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2 Gratitude to Spiritual Masters Profound gratitude to the beloved living Spiritual Master, Sri Sri Bhagavan for his blessings in the spheres of Dharma & Moksha. Profound gratitude also to the beloved departed Advaitic Spiritual Masters: Sri. J. Krishnamurti, Sri. Nisargadatta Maharaj & Sri. Ramana Maharshi – for their blessings in the spheres of Dharma & Moksha. 2

3 Gratitude to Vedic Astrologers Profound gratitude to the beloved Prof. V. K. Choudhry, for his ever-willing guidance & Monumental Contributions to Vedic Astrology, in the form of the Systems Approach. Profound gratitude also to other Vedic astrologers: Pandit Vamadeva Shastri & many others for having given an initial taste of the profundity & scope of Vedic Astrology. 3

4 Acknowledgements for this Conference 1.For guidance, teaching & hospitality: Prof. V. K. Choudhry and Sri Rajesh Chaudhary. 2. For excellent co-operation & for the patient creation of this PPP: Sri. Kannanji. 3. Dr. Peter Roche, Melbourne. 4. Sri Gautam Sachdeva for gifting me a copy of ‘The Bliss of Freedom’- an autobiography by Master Charles. 5. Swami Gurudas Anandaji, who sent me the biography of Guru Devi Sri Janaky Matha, published 1999. 6. Internet Source ; and Astrodata Bank on Carl Jung. 4

5 Light of the SA: On Spiritual Life in the Spheres of Dharma & Moksha Dr Sankara Bhagavadpada 5

6 6 BHAGAVAD GITA 7.16 Four Kinds of Devotees ctuivRxa ÉjNte ma suk«itnae=juRn, AataeR ij}asurwaRwIR }anI c Ért;RÉ.. 7.16. Caturvidhä bhajante mäà janäù sukåtino'rjuna | Ä rto jijïäsur arthärthé jïäné ca Bharatarñabha || || 7.16||

7 BHAGAVAD GITA 7.16 Caturvidhä bhajante mäà janäù sukåtino'rjuna | Ärto jijïäsur arthärthé jïäné ca Bharatarñabha || Four kinds of fortunate men worship Me, O Arjuna, lion among the Bharatas: [1]the distressed, [2]the seekers of spiritual knowledge, [3]the seekers of wealth and fame, [4]the wise, who understand & are devoted to Me. 7

8 Four Kinds of Devotees[ Contd ] [1] ‘Aartaha’ (distressed souls): The ones with afflicted Charts[Arjuna, for eg] [2] ‘Jijnaasuhu’ (knowledge seekers): IIIH Lord in the IXH, etc.. [3] ‘Arthaarthi’ (wealth seekers): ‘Kama’ Lords in the ‘Artha’ Hs, strong A &/or K Lords, etc.. [4] ‘Jnaani’ (wise & devoted people): Strong Ju, Su, Sa, Ke; strong VH, IXH, good D9, D20, D24. 8

9 Artha & Kama vis-à-vis ‘Dharma & Moksha’ Spiritual Life in the SA: Arises, when IXH &/or IVH, &/or Ju are strong in a Chart. Also when the Lords of the Moksha Hs: VIIIH &/or XIIH are strong, etc. Material Life in the SA: Me, Ve, Ma, Sa, Ve, Ra, Ke, even the Su, give only ‘Artha-Kama’ [Materialisitc] inclinations. However, when the Su or Sa, Ke are strong(say as Lords of Spiritual Hs)-then they function spiritually. Ra’s infl is highly materialistic[will not allow us to be good and spiritual]. 9

10 CS #1: Ge As 55: Srinivasa Ramanujan ‘Spiritual’ Hindu Mathematician 10 Notice the intellectual Gemini Asdt with strong VH, IXH, strong Mo in Pisces, impacting Su; weak Ju, weak Me. 1887 to 1920

11 11 Srinivasa Ramanujan (contd-2) Notice the intellectual Gemini Asdt with strong VH, IXH, strong Mo in Pisces, impacting Su; weak Ju, weak Me.

