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AG nodes in Taiwan. Kevin Chang SRO-NCHC 2003/08/26.

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1 AG nodes in Taiwan

2 Kevin Chang SRO-NCHC 2003/08/26

3 3 NCHC & AG  10/2002 – deployed 1st AG node at Hsin-chu  01/2003 – deployed 2nd node at Tainan  03/2003 - attended GGF7 AG 2 workshop  04/2003 – held Access Grid user group meeting in Long-tang  04/2003 – Taiwan AG website  05/2003 – SARS Grid  05/2003 – installed Beacon server  06/2003 – deployed two perpetual bridge servers at both Hsin-chu and Tainan  08/2003 – demonstrated and emulated a collaborative teaching environment using AG

4 4 Two major deployment activities During SARS outbreak Distance Learning

5 5 When the medical staffs of several key hospitals in Taiwan were quarantined by the SARS epidemic, threatening to make a critical situation even worse, computer scientists there, in the U.S., and throughout the Asia Pacific Rim turned to grid computing technology and old-fashioned teamwork. PRAGMA -- the Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly -- showed how relationships and expertise developed to tackle computational research could also help thousands of SARS patients in Taiwan. GRID TECHNOLOGY AND THE FIGHT AGAINST SARS By Mike Gannis, SDSC Senior Science Writer Some SARS background info…

6 6 SARS and AG There were designated hospitals to be quarantined. Doctors and patients in those hospitals would be quarantined But there would be new discoveries about the SARS form those hospitals Quarantined doctors had many valuable first-hand data, eg SARS patients` X-ray, to discuss with other doctors and the only way is via video conferencing And AG could help

7 7 SARS GRID Touch pad control Audio equip/mixer DVD recorder Video matrix switch KVM switch H323 MCU (vs4000) Ethernet switch Video capture PC Display PC


9 9 Currently …  Three AG nodes deployed in medical community  Center of Disease Control (CDC - Taiwan )  Sanchung Hospital  Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH) at Linkou

10 10 Training doctors via AG

11 11 AG & Collaborative teaching  What? Giving lectures collaboratively Means several teachers for one class  How? Demo the possibility on Aug 14. 2003 5 professors/universities in Taiwan involved The facilitator was joining the session from Australia Session was via NCHC’s bridge server  Hope to give accredited courses via AG in this coming fall

12 12 AG & Collaborative Teaching

13 13 Hsin-chu AG node Tainan AG node AG nodes in NCHC

14 14 NPU Chin-hwa NCKU NSYSU NPTU NTHU NTTU NARL Hu-wei tech NCHCHsin-chu NCHCTainan Access Grid Deployment in Taiwan NCHC ’ s AG Nodes Other AG Nodes To be deployed

15 15 Future works  More friendly user interface  Vic codec modification  Security  Inter-domain multicast  AG over VPN  Keep being supportive for any future AG deployments in Taiwan Thanks for those who had helped us during SARS.

16 16 For more information  Access Grid Technology Helps Taiwan Doctors Quarantined By SARS (Grid computing, 06/03/2003)  High-Tech Collaboration Helps Taiwan Fight SARS (SDSC, 06/03/2003)  GRID TECHNOLOGY AND THE FIGHT AGAINST SARS (Grid today, 06/09/2003)

17 17 For more information (cont’)  NCHC's AG software development  Photo of SARS grid  TW AG

18 Thanks for listening!

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