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PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 1 SE Core OneSAF Integration Update Mark Faulk Synthetic Environment (SE) Core.

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1 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 1 SE Core OneSAF Integration Update Mark Faulk Synthetic Environment (SE) Core

2 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 2 SE Core Mission Support the Training of our Warfighters by providing: OneSAF Integration (OSI) into AVCATT and CCTT and the development of virtual OneSAF composition as the standard computer generated forces for the virtual domain. Database Virtual Environment Development (DVED) Development of a standard Terrain Database (TDB) generation process to create a non-proprietary, open format, image generator (IG) independent, Master TDB (MTDB) consumable by virtual simulations, within a total development time of 96 hours. The development of a Virtual Simulation Architecture (VSA) to provide a Common Virtual Environment (CVE) that links system and non-system simulations into a fully integrated and interoperable training capability. Development of Common Virtual Components (CVC) that will reduce redundancy, increase realism, and facilitate an integrated live, virtual, constructive training environment. (LVC TE)

3 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 3 SE Core Development Provide Common Solutions across the Virtual Domain Employs Software Reuse to Meet Virtual Simulation Needs Fully merged into and developing within the OneSAF common baseline –Ability to immediately leverage other OneSAF development –Greatly reduced any future costs and delays post FY09 OneSAF is the Key Reuse Component for many solutions –Scenario Generation Tool (SGT) CVC –C4I CVC –OneSAF Integration

4 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 4 OneSAF Integration Purpose Provide OneSAF as SAF and CGF components in AVCATT and CCTT Virtual Training Systems Provide Additional OneSAF capabilities to AVCATT and CCTT systems Add AVCATT and CCTT required Capabilities to OneSAF

5 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 5 CCTT with OneSAF Integrated DIMM CGF EDIMM HMI AAR HMMWV Manned Module CCTT GATEWAY C4I GATEWAY CCTT NETWORK – 100BaseFx Ethernet OneSAF SimCore OneSAF MCT (SAF WS) Env Mgr MCC SEOD All/Most Components: -- New SNE Services Legend Blue Blue = Few or no modifications Red Red = New, OneSAF-based S/W ERC SORD MCT OC Workstations (OneSAF MCT)

6 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 6 AVCATT with OneSAF Integrated Helicopter Manned Module Helicopter Manned Module Helicopter Manned Module Helicopter Manned Module Helicopter Manned Module Realtime Data Logger Role Player Role Player Role Player AVCATT Gateway HLA Gateway BMC Controller BMC Participant BMC Stealth OneSAF MCT (SAF Operator) OneSAF MCT (Role Player) Real Time Data Logger HLA TOC Helicopter Manned Module AAR Controller AAR Participant AAR Stealth DIS Helicopter Manned Module Simulated Radio Simulated Radio Simulated Radio ERC Legend Blue Blue = Few or no modifications Red Red = New, OneSAF-based S/W SORD OneSAF SimCore

7 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 7 SE Core OSI Entities, Units, and Behaviors Composed entities to meet the virtual domain Master Entity List (MEL) Created units to meet AVCATT and CCTT Added air formations based on existing AVCATT formations Enhancing or creating new OneSAF behaviors as required to meet AVCATT and CCTT training objectives

8 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 8 SE Core OSI Scenario Generation Importing of PFPS Graphics Files Save/load Overlays – Separate from main scenario file Command From Simulator (CFS) update to specify mixed (Manned Simulator & SAF) units Setting Weather Parameters Initial Conditions Data File capability to save (export) scenario initial condition information for initialization of non-SAF CCTT subsystems –Weather –Checkpoint Interval –Voice Radio Nets/Presets

9 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 9 SE Core OSI Aircraft Survivability Components Missile Warning Receivers –Updated model to account for angle of approach of the missile –Primitive behavior to dispense flare and chaff –Common Missile Warning System (CMWS) Laser and Radar Warning Receivers –Prioritizes multiple threats –Six rulesets triggered based on the highest priority threat –Path Planning update to support Radar Avoidance RF and IR Jammers –Extend the OneSAF Jammer model to allow modification of existing parameters during component generation –Extend activate emissions primitive behavior to activate jammers capability. Identification Friend or Foe –IFF to include DIS interoperability with AVCATT manned simulator