12 Srinivasa Ramanujan (contd-3) 1. VH: {Ishta Devata, Goddess Naamagiri of Namakkal; creative & emotional intelligence [strong Ve magnifies creativity]; memory; good work in the present life[SA Sutra]. 2. Ramanujan had a penchant for interpreting dreams, a taste for occult phenomena & a mystical bent [Mo* in Pisces, strong VH, strong Sa’s close influence on the VIIIH, IIH, IVH; weak III Lord, Su impacting on the Asdt] upon which his Indian friends always commented. 12

13 Srinivasa Ramanujan (contd-4) 3. Always invoked the name of Ishta Devata Naamagiri[Ve] & attributed all actions to be Her wishes. “An equation for me has no meaning, unless it expresses a thought of God.” Naamagiri would write the equations on his tongue(IX Lord in the IIH of Vak & strong IIH). Naamagiri would bestow mathematical insights in his dreams. 4. He was fond of asking Qs[Ge As’s Curiosity]. 13

14 Srinivasa Ramanujan (Contd-5) 5. Goddess Naamagiri coming through dreams: Mo in the 12 th Sign Pisces & D12 DC. 6. Great devotee of God: Vimsamsha DC[D20]. 7. Good placement of Mo, Ve, Sa in D9. 8. Obsessed with Zero & Infinity. Took Zero to be Absolute Reality. 14

15 1-5(1/2) 3 + 9(1.3/2.4) 3 – 13(1.3.5/2.4.6) 3 + …..= 2/π Srinivasa Ramanujan (Contd-6) Ramanujan’s Theorems Zero = Absolute Reality, Infinity = Countless Manifestations of that Reality 15 Zero & Infinity were his first beloveds. He was obsessed with Infinite Series. ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’ –Robert Kanigel

16 CS #2: Pi As 42: [‘Jnaani’-Melbourne] 15 16

17 CS #2: ‘Kundalini’, Chinese ‘Internal Arts’ 16 17 1.Ju blesses Asdt, VH, IXH[V Imp] 2.Strong VIIIH 3.Strong Ke in the Asdt 4.Strong Su, impacting on IIIH, IXH 5.Spiritual Navamsa Chart. 6.Su: Rebel against Org Religion

18 CS #2: ‘Kundalini’, Chinese ‘Internal Arts’ 17 18 TSE: 18 th Apr 2007, 11 PM[Sa- Ju sub-period: “ On one occasion a very unusual physical experience; best described as a forceful movement of ‘energy’ up the spine, it was accompanied by sound & lights. Over a period of time, body undergoes many physical changes, release of excess tension, and returning to a more natural original state. Start training in Ziranmen and Bagua [Chinese Internal Arts]”

19 CS #2: ‘Kundalini’, Chinese ‘Internal Arts’ 18 19 18 th Apr 2007, 11 pm[Sa-Ju sub.period] 1.Tr Ju blesses Tr St Sa. Tr Sa influences natal Me in IIH. 2.Tr Ke influences natal Me in the IIH. 3.Natal Ke ‘blesses’ Tr Me in the IH. 4.Tr Ke upon Tr Mo in the IIH. 5.Tr Su on the MEP of IIH.

20 CS#2: Influences of Na & Tr Ke; Tr Sa; Na & Tr Ju. 19 “Ju, strongly influenced by the Su, is in the IXH, from where it casts an exact aspect to the Asdt. This indicates that the person is destined to have spiritual experiences in life”[SA]. SA Sutra: “Ke takes a person towards mystic sciences and spiritual pursuits,it takes interest in occultism, spiritual initiation, and development, if not afflicting and beneficially disposed, it can give a sudden burst of energy, liberation, psychic ability, etc.” Tr St Sa, was blessed by Ju from the IXH and from the Mystic Sign Scorpio. Tr Sa also influences Natal Me and Tr Mo in the IIH. Both Mo and Me are mutable Planets, so will yield to the influences on them. Mo rules senses, Me, hearing. Mo in the VIIIH as VH Lord also gave Mystical Experiences. The ‘Navagraha Devata form’ of Ke shown implies the Kundalini awakening potentialities of Ke. 20

21 CS #2:[Sa-Ju sub-period[’06 -’08], ‘Kundalini’] 20 21 “….However it is during this period that an intense interest in spirituality develops. I did not seek this out, it just happened. I did not have a choice. In 2007, another unusual experience; strong internal movement[energy?] starting with the groin and moving upwards in a spiral motion, accompanied by sound & lights. The spiritual interest has focussed on Chinese Buddhism & Sri Ramana Maharshi. This was not a deliberate search, it just happened. The spiritual interest is very strong, everyday it is there. It never leaves.”

