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Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell Joe Orton outside his flat on Noel Street, Islington, London on 22 May 1964.

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3 Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell

4 Joe Orton outside his flat on Noel Street, Islington, London on 22 May 1964

5 Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell

6 Michael Thornton in 2009

7 Timeline 1926-1953 1926 June 23 rd : Kenneth Leith Halliwell born in Bebington, Merseyside 1933 January 1 st : John Kingsley Orton born in Leicester 1949 Orton begins his first diary 1951May: Starts at RADA, meets Kenneth Halliwell June: Orton moves in with Halliwell at 161 West End Lane, London June: Orton stops writing his first diary 1953April: Orton and Halliwell graduate from RADA April – July: Orton and Halliwell work unsuccessfully in regional repertory theatre

8 Timeline 1953-1962 1953-6 Orton and Halliwell collaborate on a number of novels. All are rejected by publishers. 1957 June: Orton informs his publisher that he and Halliwell have begun writing separately. 1959 Orton and Halliwell move to flat in Noel Road, Islington, London. They start stealing books from the Islington library and altering book jackets 1962 April: Orton and Halliwell are arrested for stealing and defacing 72 library books and removing 1,653 plates from art books. Sentenced to 6 months in prison May – September: Orton is sent to jail at HM Prison East Church in Kent and Halliwell in HM Prison Ford in Sussex






14 Timeline 1963-1966 1963 August: Orton writes a play that’s sold to the BBC and given the title The Ruffian on the Stair Sept – December: Orton writes Entertaining Mr. Sloane December: renown literary agent Peggy Ramsay takes on Orton as a client 1964 At Ramsay’s suggestion, Orton uses the name ‘Joe Orton’ to distinguish himself from John Osborne May 6th: Entertaining Mr. Sloane opens at Arts Theatre Club, London June 29th: Entertaining Mr. Sloane transfers to Wyndham’s Theatre August 31st: The Ruffian on the Stair is broadcast on BBC June – October: Orton writes Loot 1965February – March: First unsuccessful production of Loot April: Revised version of Loot produced at University Theatre, Manchester July – September: Orton writes The Erpingham Camp October: Entertaining Mr. Sloane opens on Broadway, New York 1966April 6th: The Good and Faithful Servant screened on Rediffusion Television June 27th: Early version of The Erpingham Camp screened on Rediffusion Television Orton finishes rewrite of Loot September: Second production of Loot in London. This time a success October: Orton starts writing What the Butler Saw November 1st: Loot transfers to Criterion Theatre, London November: Orton finishes Funeral Games December: Orton begins writing diary at suggestion of Peggy Ramsay

15 1967 January 11: Orton receives Evening Standard Award, Best Play for Loot. Also receives Plays and Player’s critics award for Loot January – April: Orton writes screenplay for the Beatles, Up Against It. Rejected without comment by Brian Epstein. Film option picked up by Oscar Lewenstein May – July: Orton and Halliwell take a third annual holiday to Tangiers, where Halliwell physically attacks Orton, beating him about the head June: The one act plays, The Ruffian on the Stair and The Erpingham Camp play at the Royal Court Theatre, London, under the title Crimes of Passion July: Orton finishes What the Butler Saw August 9th: Halliwell murders Orton and then commits suicide August 17th: Halliwell’s funeral, Enfield, Middlesex. Only Peggy Ramsay and three of Halliwell’s relatives in attendance August 18th: Orton funeral at West Chapel, Golders Green 1969March 5th: First performance of What the Butler Saw Timeline 1967-1969

16 Orton diary page from January 1950

17 Orton diary page from June 1967

18 Joe Orton, 5 months before his death.

19 Kenneth Halliwell, 1966

20 What the Butler Saw Setting A Room in a Private Psychiatric Clinic in London, England Time Spring, 1965, Morning through Afternoon

21 Characters (in order of appearance) Dr. Prentice Geraldine Barclay Mrs. Prentice Nicholas Beckett Dr. Rance Sergeant Match

22 What the Butler Saw

23 Sir Winston Churchill




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