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The Way Healing Through the Word 2.3 Commitment Brandy A Coffee Marks, D.R.S.  Copyright Brandy A Coffee Marks 1990.

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1 The Way Healing Through the Word 2.3 Commitment Brandy A Coffee Marks, D.R.S.  Copyright Brandy A Coffee Marks 1990

2 Last Week Belief Systems Last week you assessed your beliefs and came to a better understanding of how faulty beliefs encourage failure. Having developed strategies for dealing with faulty beliefs, you are ready now to make a commitment to follow through and achieve your life vision.

3 LIVING A COMMITTED LIFE Ephesians 5.1 Proverbs 2.1-22; Joel 2.12 David & Goliath in 1Samuel 17.1-51

4 On the third day, God thought about the kind of life that would live in this world." Fish and other life forms sprang to mind: More variety was needed God separated the land from the sea, so there was life on land, in the air and water.

5 Commitment Being committed is different than compulsive. A commitment is to be bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action or to a person A compulsion is an irresistible impulse to take action, regardless of how irrational the motivation To commit is to be intellectually realistic, put in an effort, but our time is not spent compulsively pursuing that one thing or person. Rather we have a healthy balance in pursuing various areas/activities in our life.

6 We separate the land from the sea, so and competent to use our mental abilities We are grounded in reality, able to express emotions

7 Consider your abilities & set realistic goals: Ask yourself, Can you afford it, will you enjoy it, and are you willing to do what it takes to achieve it? If you are a turtle, why learn to fly? On the other hand, If you are an eagle you need to learn, or you will miss some opportunities!

8 So, 1. Stay focused, but not on one thing (don't sit on the same tree all day) 2. Balance the elements in your life. (clean feathers, eat seeds, aerodynamics) 3. Check out other trees occasionally. (fly around; look at other life forms)

9 Keep your imagination open and believe ! If you are an eagle, trust that you can fly! Also, this week you will ASSESS 1: your strengths and 2: your weaknesses And consider 3: How to overcome your weaknesses using your strengths

10 Now, communicate your commitment by sharing what you are doing. Use caution; if you have family or friends who mock you, Consider David and Goliath's story 1 Samuel 18:1-58

11 The Story of David and Goliath

12 Long ago an army went to do battle against the army of the high king. The enemy had a hero who was a great giant of a man, named Goliath. Each day he would come out and challenge the high king to do battle.

13 But the king and his men were afraid of the giant.

14 Goliath was tall, wore a helmet with a strong shield and sword to protect him.

15 Instead of facing him, they ran away in fear (often fear prevents us from achieving)

16 Morning and evening for forty days, he made fun of the high king and taunted his army

17 One day, the brother of three soldiers from the kings army brought food. Who is this person that dares to insult God's royal army?

18 What's my reward if I kill this giant? Go home to your sheep. You're young, foolish and too full of pride He asked if there was a reward but his brother's told him to go home.

19 He knew it was not pride but confidence in God. Has not God sent me for a reason?

20 So he turned from them and asked someone else the same question You get to marry the king's daughter! What's my reward if I kill this giant?

21 A wise person seeks those who will encourage their growth, and avoids those who do not. Winners hang out with winners !

22 With marriage on his mind, David went to speak with the high king.

23 Marriage to the king's daughter would be like winning the Irish sweepstakes! A Dream Come True

24 The king questioned whether or not he could get the job done. You're a boy and the giant is a man of war.

25 David told the high king how God had delivered him out of the mouth of a lion and a bear.

26 They put armor on him and a sword in his hand, but he didn't know how to use them, so...

27 He took them off and went to fight with what he did know, a simple slingshot

28 David knew his protection was the armor of God, and not man-made armor

29 David faced the giant. With nothing but the talents and skills God had given him...

30 David wasn't concerned with if he could kill the giant, He wanted to know: 'Is it worth my time and energy His three brothers mocked him,

31 He turned from them to another, people who gave him a respectful answer, so he could make a well-informed decision. Are there people who give you respect by listening to you?

32 Jesus selected several men to be disciples. Jesus chose men who were persistent even in the face of adversity. These men knew how to endure hardship. Jesus' disciples were his social support.

33 This week... Consider the people in your life: Who stands by you consistently? Who listens without criticism? Who encourages you? These are the kind of people you want in your life!

34 EXERCISE On the next few pages you will define your strengths and weaknesses, and the people for your support network. Then you can explore how to use your strengths and support network to overcome your weaknesses.

35 My strengths are: (things I can do even in tough situations) faith in God gets me through anything My weaknesses are (easy things I always have trouble with) being involved in any group activity

36 Support Network This can be family, friends, sponsor, mentor or some type of support group. sister, a friend, study group at church

37 By now you know your purpose and have a support group Jesus knew his purpose. and had the support of his disciples

38 Commitment is being consistent in thought, word and deed. We plan for healthy behavior. Value #3 is Self-discipline, learned when we follow through on our plan

39 HOMEWORK Explore how you will commit and achieve in thought, word and deed)

40 How can you achieve your goals using your strengths to overcome a weakness. 1. Goal: To have a closer relationship to God _weakness: not believe that God loves me _strength: willingness to believe because of -what the Bible says - what God has done -what I have contributed, and -other people who have helped

41 COMMITMENT 1 Samuel 17.1-51 Who stands by you consistently? Who listens without criticism? Who encourages you? STRENGTHS - things you can do in difficult situations WEAKNESS' - easy things you have difficulty with SUPPORT NETWORK - people who are there for you

42 EXERCISE Grounded to the earth and reality. This is a basic standing pose. You can practice this pose at home or even at the office. This pose may even help cool you down on warm days, according to To perform the pose, stand with your feet hip-distance apart parallel to each other. Distribute your body weight evenly between your toes and heels. Slightly bend your knees. Push your tailbone toward the floor. Extend your arms toward the ceiling with your fingers interlaced, and lift your chest and inhale deeply. Even though your arms raise to the sky, imagine your feet rooted firmly and solidly to the floor or ground. Hold the pose for a few seconds. Exhale and relax.

43 NEXT Part Three Devoted to Discipline

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