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Unit 3 Review Milestones C Word Recognition, Spelling, and Vocabulary Mrs. Ahanasakos.

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1 Unit 3 Review Milestones C Word Recognition, Spelling, and Vocabulary Mrs. Ahanasakos

2 Word Recognition & Spelling 1.Complete the following sentence: Please hurry, we are________________ out of time. a.runeing b.runneng c.runing d.running

3 Word Recognition & Spelling 2.Complete the following sentence: We can watch the fireworks _________________ the window in our kitchen. a.throo b.through c.though d.threw

4 Word Recognition & Spelling 3.Complete the following sentence: Amail is _________________ vocabulary words so that he can speak better English a. studying b. studdying c. studieing d. studyying

5 Word Recognition & Spelling 4.Which of these verbs contains a silent letter? a.leap b.limp c.climb d.blink

6 Word Recognition & Spelling 5.Complete the following sentence: Samia’s ring was _______________in the sunshine. a.sparklling b.sparkling c.sparkleng d.sparkeling

7 Word Recognition & Spelling 6.Which of these nouns does NOT contain a silent “l”? a.clock b.halftime c.walkway d.chalk

8 Word Recognition & Spelling 7.Mrs. A. is _______________ to remember where she put her keys. a.trieing b.tryeing c.trieying d.trying

9 Word Recognition & Spelling 8.Complete the following sentence: Samia loves to read fairy tales about princesses and ___________________ in shining armor. a.nites b.gnights c.knights d.nights

10 Word Recognition & Spelling 9.Complete the following sentence: My sister is __________________ curtains for the kitchen. a.sueing b.sewing c.sowing d.sewwing

11 Word Recognition & Spelling 10.Complete the following sentence: I spent many ________________ on this homework. a.ours b.ares c.hours d.aoers

12 Vocabulary 11.Interpret the following idiom: My sister is all bark and no bite! a.She is loud and angry and rises to bite you. b.She yelps like a dog but doesn’t have sharp teeth. c.She is loud and angry but never follows through. d.She uses her energy to shout and is too tired to act.

13 Vocabulary 12.Did the teacher convince your father to get you a tutor? What does the underlined word mean? a.force b.persuade c.sell d.convert

14 Vocabulary 13.Quickness and coordination are abilities he was born with What is the meaning of the underlined words? a.innate b.instincts c.natural d.hereditary

15 Vocabulary 14.Complete the following sentence: My brother ________________ the skills needed to be class president. a.presents b.Requires c.owns d.possesses

16 Vocabulary 15.Complete the following sentence: Some people confuse the word “ignorant” with the word “stupid.” They need to remember that “ignorant” simply means __________________. a.pretending to know. b.not paying attention. c.lacking education or knowledge. d.lacking ability to learn.

17 Vocabulary 16.Can you guarantee that we’ll make it to the train on time? Which of the following would BEST replace the underlined word? a.promise b.predict c.suggest d.assert

18 Vocabulary 17.It’s obvious that Vishal likes art; he is always drawing on the board and visiting museums. What is the meaning of the underlined word? a.easy to mistake b.easy to see c.not clear d.hard to prove

19 Vocabulary 18.Complete the following sentence: My grandmother wears _________________ dresses. She has had the same old clothes for as long as I can remember. a.well-known b.romantic c.serious d.old-fashioned

20 Vocabulary 19.Open your book to page 191 and read stanza 3: What does the phrase way leads on to way mean as it is used in this stanza? choice turns into a clear path choice can be the only chance choice leads to another, which leads to another d.One choice leads you away from all other choices

21 Vocabulary 20.What is the connotative meaning of bright? a.shiny c.colorful d.light

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