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CS Mainstreaming – CARE SL CS consortium Sri Lanka.

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1 CS Mainstreaming – CARE SL CS consortium Sri Lanka

2 Process The Monkey Survey: This online survey aimed at identifying staff’s understanding and the use of CS and to ensure maximum participation it was translated into local languages. Interviews: The interview process included questions which assessed agencies capacity for mainstreaming CS and focused on understanding their status on CS policies and strategies and its integration into programmes Desk Analysis: The desk analysis carried out by all agencies assessed policies and procedures on conflict sensitivity. Sharing of findings: This step in the process brought about an agreement to develop a clear understanding of the strengths and support needs of each organisation and the consortium as a whole.


4 Results 1 Development of a guidance note Build capacity and re-introduce staff to the practice of conflict sensitivity Support the development of training modules Enhance accessibility to material related to conflict sensitivity

5 Results 2 Review JD’s and incorporate CS responsibilities where appropriate Review and strengthen complaint mechanisms for internal and external purposes. Set up systematic and regular (yearly or quarterly) program and project review processes; Designs include CS

6 Result 3 LRSP 2010 Practice of Conflict Sensitivity – CARE SL continue to strengthen its use of conflict sensitive approaches in all its programming and operational decision making. This will help minimize any potential negative outcomes of CARE’s work while also seeking to capitalize on positive outcomes, thus enhancing our accountability, effectiveness and overall impact.

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