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Field Trial of Remote Splitting Video Streaming Yohei SHIBUYA / IMnet.

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1 Field Trial of Remote Splitting Video Streaming Yohei SHIBUYA / IMnet

2 Agenda Today's Topic About IMnet About this Field Trial Outline of Streaming System Announcement Brief Demonstration (if possible)

3 Today's Topic I'm an ISP engineer from IMnet. IMnet will make a field trial of Live Streaming of APAN Meetings, Fukuoka. I'll explain about this field trial and make an announcement regarding it.

4 What is IMnet? – IMnet is an academic Internet Service Provider (ISP) built for exchanging research traffic among research organizations and networks – running since 1994 – Funded by Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST) – Various research organizations and networks are connected as our customers and partners – APAN is one of our partners (IMnet is given some transit by APAN) – offering IPv6 connectivity, which is directly given by 6TAP via Transpac PVC.

5 About this Field Trial (1) – During APAN Meetings, we will make a field test of video streaming in order to evaluate robustness and video quality of today's streaming system through the IPv6 Internet. – IPSec will be applied between the global IPv6 edges for secure data transport. – Streaming Server and Client themselves use IPv4 for its video distribution, however, IPv4 over IPv6 tunnel is applied between Server and Client

6 About this Field Trial(2) – Following streaming servers are employed in this trial Helix Producer, Helix Universal Server (RealNetworks) – There are several main components in this streaming system Video camera, Encoder, Transmitter, Splitter, Client Encoder will encode the video data from Video camera and send it to Transmitter. Those are all set here (Fukuoka). Transmitter will relay encoded data to Splitter, which is set in the IMnet backbone (Tokyo). Splitter have an ability to distribute live data to many Clients. – Client can use RealPlayer8 or RealOnePlayer to watch the live streaming.

7 Internet IMnet APAN Meetings ( Fukuoka ) User Meeting Room Customer Edge Router Encoder ( Helix Producer ) Video camera ( Polycom ) PC Router (IPv4/IPv6 tunnel) Client Transmitter ( Helix Universal Server ) Splitter ( Helix Universal Server ) ISIT pseudo client LAN IMnet IPv6 Router Customer Edge Router Customer Edge Router QGPOP PC Router (IPv4/IPv6 tunnel) APAN Meetings IPv6 Router client pseudo client LAN APAN Meetings IPv4 Router IMnet IPv4 Router : Encoded Data : Splitting Data : Live Streaming Outline of Streaming System Switch

8 Announcement – You can view the live streaming of Room A and Room E, APAN Meetings, through the IPv4 Internet – Streaming will be available from 22 Jan. to 24 Jan. (Today's workshop will also be broadcasted while we're tuning the system) – RealPlayer8 or RealOnePlayer is required as its client application – For detailed information... guidance URL – or – have a link to the above URL

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