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1 The Botanical Eco-Technology Park to Feed future Haitian generations Hub Port-au-prince.

2 What is the issue? Haiti, one of the poorest country in the world, cause the immigration, deforestation. Haiti in 2013, more than 6.7 million Haitians are hungry and 1,5 million of children’s, as advanced by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) figures. In addition to the serious problem of access to food and 2 % of forestation cover. The Park Botanical Eco-Technology in the city on the lake will be a solution to face those problems What is the magnitude or severity Haiti’s economic freedom score is 48.1, making its economy the 151st freest in the 2013 Index. With 2 percent of forestation cover and 6. 7 millions of people 1,5 million children's in food insecurity with a low level of access to health care. Who is affected by the issue? Most affected are children's the Haitian future generations, and the environmental degradation worsen. Our grandchildren will facing an huge food shortage in the future, if we do not act. Why is this issue so urgent? Haiti has enormous potential production of processed fruits. Haiti's climate allows many varieties of fruit productions. Moreover, it must be said that the country is the ninth largest producer of mangoes with an annual production of 500,000 tones equivalent to U.S. $ 10 million, or 60 kg / capita. This is a quality production with such a niche market for mango ax.

3 What is your solution? "Lake City" Land located on an area of ​​ 1300 Sf. in Ganthier Port-au-Prince, dedicated to become a green or Eco-City. A third of the land will be covered with gardens, botanical parks and forest, Bati Ayiti S.A company ‘s land owner supporting the hub Port-au- Prince has decided to foster nurturing gardens by planting many species, and contribute to the Planting of 300 hundred thousand plants fruits, and medicinal plants over the 5 years. The benefits will serve to reduce the risk of starvation by supporting school cafeterias project. What were your goals? Improve the environmental state situation. contribute to the alimentation of millions children's by supporting school cafeterias project with fruit market benefits. Using the potential cure of our natural medicine as medication for millions people. How did you execute your project? 2 month ago, we created a space for preparing seedlings with young students awareness training, organizing large planting days on the grounds of the city lake, with 50 schools every month maintain and produce huge amounts of seedlings. working together ? Hub Port-au-Prince have learned to work together, to unite embracing the dream of the company Bati Ayiti S.A in the Lake City project to contribute to the diminution of poverty by forming a chain of solidarity..

4 What were your results? Start by planting an orchard of fruit 10,000 mangoes and Moringas, and also planting fruits that grow rapidly to provide an economic income the first year, and continue with the production of 15 to 25 thousand annual seedlings, impacts on 4 to 5 years of performance and crops. Over 30 to 45 years of annual crops benefits. An evaluate fruits harvest,150 to 200 thousand tones of annual fruits on 500 ha of land. Part of the benefits will feed 300 school cafeterias How many lives will be positively impacted by your Hub Project? Our hub project will: benefit to a long term partnership with industries, to export and transform beverage juice and finance 300 hundred schools cafeterias, provide jobs for more than 5,000 people over 5 years. What was the financial investment required to deliver your solution? We have supports in kind and cash by the company Bati Haiti S.A, which supporting us with the office supply,materials and other technical assistance to launch the project. The return is. The return is the numbers of schools and financial institutions motivated and interested to boost the project. Photo or graph can be included

5 The impact of The project. With a 50,000 dollars grant our Hub’s project will be able to further strengthen a workforce of 10,000 seedlings $ 5 each seedling preparation and preservation cost. The purchase of manure, plant seeds, water, plastic bag protection and maintains space reserve, raising more than 150 schools. with an amount of 10,000 dollars we can extend our activities, by making more promotion for the project and work with 50 schools to reduce the cost and developed the planting of an orchard of fruit plants with 5,000 seeds. Potential Impact of a $50,000 grant:  Opportunity to harvest fruits that grow rapidly and provide after 2 years an economic feed for the region.  Business opportunities to export huge quantities of fruit in 5 years  1500 students awareness and actively participates in the long-term project.  possibilities of trade and processing after the next 5 years and feed 300 cafeterias.  Regeneration of environmental space to build the city on the Lake Potential Impact of a $10,000 grant:  100 schools benefited school cafeterias, the economic fall in seven years. 500 students engaged in the program and show volunteers.  5000 mangoes land and ensure the long- term savings in the area in partnership with the production industries.  reconstitution of a green vegetable space long-term protection and power creating a sustainable workforce.

6 THE BOTANICAL PARK ECO-TECHNOLOGY Description of the project by the founder curator hub, the new curator and shapers members with project activities shown.

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