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Lab 4 MS-Word Edit and View Commands Qutaiba Albluwi.

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1 Lab 4 MS-Word Edit and View Commands Qutaiba Albluwi

2 Edit Commands  Cut  Copy  Paste  Paste Special  Undo  Repeat  Select Alla  Clear Contents Formats

3 Shortcuts  Cut: Ctrl+X  Copy: Ctrl+C  Paste: Ctrl+V  Select All: Ctrl+A  Undo: Ctrl+Z  Repeat: Ctrl+Y

4 Exercise I: Basic Editing  Cut the third paragraph paste it at the end of the document  Copy the fifth paragraph paste it before the tenth paragraph  Undo All the previous Steps  Repeat the above three steps using the shortcuts

5 Exercise II: Paste Special  Copy the first paragraph Create a new document Paste special as: Picture  Format the first paragraph in red and font size 26 Copy the first paragraph Go to the new document Paste as “Unformatted”

6 Exercise III: Search and Edit  Search for: “Easy Assumption” “feel” All words coloured with red All underlined words  Replace “Google” with Yahoo  Replace “feel” with “sense” color, with red color, underline  Replace all words coloured in red with words coloured in yellow

7 View Modes  Normal  Web Layout  Print Layout  Reading Layout  Thumbnails  Full Screen

8 Exercise IV: View Toolbars  Basic Toolbars Standard Formatting Drawing  Move the toolbars to the sides  Hide the toolbars  Show the toolbars  Hide some commands within each toolbar

9 Exercise V: Header and Footer  Insert the following: YourName, Header, Right ID, Header, Left “University of Jazeera”, Footer, Center  Format the header with red  Format the footer with font size 15

10 Exercise VI: Page Numbers  Insert page Numbers in the header, Center  Start counting by 6  Change the style to: “A,B,C,…”  Show number of pages in the footer  Show the following: This is page (…) This is page (…) from (…)

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