10 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 10 SE Core OSI Command From Simulator (CFS) Update OneSAF CFS framework to support CCTT CFS and AVCATT Tether Handle Manned Module joining/leaving during the scenario's execution Provide RWA follow-leader tether capability Update DIS interop to support CFS/Tether

11 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 11 SE Core OSI Sling Loads Make the following entities slingloadable from RWA: –M998 Single Hook –M998 Tandem Hook –M1043 Single Hook –M1043 Tandem Hook New slingloadable entity compositions: –Crate 4500 lb / 7500 lb –Pallet Ammo Small / Large –MilVan –M102 Twin Add DIS interoperability for slinging from manned simulator –M577 –M1114 –M113A3 –M1045 –Single fuel blivet –Six fuel blivet –Fuel Drums –Water Bucket –AH-64 Fuselage

12 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 12 SE Core OSI Flight Mobility FWA Mobility Model –New Mobility Model based on AVCATT FWA model and re-architected for OneSAF RWA Mobility Model –New Mobility Model based on AVCATT RWA model and re-architected for OneSAF Pilot updates –Pilot updates to call nap-of-the-earth and contour/profile flight planning services added by ERC. –Pilot updates to support CAS missions RWA internal loads

13 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 13 SE Core OSI Other Functionality Paratroopers Close Air Support Fast IEDs – Magic bomb like Radio jammers ADA system specific messaging Missile mobility flyouts for AVCATT and CCTT missiles

14 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 14 SE Core OSI AH64D Systems SAL and RF Hellfire missiles Longbow Systems –AH64D Fire Control Radar –Radio Frequency Interferometer –Weapons Processor –Longbow Configuration Editor Common Damage –New Vulnerability Model and data set based on the AVCATT and CCTT systems CCTT takes precedence for ground AVCATT takes precedence for air & air  ground OneSAF values used where not provided by AVCATT/CCTT

15 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 15 SE Core OSI Other Components Radars –New radar component –Radar modes (Search, Acquire, Track, Illuminate) to support the AVCATT system. –Single-target-track and track-while-scan radar systems –Degradation effects due to radar jamming –Runtime reconfiguration of radar parameters –Updated detection model for effects of chaff –Fan beam visualization Lasers –Added modes and codes to meet AVCATT –Enabled line of sight check V-DIS –Adding DIS interop translations to comply with V-DIS specification in support of the virtual simulation domain –PDUs biased to the DIS draft standard IEEE X specification –Common enumerations to meet virtual simulation domain

16 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 16 SE Core OSI Environment CCTT, AVCATT, and OneSAF on same terrain using same terrain services Add CCTT relocatable objects –Dynamic terrain and features from CCTT/AVCATT supported in OneSAF Smoke (battlefield, Tactical) and Dust –Enhancements to OneSAF smoke modeling to meet current needs of CCTT and AVCATT Object placement services for virtual –Support for the proper placement of CCTT/AVCATT dynamic terrain features during SG/runtime Common weather attributes for virtual –Integration of ERC with current weather attribution in CCTT/AVCATT Cover and concealment services for virtual –Refined cover algorithms, use of prepared fighting positions, and added concealment and hide functionality DVED Database Integration –Testing of key databases now built by DVED and integrated into OneSAF

17 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 17 SE Core OSI Emphasis on Interoperability 17 M2 CCTT – PDSS NORTH & SOUTH LABS OneSAF MCT MCCAAR OneSAF SIMCORE AH-64D OneSAF MCT BMC AVCATT – SAIC 2 OneSAF SIMCOREs SE Core DSE CCTT Gateway

18 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 18 DR Fixes, Retest & Deliver Sep July SE Core Schedule Leading Up to GAT18 JanFebMarAprilMayJune August Sept Final Integration GAT Dry Run Aug 24 – Sep 11 GAT / Interop3 Aug 31 – Sep 18 GAT TRR Aug 27 Build Build Eval Feb Build 5.3 AVCATT IPT2 May 4-8 CCTT IPT2 April Build 5.4 DR Fixes OneSAF Common Baseline GAT Initial Go/NoGo Decision Aug 7 DR Fixes 5.2 Build Eval / Interop2 June 1-5 DR Fixes 5.3 Build Eval August 3-7 DR Fixes Code Freeze CCTT Scenarios Available to SECore Jun 24

19 PEO Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation 19 Questions?

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