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Healthcare Solutions Materials Management

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1 Healthcare Solutions Materials Management

2 Agenda About Binary Stream Software
Materials Management (MM) Target Markets in Health Care MM Software and System Architecture MM Features / Functionality Working with Binary Stream Software The Binary Stream Difference How to Engage with Binary Stream Software? Q & A

3 About Binary Stream Software
Founded in 1999, the Binary Stream team’s software development experience spans over 20 years Microsoft Certified Partner – Non-selling ISV Deep software development roots in materials management Vast array of development expertise Utilization of key Microsoft technologies (Dexterity, .NET, Business Portal, etc.) Over 200 sophisticated customizations completed touching almost all Great Plains modules Over 2/3rd of our projects involved Inventory Control, Distribution and Billing Over 10 add-on products relating to distribution and inventory control - 28 in total Binary Stream's experience in developing customer and industry-specific applications on top of Great Plains is exemplified by their Materials Management solution for healthcare.  With Binary Stream's capabilities in delivering comprehensive solutions targeted at the healthcare vertical, Tectura is proud to partner with Binary Stream Software and Microsoft in healthcare. Travis Eliuk, Senior Consultant Tectura Corporation

4 Background Information
To empower organizations by developing powerful software solutions that help enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness. 28 add-on products have been developed for Great Plains in the following vertical sectors Distribution & Manufacturing Financial Services Healthcare Real Estate Retail Telecommunications Binary Stream Software is pleased to collaborate with many value-added resellers including ePartners, Tectura, RSM McGladrey, and InterDyn

5 Target Markets in Health Care
Binary Stream’s MM solution dramatically reduce hospital operation costs by streamlining document processing, inventory control, and patient tracking. Prime Target MM Markets within Health Care Hospitals and Hospital Groups - scalable from smaller, single facilities to larger hospital groups Outpatient Clinics Long Term Care / Assisted Living Facilities Life Sciences – i.e. pharmaceuticals Physician Practices Characteristics of target firms for Binary Stream Health Care Materials Management: Significant amount of inventory inflow and patient consumption/issuance outflow Multi-site and/or departmental Dedicated materials management department / staff Significant inventory investment

6 Software Architecture
Payroll HRM SelfServ Other ISV Add-Ons HR Compliance Requisitions GL AP Inventory Intercompany Budgeting Fixed Assets POP bPortal Binary Stream Software Materials Management Requisition Procurement Fulfillment Consumption Reporting Web-based requisitioning Seamless integration to GP Purchasing Dept, User, Site Security PO Auto Receive Transmit POs by , EDI Handhelds Labeling & bar-coding Web-based inquiry Issuance Intercompany Item usage by dept/site Patient charge control Web-based charge analytics

7 MM System Architecture
Great Plains Server BizTalk Server (XML, EDI) Web Server Business Portal Suppliers Laser Printers RFID Internet Back Office Users Executives & Managers Barcode Printers Wireless Access Point Batch and Stationary Terminals Handhelds and Tablet PCs: Intermec, Symbol, PSC… Hospital System Integration

8 GP and ISV Modules Great Plains Modules Other ISV Modules
General Ledger Payables Management Inventory Control Purchase Order Processing/Receiving with Purchase Order Enhancements Fixed Asset Management (optional) Intercompany (optional) Other ISV Modules ReQlogic or eRequisition (optional) EDI from vSync (optional) RightFax from Captaris (optional) Adobe PDF Writer (optional) Binary Stream Software’s MM solution integrates with many third-party products.

9 MM Modules Available for GP Standard or Professional
Binary Stream’s MM modular design approach offers a superior value proposition over all-inclusive solutions. Available for GP Standard or Professional Required Modules – Core Materials Management Optional Binary Stream modules MM WebView National Accounts for Payables Bar Coding & Data Collection MM Intercompany Business Portal Charge Analytics Vendor Contract Pricing & Rebates Equipment / Rental Management

10 Core Materials Management
General Enable/Disable Features by Company Department, User, Site security Department Driven Distributions Automatic transaction creation and Posting Non-Stock versus Stock Inventory Management Deployment Templates for Item, Site, Vendors, Par Values and Historical Usage Generic Item and Site Concept Utilities Assign Generic Sites to all Items, Recalculate cost in Base Unit Of Measure, Update charge amount

11 Core Materials Management
Item Setup Automatic Item Number Generation Reuse Deleted Item Numbers Additional healthcare attributes such as Latex Free, Expired Items, Generic and Finance Trackable Default Purchasing, Issues and Charge Unit Of Measure and also display cost Patient Trackable and Chargeable, Password Security for Add, Create and Delete Items Item Number Gap Report Enhancements to Item Class, Site and Vendor Maintenance Patient Charge Schedule and Charge roll down functionality Item Manufacturer detail

12 Core Materials Management
Purchase Order Entry Assign Account by Department and Site PO Document Types and Auto Increment Next Numbers PO Line Numbers PO Auto Receiving Purchase Order Percentage Discount Enhanced Purchase Order Reports– Vendor and Internal Copy Automatic Document Delivery Processing ( , Faxing, EDI, Phone and Print) Header and Line Level Patient Tracking Item Purchasing Unit Of Measure Cost Inquiry Screen Enhancements PO Fill and Kill functionality

