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A Brief Introduction to Fencing

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1 A Brief Introduction to Fencing

2 What is fencing ?

3 Fencing is… A sport based on the ancient activity of “dueling”
You must defend yourself against attacks and try to attack your opponent to get a “touch” The fencer scoring the most touches wins

4 Fencing is Physical Chess
It is a sport of strategy (the mind) you must try to out-smart your opponent through many different moves this creates your opportunity for an attack It’s a sport of fast action (the body)

5 Is it Safe?

6 Safety Fencing is very safe as long as the appropriate procedures and rules are followed Fencing gives rise to very few injuries compared to other popular sports such as Football or Basketball The protective equipment is the key to making sure you can fence and not get hurt

7 Protective Equipment The Mask

8 Protective Equipment The Jacket

9 Protective Equipment Under-Arm Protector

10 Protective Equipment Knickers

11 Protective Equipment Glove

12 Protective Equipment Shoes

13 So that’s all I need?

14 No! You need a weapon

15 Weapons There are three different weapons Foil Epee Saber

16 Foil Valid target is only the torso
Fencer must establish priority for a valid touch A touch is scored by hitting with the point

17 Epee Valid target is the whole body There is no priority
A touch is scored by hitting with the point

18 Saber Valid target is anywhere above the waist
Fencer must establish priority for a valid touch Touch can be made with any part of the blade

19 Dry Fencing

20 Electric fencing Target areas are electrically conducting
The weapons are wired FOIL LAME SABER LAME

21 The Scoring Box The weapons are connected to the scoring box via self winding cable reels The score box illuminates to indicate touch (red or green light) or off-target (white light)

22 So why should I fence?

23 Reasons for Fencing.. Presents a mental and physical challenge
Make many friends Promotes discipline and etiquette Promotes mutual respect amongst peers Cardio-vascular activity May be a fencing scholarship to College

24 It’s a Fun Sport!!

25 It’s a Fun Sport!!

26 It’s a sport that is gaining recognition….
USA wins first Fencing Gold Medal in 100 years Gold winner was Mariel Zagunis She was the first American Woman to get a Gold Fencing medal ever

27 It’ a sport that is gaining popularity…

28 Come join us for some fun and action!

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