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Creating an IFQ Groundfish Landing Report in eLandings.

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1 Creating an IFQ Groundfish Landing Report in eLandings

2 2 Creating an IFQ groundfish landing report Step 1: Enter vessel, permit, and location information Use the stat area worksheet when harvest is proportional in all areas

3 3  Step 2: Enter Itemized Catch

4 4 Step 4: Submit Initial Report Step 3: Allocate Permits if you haven’t assigned itemized catch to fish tickets Step 5: Generate IFQ reports

5 5 Step 6. Submit IFQ reports & print receipts

6 6 Step 7: Submit Final Report & print fish ticket(s)

7 7 eLandings Reporting Sequence

8 8 Stacked permits Same species and different species

9 9 Ambiguous stat areas

10 10 Specify IPHC area for ambiguous area

11 11 Overages

12 12 Reporting manually landed IFQ catch Data Clerks 1-800-304-4846, option #1

13 13 Editing a landing due to manual IFQ DO NOT generate another IFQ report if you already did a manual landing. You will double debit the IFQ!

14 14 How to delete an unsubmitted IFQ report

15 15  When one species is collected at a different stat area than those entered in the stat area worksheet When to enter stat area in itemized catch section

16 16 1. When a specific amount of catch is allocated to an overage or personal use 2. When a fisher wishes to be the particular seller of a specific product When to select a fish ticket in the itemized catch section

17 17 When to assign an area/fishery in IFQ permit worksheet 1. When the max-out feature is used 2. When an IFQ permit has catch allocated to two different areas

18 18 IFQ Permit Report

19 19 When to use max-out field in IFQ permit worksheet The permit holder wants to allocate a specific IFQ weight to his permit NOTE: At least two IFQ permits must be entered and the Area/Fishery has to be entered on the max-out permit line

20 20 IFQ Permit Reports

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