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Apple Juice or Air Fresheners: Can Children Tell the Difference?

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1 Apple Juice or Air Fresheners: Can Children Tell the Difference?

2 Introduction Young children will eat or drink almost anything!

3 Sudafed or red hots?

4 Moth balls or Marshmallows?

5 Ex lax or chocolate?

6 Vitamins or gummy bears?

7 Sports drink or Windex?

8 Can YOU tell the difference

9 Poisoning Statistics ¼ million each year 92% in the home –~ half under 6 yrs of age 40% poisonings when a parent takes pain reliever

10 Most hazardous materials Medicines –Iron, prescription drugs Pesticides Windshield washer Antifreeze Drain cleaners Alcohol Toilet Cleaners Lamp oil Furniture polish GasolineKerosene Paint thinner Plants Diaper cream AntisepticsVitamins

11 Common household products that poison children PerfumeMouthwashMothballsBatteries Flaking paint Tobacco products

12 Signs of poisoning Severe throat pain Breathing difficulty Behavior change –VERY Sleepy, irritable, jumpy Nausea, Vomiting Stomach cramps (no fever) Lips/mouth burning Drooling/odd odor from mouth Unexplained stains on clothes Convulsions/un- consciousness

13 What to do if… child swallows poison Take poison away Take out of mouth Do not make child vomit Don’t follow instructions on label (they could be out of date) Check for signs (previous slide) Call 911 or Poison Control Center

14 What to do if…. Poison gets on skin If spilled, remove clothes Rinse skin with warm water Call Poison Control Center

15 What to do if… Poison gets in eye(s) Flush child’s eyes Hold eyelid open Rinse 15 minutes Call Poison Control Center

16 What do to if…. Child breathes poisonous fumes Get them fresh air right away Call Poison Control Center

17 Prevention Children get poisoned because: –They watch you and try to imitate you –Poisons not stored properly –Children are curious –Children don’t understand what poison is

18 Things you can do Adequate attention Household products –Don’t mix –Lock up, out of reach –Keep in original containers Medicines –Read labels –Proper doses –Proper names –Don’t take in front of children –Designate one person to give meds –Destroy old meds

19 Things to teach the child Keep away from areas that contain chemicals Never touch, taste or smells something that could be poisonous If you don’t know what it is, don’t go near it Take medicine only from an adult Teach difference between medicine and candy

20 Activities that can help kids Poison Control Center http://www.1-800-222- hool.asp http://www.1-800-222- hool.asp Can download video, classroom activities with songs and puppets to help in teaching the lesson Mr Yuk Http:// / Http:// / Many educational materials and Mr. Yuck Stickers Commercial on YouTube with Mr Yuk eQdbs


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