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Jeopardy! Act I. All Characters PlotQuotesLiterary Devices Montagues Capulets 100 200 300 400 500.

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1 Jeopardy! Act I

2 All Characters PlotQuotesLiterary Devices Montagues Capulets 100 200 300 400 500

3 He was in love with Rosaline.

4 Who is Romeo Montague?

5 Romeos best friend; often playfully mocking.

6 Who is Mercutio?

7 The caretaker of Juliet.

8 Who is the Nurse?

9 Romeos cousin, a peace-maker.

10 Who is Tybalt?

11 Thinks Juliet is too young to be married.

12 Who is Lord Capulet?

13 An ancient grudge.

14 What is the cause for the street fight?

15 Recognizes Romeo as a member of the rival family at the ball.

16 Who is Tybalt?

17 An illiterate servant needs to read the guest list.

18 What is the way Romeo first meets Juliet?

19 If you look at other beautiful women, you wont think your beloved so special anymore.

20 What is Benvolios advice to Romeo?

21 The character who informs both Romeo and Juliet that they are of rival households.

22 Who is the Nurse?

23 Says, Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight. / For I neer saw true beauty till this night.

24 Who is Romeo?

25 Says, My only love, sprung from my only hate!

26 Who is Juliet?

27 Says What, drawn, and talk of peace? I hate the word / As I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee.

28 Who is Tybalt?

29 Says, Compare her face with some that I shall show / And I will make thee think thy swan a crow.

30 Who is Benvolio?

31 Says, Then move not, while my prayers effect I take.

32 Who is Romeo?

33 The Prologue sets up this kind of irony to impact the audience throughout the play.

34 What is dramatic irony?

35 When discussing love, characters often begin speaking in these.

36 What are rhyming couplets?

37 Oh heavy lightness and bright smoke, cold fire, sick health are all examples of this.

38 What is oxymoron?

39 A humorous line-by-line exchange focused on word play.

40 What is stichomythia?

41 The Nurse provides this kind of break from the tragedy because she is often humorously bawdy.

42 What is comic relief?

43 The only child of the Montagues.

44 Who is Romeo?

45 One of the Montague servants who tries (unsuccessfully) to avoid a quarrel in the street.

46 Who is Balthasar or Abram?

47 Daily Double

48 Asks about Romeos whereabouts.

49 Who is Lady Montague?

50 Wants Romeo to tell him whats wrong, though doesnt ask him directly.

51 Who is Lord Montague?

52 He tries to avoid fights with the Capulets even though hes a Montague.

53 Who is Benvolio?

54 Juliets age at the beginning of the play.

55 What is 13?

56 Thinks Lord Capulet is too old to be sword- fighting.

57 Who is Lady Capulet?

58 Easily angered, this character will be a problem for Romeo and Juliet later in the play.

59 Who is Tybalt?

60 The Nurse feels a tragically close tie to Juliet because of this.

61 What is the fact that she had a daughter Juliets age who died? (This is why she became Juliets wet nurse.)

62 Two characters who dont agree on Juliets marital future.

63 Who are Juliet and Lady Capulet? Who are Lady and Lord Capulet? Who are Juliet and the Nurse?

64 Final Jeopardy!

65 Final Jeopardy! Category

66 A friend of Montagues who is NOT in the family.

67 Who is Mercutio?

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