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Lesson 26-The Late Middle Ages The Third Five Hundred Years.

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1 Lesson 26-The Late Middle Ages The Third Five Hundred Years

2 Apostolic Church Apostolic Fathers Church Councils Church History Ca. 30AD590 AD1517 AD Golden Age of Church Fathers Reformation & Counter Reformation Rationalism, Revivalism, & Denominationalism Revivalism, Missions, & Modernism ? Ancient Church HistoryMedieval Church HistoryModern Church History The Pre-Reformers The First Medieval Pope The Rise of the Holy Roman Empire The Crusades The Papacy in Decline

3 The Early Middle Ages: The Second Five Hundred Years Decline and fall of the Roman Empire The place of Christianity Great Popes: Leo the Great – 5th Gregory the Great – 6th Great spread of Christianity 1.To England, Ireland and Scotland 2.To the Balkans and Russia Great Political Leader - Charlemagne

4 Threat from the south

5 Growth and Collapse of Christianity in the Orient The Church in the East Nestorian in Persia Monophysite Jacobites in Syria Chalcedonian Orthodox in Constantinople The Church in China The Church in India Survival in Africa North Africa lost to Islam Egypt became a country of dual religions: Muslim & Coptic Nubian Christianity continued to grow Ethiopian Christianity was the most vital expression of African Christianity

6 Late Middle Ages: The Third Five Hundred Years Were these the Dark Ages? “The end did not come. The first millennium of Christianity closed, and the second opened with no greater terrors than ordinary robberies, murders, rapes, burnings, wars, massacres, and plagues. So people sighed a sigh of relief, and life went on as usual.” Charles Williams Descent of the Dove Christianity in Africa: Survival Egypt Nubia Ethiopia Dependent on Government Engaged in slave trade

7 Christianity in Asia China Persia

8 Eastern Orthodoxy 988 Conversion Of Russia 1453 Fall of Constantinople Rise of Ottoman Empire

9 Roman Catholicism Christendom The Diversity of Roman Catholicism The Struggle with Islam Lay InvestitureWho had ultimate authority? Great Achievements GOLF THEOLOGYSumma Thomas Aquinas

10 Great Period of Piety Monastic orders revived and created Personal piety increased and was subverted by error Rise of the Universities Building of Cathedrals

11 Great period for literature Chaucer The Canterbury Tales Dante Divine Comedy Period of ReformPapal- Gregory Lateran Council 1215 Development of Orders Time of heresy Cathari or Cathars Waldensians Wycliffe and the Lollards Savonarola in Florence

12 What about the message of the gospel? Became mixed and muddled in 4 th ; recovered by Augustine It’s purity was lost again sacramentalism Even though the messengers got the emphasis in the wrong place, they were preaching the Bible In Medieval Days – convulsion and confusion hindered the Church. Today peace and prosperity hinders the Church. How is success achieved in either case?

13 April 6On Loving God: Medieval Monasticism April 13God Wills It: Crusades or Missions? April 20Universities and Scholasticism: Thomas Aquinas April 27Doing what lies in you: The Sacramental System May 4Waldensians May 11?

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