22 CS #2: Ju-Ve sp [1983-’84] VIIIH gives Occult & ‘Strange’ Experiences “ This relates to a time in 1983-84 when we rented an old house in the inner city. I was uneasy about the feeling of the house and could sense a "presence". My sleep which had previously been excellent (heavy sleeper, 8 hrs straight), became light with periods of wakefulness every night. Sometimes I would have the strong feeling that someone else was in the room; e.g; I would turn around and check, and my vision would automatically be directed low to a small person. This continued for 6 months or longer. 21 22

23 CS #2: Ju-Ve sp [1983-’84] VIIIH gives Occult & ‘Strange’ Experiences “The light sleep resulted in me sleeping for ~ 2 to 4 hours, then waking up. I would often check the time on a digital clock radio near the bed. Almost invariably the time was 2.22 AM: not 2.23 or 2.21, but 2.22 AM. This happened no matter what time I went to bed. I became fearful of looking at the clock radio when I woke up. I remember one night waking up and dreading the thought of looking at the time, so I waited several minutes, maybe 5 minutes. When I looked at the time is was 2.22 AM. This was a very uneasy stage of life for me, and one I will never forget. 22 23

24 CS #2: Ju-Ve sub-period [1983-’84] VIIIH gives Occult & ‘Strange’ Experiences “One night during a wakeful period I sat up in bed and saw 2 people in the hallway; an adult and a child. However I was looking at them through a closed door. This vision only lasted for ~ 10 seconds. They were the "presence" in the house. On another occasion during a wakeful period at night the feeling became so intense it was almost unbearable. Then during an intense period of prayer/ focused attention (~ 5 minutes) I felt them leave the house. I was praying to God for them to be released. The feeling of them leaving is difficult to describe in words.” -Concluded. 24

25 CS #3: ‘Jijnaasu’ develops into a Master Notice: Three Consciousness Planets in the Sign Pisces, they are also Lords of Consciousness Houses. Mo is almost on the MEP.MMP, influences the IVH Lord, the Su- creating religious heterodoxy. 25

26 CS #3: ‘Jijnaasu’, Karma Yogi, Master Strong XH, strong Sa: SA Sutra: “When strong in a nativity, it signifies perfection & highest human qualities, spirituality, detachment, concentration, inwardness, dutifulness, reliability, honesty, humility, sincerity, stability, discipline, authoritativeness, responsibility, conservatism, practicality, durability, eye for detail, sobriety, constancy & consistency.” [Also seriousness] 26

27 CS #3: ‘Jijnaasu’, Karma Yogi, Master VIIIH influence in the spiritual life [MMP Ju afflicts the Su]: “Up until the age of 10, I did not show much interest in Catholicism, and I felt somewhat rebellious towards the church and all its dogmas. On Sundays I would rather have stayed home and played with my toys than go to mass. When my parents dragged me along anyway, they invariably ended up scolding me for my misbehavior as we drove home. Perhaps this served as an omen of the future, when I would renounce Catholicism completely.” 27

28 CS #3: The Master’s Ishtha Devata Ishtha Devata: Virgin Mother of Christ: “ But even while I was resisting going to Sunday mass, I managed to find an affinity with God within the Catholic context. I became identified with the Virgin Mother of Christ as my chosen manifestation of deity. The Virgin Mother was the first form of God as Mother that I recognized and towards which I was drawn irresistibly. 28

29 CS #3: The Master’s Ishtha Devata “Somehow, I experienced a connection with her that went beyond my comprehension, yet mysteriously I did not need to understand. This connection felt old and familiar, yet simultaneously new & unknown. The first altar I ever made I dedicated to the Virgin Mother as a representation of Godliness. 29

30 CS #3: The Master’s Ishtha Devata “The theme of God as Mother has inspired me ever since. I understand it more now than I did then, but the experience has always been overwhelming and awe inspiring, and continues t o be so as I write this.” [ The Master’s autobiography: The Bliss of Freedom, 1996] 30

31 CS #3: ‘Jijnaasu’, Karma Yogi, Master 1. Mo, impacting on the MEP of the VH » Divine Mother is the ‘Ishtha Devata’. 2. The XIIH Lord, Ma, influencing, the VIIIH Lord of Mysticism, has brought in ‘Technology’[‘High Tech Meditation’], as a tool for meditations. 3. Ju, as the VIIIH Lord, influencing the IVH Lord, the Su, brought a ‘heterodox approach’ to his native Religion, represented by the Su. 4. ‘Pisces Sign’[XIIH of Dreams, Meditations, has played an important role].See Vimsamsha[D20] DC. 31

32 CS #3: ‘Jijnaasu’, Jnani, Master 32

33 CS #3: ‘Jijnaasu’, Karma Yogi, Master 33

34 CS# 4: Cp As 16[C G Jung (1875 to 1961) ] Swiss ‘Spiritual’ Psychologist, but ‘Atheist’ 1.The Su as the VIIIH lord afflicts & impacts on the Asdt, making him a researcher & mystic, with obstacles. 2.VIIIH: Mythology, Occult world, mysterious & profound research. 3.The IIH lord Sa, deciding ‘tastes’ is influenced by Ju as the XIIH lord of overseas teachings, dreams, meditations., unconscious sphere. 34

