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Expectations and Support at EVHS A work in progress...

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1 Expectations and Support at EVHS A work in progress...

2 Expectations and Support at EVHS Data AP Student Handbook Algebra I 9 th graders

3 AYP and Reading

4 AYP and Math


6 AP Score distribution: US History

7 AP Score distribution: Calculus

8 2009 Algebra Readiness results Algebra I Diagnostic Scores Priority Standards

9 Struggling 9 th Graders

10 Assets to Reinvention The right staff The right students The right parents The right community

11 School Culture, Motivation and Achievement Achievement Motivation School Culture Peer Press Family Press Student perceptions of school-based achievement press. Student perceptions of peer and family achievement press. Fayns and Maehr, 1990

12 Harnessing Peer Influence “What do students see other students doing?” Increase AP course offerings and enrollment. ◦ US History ◦ Calculus ◦ English Language ◦ English Literature ◦ Biology ◦ American Government ◦ Physics ◦ Statistics # of Students # of Seats 2009-10235295 2010-11330400 2014-157001000

13 Support for AP AP Summer Institutes Middle School visits “De-blocking” 9 th grade classes Identifying necessary grades in all prerequisite classes. ◦ Invited parents of 430 students to a Parent Information Night ◦ 35% increase in requests for AP ◦ 10 sections to 16 sections

14 Student Handbook Expectations From: Student Handbook To: Code of Chivalry ◦ From “Student Regulations” to Code of Nobility ◦ From “Attendance Policy” to Code of Loyalty ◦ From “Disciplinary Procedures” to Code of Justice ◦ From “Co-Curricular Activities” to Code of Prowess

15 Student Handbook Expectations From: impair, penalties, rights, imposed, misconduct To: ◦ Welcome to East Valley High School! Thanks for caring enough about your future to make a solid investment in it. Make the most of your time, because it is your life. Many people depend on you. Let the moments count. You have chosen to attend one of the best schools in Washington. Congratulations for making the right choice! Expectations are high; many challenges await you. You will be a different person— more educated, more capable—because of this choice.

16 Student Handbook Expectations From: “Rights and Responsibilities” To: Expectations of All (students and staff) ◦ We will demonstrate academic success. ◦ We will attend school. ◦ We will comply with school policies.

17 Student Handbook Expectations From: Consequences for failing to meet expectations To: Incentives for meeting expectations ◦ 6-week privilege card

18 Algebra I

19 Placement decisions based on data Algebra I Readiness Diagnostic ◦ Second day of high school Data from end of 8 th grade ◦ Math Alert Screener ◦ DIBELS ◦ GATES ◦ CMP ◦ WASL ◦ Teacher Recommendation

20 Student Placement Examples StudentDiagnosti c (0-30) MA Calc (0- 18) MA Appl (0- 12) DIBELS 140/min Gates (Gr Lvl) CM % correc t Grades in 8 th Math WAS L Teacher Rec S1 Grade A – EV8431596.352DFF349MMD B – EV201471749.760BAB400AlgD C – MV9177CBA400AlgD D – EV120517136ABA340MMF E – New 5(Alg)W/D F - EV201061317.468CDD365AlgF G - EV1615717512.272DFC372MM (Alg/LA P) B- H - MV1094CCD340MM (LAP) W/D

21 Math LAP support

22 Math Department Grading Policy 80% Tests 20% Homework


24 New directions for Algebra I Placement score on diagnostic = 18 Eliminate Math Mastery Introduce a two-year Algebra I track with flexibility to move students to traditional track. Hire a Reading specialist. ◦ 25% of MM students passed 7 th Reading WASL ◦ 65% of Alg students passed 7 th Reading WASL

25 New directions for 9 th grade Learning Support Team for Freshmen Identify 9 th graders who need special encouragement. HS counselors working with MS counselors Incentive program

26 Scheduling Flexibility Algebra I sequence 1 st Semester2 nd Semester TraditionalAlgebra I ABAlgebra I CD Decelerated Yr. 1Algebra I AAlgebra I B Decelerated Yr. 2Algebra I CAlgebra I D

27 Scheduling Flexibility Science and English sequence 1 st Semester2 nd Semester Science I Science II English I English II AB Science I Science II English I English II BA

28 Thank you! Steve Pointer

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