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SR - 710 Tunnel Technical Study Presentation for City of Pasadena City Council January 26, 2009.

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1 SR - 710 Tunnel Technical Study Presentation for City of Pasadena City Council January 26, 2009

2 2 Purpose of the study Consider all practical routes for the extension of Route 710 Gather information on soil and sub-surface conditions Provide for public input and involvement

3 3 Why Tunnels? Reduce impacts to communities and sensitive areas

4 4 Objective of the Exploration Program A total of 5 potential zones will be investigated Collect geotechnical, geological, and hydro-geological information for each zone Information to be used for screening purposes

5 5 Exploration Plan Zones

6 6 Key Factors Influencing Tunneling Faulting Fault displacement Rupture zone length Uniformity of geologic material Potential for adverse tunneling conditions Flowing/squeezing soils, boulders Properties of geologic materials Groundwater conditions Hazardous materials

7 7 Geotechnical Exploration Program Data collection and review Geologic mapping Geophysical surveys Drilling, sampling, and logging Laboratory testing

8 8 Boring Activities 33 small diameter borings; six locations in Pasadena Vertical and Inclined drilling Each boring will take 7 to 10 days to complete Work area is about 12 feet by 60 feet Drilling performed daytime hours

9 9 Seismic Reflection Testing 20 seismic reflection surveys; two locations in Pasadena Non-destructive Most Geophysical testing will be performed at night One location per night

10 10Summary Zones# of Borings Total Lineal feet (ft) # of Geophysical Lines Length of Tunnel (mi) 182,80055.2 – 5.7 251,60034.9 – 5.6 3123,70074.4 – 5.4 441,10026.2 – 7.4 541,10039.6 – 11.5

11 11 Exploration Program Schedule 6/0920103/099/099/082009 Encroachment Permit Site Reconnaissance Geologic Mapping Summary Report NTP Drilling by Caltrans Drilling by CH2M HILL Lab Testing Data Evaluation

12 12 Recent Findings Two superfund sites were identified The sites are located within Zones 4 and 5 Groundwater in this area is known to be contaminated with Volatile Organic Compounds Depth of groundwater ranges from 50 feet to 150 feet below ground surface Tunnel is expected to be at about 200 feet below ground surface

13 13 Superfund Site Locations within Zones 4 and 5

14 14 Planned Activities Proceed with the borings in Zones 1, 2 and 3. Postpone borings in Zones 4 and 5, pending additional information related to the Superfund Sites. Borings to be done by both Caltrans and CH2M HILL Borings to begin in early January 2009 Each boring is expected to take about 7 to 10 days to complete

15 CityExploration Activity# of Visits # of Stakeholders added to Database AlhambraBorings: 3 Geophysical Line: 229434 Los AngelesBorings: 61845 Pasadena Z3-B2 (Caltrans 710 ROW north of Del Mar Blvd) Boring: 1 123 Total visits to Homes/Businesses: 490 # of Stakeholders added to database: 42 Summary of Public Outreach Activities

16 16 Public Outreach and Notification Program Public Outreach and Notification Program Field Surveys of Boring Sites Federal, State and Local Elected Officials Briefings Public Notices and Fact Sheet Posting and Distribution of Notices Public Facilities Websites Canvassing Field Outreach to affected/sensitive users Information Line

17 17 SR-710 Community Facilitation Scope of Work Coordinate Study Meetings Conduct Community Awareness Campaign & Report Public Input Study Information Office and Website Events & Presentations Community Workshops Focus Groups

18 18 For more information: SR-710 Technical Tunnel Study Information Office 3412 N. Eastern Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90032 Toll Free: (877) 710-INFO Tel. (323) 222-1710 Fax: (323) 222-9710

19 19 Question and Answer

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