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Resources for Commercializing Clean Tech Brian Sherman – January 18, 2011.

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1 Resources for Commercializing Clean Tech Brian Sherman – January 18, 2011

2 Agenda  Intro to ACA  Intro to Innovation AZ site  Arizona Business Challenge  Q & A

3 Solar/Renewable Energy Science & Technology EntrepreneurshipAerospace & Defense Business Retention


5 Birth of a Technology Business

6 Lifecycle Matrix of a Technology Business

7 Online SBIR/STTR Fundamentals Training 1)SBIR/STTR Overview 2)Proposal Planning 3)Intellectual Property Considerations 4)Finance and Accounting Considerations Created by Sharon Ballard / Enable Ventures & Dan Suhr / Inxsol

8 1) SBIR/STTR Overview Module Highlights:  What is the purpose of the programs?  Who is eligible?  How much money is allocated to these programs?  Comparison between SBIR & STTR  What are the program phases? Resources:  Links to Agency SBIR Programs  Links to key resources like the SBA SBIR and SBIR Gateway




12 2) Proposal Planning What qualifies a proposal for award? Awards made are based on small business qualification, degree of innovation, technical merit, and future market potential. Typical Evaluation Criteria are:  Technical Merit  Team Qualifications  Value to Agency  Potential for Commercial Success  Cost & Cost Realism Resources:  Links to sample proposals  Links to proposal writing resources

13 3)Intellectual Property Considerations Module Highlights:  SBIR Data Rights  Tips for protecting your SBIR intellectual property Resources:  Links to IP Law Resources  Links to IP Court Cases  IP Checklist


15 4) Finance and Accounting Considerations Module Highlights:  How to set up your accounting and track project costs  Indirect rates Resources:  Sample budgets  Sample chart of accounts  Finance & Accounting Checklist

16 What is Phase III (commercialization) and is there money available?

17 Does Commerce have funding for commercializing clean technology?

18 Resources:  Innovation website (including Online SBIR/STTR Fundamentals Training)  To subscribe to the AZ Innovation Connection weekly newsletter send an email to containing “RE: Please subscribe me to the AZ Innovation Connection”  If you are interested in upcoming programs please send an email to and tell me about your technology

19 Thank you! 602.771.1118 Enough about us. What about you?

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