35 CS# 4: Cp As 16[C G Jung (1875 to 1961)] Swiss Spiritual Psychologist 35

36 CS# 4: Cp As 16[C G Jung (1875 to 1961) ] Swiss ‘Spiritual’ Psychologist 1.The Su as the VIIIH lord afflicts, and impacts on the Asdt, making him a researcher & mystic, obstructions in marital & other relationships; atheist. 2.VIIIH: Mythology, Occult world, mysterious & profound research, suffering. The D10 is ‘spiritual’. The Su in D10 is a FB. 3.The IIH lord Sa, deciding ‘tastes’ is influenced by Ju as the XIIH lord of overseas teachings, meditations, dreams, unconsciousness. 36

37 CS #4 Cp As 16:C G Jung[‘Duality’] On the intermingling of the Devic & Asuric: From the Mahabharata of Maharshi Vyasa:“No virtuous man is strong enough to live in virtue at all times, nor is any sinner bad enough to exist in one welter of sin. Life is a tangled web and there is no one in the world who has not done both good and evil. Each and everyone has to bear the consequences of his actions. Do not give way to sorrow.” 37

38 CS # 4: Cp As 16: C G Jung 1. Father of Analytical Psychology. 2. “Jung knew he had two personalities from childhood; one was of his present times, while the other was an 18 th century dignified, influential & authoritative person.” 3. “He created a deep understanding of Human Consciousness, especially in its deeper & hidden layers by examining these expressions of the deeper layers in Art, Mythology, Religion, Philosophy.” 38

39 CS # 4: C G Jung (contd-2) 5. Collective Unconscious was a term coined by Jung-common to the whole of humanity. It is the Jungian Psychologists’ ‘secular name’ for the ‘Paramatma’ of the Hindu scriptures. 6. “I have treated many hundreds of patients. Among those in the second half of life-that is to say, over 35-there has not been one whose problem in the last resort was not that of finding a religious outlook on life.” 39

40 CS # 4: C G Jung (contd-3) 7. “Knowing your own darkness is the best method of dealing with the darkness of other people.” 8. “Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious.” 9. “When asked during a 1959 BBC interview if he believed in the existence of God, Jung replied, “I don’t believe-I know.” ”[The MMP afflicts the Asdt H, destroys faith, but gives profound enquiry, as a blessing.] –Afflicted D20, so a Atheist. ** 40

41 CS# 4: C G Jung “Knowing your own darkness is the best method of dealing with the darkness of other people.” 41

42 CS # 4: C G Jung (contd-4) 1938: Influence of ‘Overseas Spiritual teachings’ [Ju as XII lord]: “It was about this stage in his life that Jung visited India. His experience in India led him to become fascinated and deeply involved with Eastern Philosophies & Religions, helping him come up with key concepts of his ideology, including integrating spirituality into everyday life and appreciation of the unconscious.” 42

43 CS # 4: C G Jung ( contd-5 ) Malefic Impact of the MMP, Su[SA Sutra]: “The wife who bore him 5 children suffered because of Jung’s relationship with other women. The most well-known women with whom Jung is believed to have had extramarital affairs are patient & friend …..” Jung’s relationship with his mentor Freud was also broken because of the MMP, the Su. 43

44 CS # 4: C G Jung (contd-6) The MMP Su, in the RC, is a FB in D6, D8 44

45 CS # 4: C G Jung (contd-7) No Bhakti[Afflicted D20], But Profound D24 45

46 CS # 4: C G Jung (contd-8) Spiritual Dasamsha D10 The MMP, the Su of the RC, brought blessings not only in the spheres of D6 & D8, but also in the sphere of the profession D10, through overseas Eastern religious teachings [Su is the IX lord in D10], applied to the unconscious. 46

47 CS # 5: Poojya Sri Jaanakimataaji TSE: Ju-Ke sp: Oct 12 th, 1937, 11:00pm 47

48 CS # 5: Poojya Sri Jaanakimataaji 48

49 CS # 5: Jaanakimataaji – IXH Influences: Life Pattern “Her life was full of instances when unknown ascetics & strangers suddenly appeared & foretold various normal events of her life, like marriage of her daughter, her European trip, or birth of her children. In 1934, a stranger came to her, calling himself as ‘Subrahmanya’, showed her a photo of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and said he was her Guru. He also said that ‘Subrahmanya’ would be born as her son. 49

