionnaire) among the PBCRs on oavailable or collectable (also time delay) EUROCHIP indicators owhether they are find to be useful oThe linkage possibilities between which databanks (mortality, hospital discharge…) oPromote the outcomes on different subjects: primary prevention, screening, clinical items (delay of treatment, treatment according to GLs..) DURINGSC

16 Description of WP5 Greece A training programme was formed by Mrs Margery Duin, with specific aim to assist in the development of a Cancer Registry (CR) in Greece. Luxembourg WP-5 members are in contact with the Ministry of Health in Luxembourg to provide support in the decision making processes necessary for the activation of a National Population based Cancer Registry in Luxembourg Qualitative questionnaire Questionnaire developed in collaboration with ENCR and the EUROCOURSE project. It should be sent to European CRs after interim reports INTERIM REPORT

17 EUROCHIP-1 (2000-2002) Organized more than 20 meetings with participation of more than 120 cancer specialists a)During these meetings a preliminary list of 158 cancer indicators was progressively discussed up to produce a list of 31 cancer indicators b)Now some of these indicators are in the ECHI list and should be collected in the same way in all EU countries c)EUROCHIP-1 cancer indicator list did not include any indicator on cancer rehabilitation WP6 Background INITIAL PROJECT


19 WP7 Deliverables List of cancer control items where innovation intervention to reduce costs is possible (for a childhood cancer and female breast cancer). Definition of cancer managing actions to cut costs while maintaining outcomes reductions. WP7 to be strictly connected with WP2 on dissemination. INITIAL PROJECT

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