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Honors and AP Information Night Western Alamance High School February 21, 2013.

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1 Honors and AP Information Night Western Alamance High School February 21, 2013

2 What is AP? O Advanced Placement classes are college level courses where students gain experience in rigorous college courses, potentially gain college credit, and give themselves an academic boost on college applications. O AP courses are usually offered in the spring to align with exams, which are administered in May – Your student’s schedule may be “unbalanced” if taking multiple AP Courses.

3 What’s the difference between AP and Honors? O AP gives an extra GPA quality point O Students are assigned O More research-based assignments O More written composition O More presentations O Independent study O Collaborative projects O Authentic assessments O Projects that teach others O AP classes include the AP test, a national test by the College Board which enables the AP class to count towards college credit

4 Why take AP or Honors? O Opportunity for higher GPA O Advanced/Challenging Curriculum O Opportunity to earn college credit and/or prepare for college classes O Students can enter college with a head start on credits O Looks favorable on college applications

5 GPA Breakdown Grade Standard HonorsAP Courses A 4 5 6 B 3 4 5 C 2 3 4 D 1 2 3 F 0 0 0

6 AP Test Information O Exams cost $87 per test, but some students may be eligible for a fee reduction. O Exams are administered the first three weeks of May O Students are tested through multiple choice and free response questions. O You can find an extensive list of testing dates, and times on the website at ng/ap/about/dates ng/ap/about/dates

7 Scoring O Tests are scored on a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the highest score awarded. O Some colleges give credit for certain courses for a minimum score; some give credit for different courses based on what you get (i.e., 3 hours of credit for getting a 5 on one AP test)

8 What scores & AP enrollment mean to colleges Colleges may offer credit if you score high enough on the AP Test. Elon: UNC-G

9 AP Courses offered on campus O AP English III- English Language – Mrs. Dowler O AP English IV- English Literature – Mr. Stiegel & Mrs. Wells O AP Statistics – Mr. Jones O AP Calculus AB – Mrs. Moorefield & Mr. Jones O AP Calculus BC – Mrs. Moorefield O AP Chemistry – Mr. Vernon O AP Biology – Mrs. Danieley O AP Environmental Sciences – Mrs. Baumgarner & Mrs. Harmon O AP Psychology – Mr. Quinn O AP European History – Mr. Byers O AP US History – Mr. Jones O AP Government and Politics – Mr. Quinn O AP Studio Art- Drawing & Design – Mrs. Wertz

10 AP Courses online O These courses are yearlong courses. O AP Art History O AP Computer Science (also offered at CTEC) O AP Human Geography O AP World History O AP Physics O AP German V

11 New Honors Courses O MSITA Word, Powerpoint Publisher – Mrs. Ward & Mrs. Billings O MSITA Access & Excel? O Marketing – Mrs. Sparks O Accounting II Honors – Mrs. Ward

12 Honors/AP Core Course Sequencing Examples 8 th Grade9 th Grade10 th Grade11 th Grade12 th Grade English English I Honors English II Honors English III AP Language English IV AP Literature MathAlgebra I Geometry Honors Algebra II Honors Pre-Calculus and/or AP Statistics Calc H Calc AP AB Calc AP BC History World History Honors Civics & Econ Honors US History AP or American History I Honors AP European History, AP Psychology, or American History II Honors History Current 8 th graders only Civics & Econ Honors AP World History (new 2014-2015) AP US History AP European History or AP Psychology Science Biology Honors Chemistry Honors AP Environmental Science or Honors Earth/Env. Science AP Biology or AP Chemistry (both are yearlong courses) Earth Env Honors Biology Honors Chemistry Honors

13 Governor’s School O IMAGINE... A Summer Program O... where students who are among the best and brightest gather for the love of learning and the joy of creativity O... where teachers and students form a community while searching together for answers to challenging questions O... where there are no grades or tests O... where a synergy of intellectual curiosity fuels the exploration of the latest ideas in various disciplines This is the Governor's School of North Carolina... Two campuses. One vision. Fifty years of experience.

14 Summer Enrichment Programs O There are a variety of summer programs throughout North Carolina that cater to high school students who are intellectually curious. The following link can be found on the ABSS website -> Departments -> EC/AIG -> AIG -> Parent/Student Resources O 1001905/Centricity/Domain/92/Summer% 20Enrichment%20Programs.doc 1001905/Centricity/Domain/92/Summer% 20Enrichment%20Programs.doc

15 Questions? For further questions, contact us at: THANK YOU!

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