50 CS # 5: Jaanakimataaji – IXH Influences: Life Pattern “In 1934[same year], a Sanyaasi visited her, gave her a Saligraama of Vishnu, a Rudhraaksha if Siva & symbol of Brahma, two coins of Suryanarayana & Rama-Sita and asked her to offer worship to them.” 1.Third child of a family of eight. 2.Education only up to Std V[Age 10]. 3.Was different from kids of her age. 4.Married at 13 to Dr. C S Ganapathy, 19 yrs her senior, he was widower with 2 children. 5.Two sons & 3 daughters after marriage. 50

51 CS # 5: Jaanakimataaji – IXH Influences: Life Pattern 6. Was spiritually inclined from a young age. Received Mantra Deeksha from an unknown Mendicant, had visions of Ganesa, Kali. 7. As a householder allotted special time for worship & meditations. 8. Arranged for electrification of Ramanashram, built a bathroom for women and this later became Nirvana room for Bhagavan. Generous: gifted gold coins to goddesses; touched by the poor, gave food, oil, dug wells[ IXH loka kalyana ]. 9. People sought spiritual guidance from her. 51

52 CS # 5: Jaanakimataaji – IXH Influences: Life Pattern In 1966[60 th birthday], Southern part of her home became an ashram: The Bhagavad Gita, Jnaneswari, Bhaktavijayam were regularly read there, she explained & she taught. She also taught good conduct, devotion to God, worship, charity & vegetarianism. On Apr 29, 1969, Mahanirvana. A Matrubhuteswar Lingam was consecrated there in Dec 1969, by Swami Atmananda Bharati of the Sringeri Peetam. 52

53 CS # 5: ‘Kundalini Awakening’ (contd-2) “Sri Mata felt what seemed to her like a powerful explosion on the back of her head. She leapt up from bed, unable to bear the strain. There was a flare up throughout the spinal cord from the Muladhara right up to the Sahasrara in the brain….like lightning all along the Sushumna… even tried to burst open the top of her skull and she had the impression that the force was trying to escape into the ether beyond… 53

54 CS # 5: ‘Kundalini Awakening’ (contd-3) …[after 26 days of ordeal, she went to see Ramana]…Even before Sri Mata informed Bhagavan of her experience, in a mellifluent voice, Bhagavan spoke to her about a similar experience he had in his early[pre- enlightenment]days: ” Look here, don’t be frightened. One day, while I was lying in bed in Tiruchuzhi, I felt as if, I was being bombed from inside at the back of my head.” 54

55 CS # 5: ‘Realizations’ (contd-4) 12 Jan 1938: “…In a few seconds she was drowned in meditation. Right from her feet, her limbs became rigid gradually and soon there was no sign of life in the body up to the stomach. She also could not stretch out her hand. With the torpidity slowly gaining ground, Sri Mata thought that she was nearing her end and that the life would soon be extinct. But as she was ever-ready to shuffle off her physical body, there was no fear of death. Her mind withdrew itself from all thoughts of objectivity and was beholding Bhagavan Sri Ramana in her heart.” 17 Jan 1938 55

56 CS # 5: ‘Realizations’ (contd-5) 19 Jan 1938[when Sri Mata asked Ramana about becoming a renunciate]: Ramana: “Did I ask you to become a Sanyasin? Look at me. I have not taken Sanyas and do not wear ochre cloth. You have only one family, but I have to shoulder the burden of all these devotees and their families.” It dawned on her then that renunciation must be in the heart and that inner purity is more important than outer renunciation. 56

57 CS # 5:Life Data on a Saintly Grihini[JM-ji] 1. Asdt and Asdt Lord, under the impact of the IXH Lord., Ve. 2.Strong Ju in the VH, like for Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. 3.Navamsa DC, spiritual. 57

58 CS # 5: TSE: Kundalini Awakening Oct 12, 1937, 11 PM 1.Me, VIH signifies the entire nervous system- Spinal Cord. Tr Ke impacts on strong VIIIH Lord and on Me, as VIIIH Lord, in the VIIIH. 2.Tr Su in the VIIIH, impacted upon by the VIH Lord, the Mo[powerful explosion at the back of her head]. Sa, the Asdt lord, Su, Ma, all signifying the head are weak in the natal chart. 3.Tr Ju Blesses Ve, the IXH Lord in the VIIH. 4.Tr Ju impacted upon by Tr Malefic Mo in the XIH. 58

59 CS # 5: TSE: Kundalini Awakening Oct 12,1937, 11 PM 59

60 Namasthe I thank Prof V K Choudhry & all SA astrologers for your patient understanding of this presentation Aum Tat Sat


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