13 Core Materials Management
Purchase Order Receiving Entry Non PO Receiving Integration – Various Vendors such Owens and Minor Non PO Shipment/Invoice – Assign Default Sites to Departments Header and Line Level Patient Tracking Monthly Receipt Report Mass Delivery Ticket Report Printing (Based on Open and Historical PO) Label Printing PO Receiving Accrual Report Calc – Expense Report Basic Capital Project Tracking with Integration to Fixed Assets Inquiry Screen Enhancements

14 Core Materials Management
Issue Inventory Issue Transactions include Issues, Adjustments, Department Transfers Issues and Transfers (Based on department and site) InterCompany Issues Header and Line Level Patient Tracking Issue Summary and Detail Report Item Usage Reports Item Usage Export to Excel Inventory Returns Returns and Expired Returns Vendor Returns PO Receiving Adjustments (Vendor Returns with Auto Generate PO)

15 Core Materials Management
Cycle Counting Cycle Counting in Required Unit of Measure Cycle Counting Report Changes Par List Par List Maintenance Par List Templates and Copy Templates Par List Report Requisition Report Export to Excel

16 Core Materials Management
Patient Tracking Patient Maintenance Patient Tracking Maintenance Patient Tracking Report Patient Information Integration Patient Charge Functionality Chargeable/Non Chargeable Items by Item Class Patient Price Schedule 832 Cost Change Import Charge Impact Inquiry and Report Patient Charge Inquiry and Log Charge Integration with ORSOS or other systems like GE in near future

17 MM WebView This module is a true .NET application that is accessible through the internet. It allows users to inquire on the status of Purchase Orders, access a Par Level list and/or check inventory usage.

18 National Accounts for Payables
This module is similar to the Great Plains National Accounts for the Receivables module except that it applies to the Payables Management module. Hospitals can purchase from multiple related vendors and then issue a check to the parent vendor that covers all of the related purchases.

19 Data Collection User security
Supports most makes of Handhelds, both Batch and RF Terminals - Intermec, Symbol, Datalogic and Casio (Windows CE and Pocket PC) Enter Par Level counts - the system auto-generates an internal requisition for the balance Item Maintenance updates directly from the handheld Direct Charge Transfers Par Inquiry - displays the suggested par levels. User can make a decision regarding how many of an item to requisition and then use handheld to generate the requisition

20 Data Collection Great Plains Uploads PO Preview and Print Labels
Create Purchase Orders Consolidate Purchase Orders Direct Charge Transfers Item Update

21 Bar Coding — Labels Print Labels on Laser and Bar Code Printers - Most Printers supported Location Wall Labels Direct Charge Labels Piggy Back labels – Charge labels Shelf Labels – Item Labels

22 MM Intercompany This module handles the automatic generation of the general ledger journal entries (due-tos and due-froms) and the automatic inventory adjustments if materials are transferred from one company to another (e.g. if you are transferring materials from the hospital to an affiliated physician clinic).

23 Requisitions Integration to eRequisitions or ReQlogic web-based solutions Seamless integration with Great Plains Inventory & POP Full support for mobile devices Reviewer approval ensures requisition validity PO Preview listing of requisitions ensures proper control before PO creation in Great Plains

24 Vendor Contract Pricing & Rebates
Determine the optimum contract based on Item, Quantity & Unit of Measure Distributions are updated to reflect rebate calculations Mark Invoice or Rebate rebates as Submitted. Contract & Rebate details are supported for Returns based on the original Invoice. Seamless integration with Great Plains Inventory & POP

25 Business Portal Charge Analytics
Standard Business Portal role-based security View actual revenue from third party data sources against GP budget data Filter data for reports based on users’ Area of Responsibility restricting which departments can be viewed

26 Working with Binary Stream
Our relationship with Binary Stream Software has significantly strengthened our reach in the hospital space. Their materials management solution for hospitals adds considerable value to ePartners Healthcare solutions, where we offer comprehensive Microsoft Business Solutions, ERP and business intelligence. ePartners believes that working together with Binary Stream will result not only in many opportunities where we can both succeed but provide a significant impact in the industry. Mark Tumblin, Director of Healthcare ePartner Solutions As an ISV, our role is to aid and assist VARs in a successful sales cycle: Respect the primary VAR / prospect relationship Strict Confidentiality Total support of the VAR sales process Benefits of partnering with Binary Stream Friendly, helpful, and timely approach Always amiable to changes for customer requirements Generous margins

27 The Binary Stream Difference
I am convinced that Binary Stream is the leading authority on barcoding and warehouse management in North America. Their expertise ranges from wireless networks to stock tracking and data collection. With over 20 years experience, Binary Stream has consistently measured up to our standards and we are proud of our partnership with them. Stephan Cross, Managing Director ATMS PLC Strong Materials Management background and dedication Solid foundation for product development, delivery, and support As an ISV only, we are solely and 100% committed to product development Proven development expertise illustrated through our partners Distribution model with no conflicting interests Responsive technical support

28 How To Engage With Us? Engaging with Binary Stream Software is as simple as a phone call or to either: George Tonzetich – Sales Manager Office: ext 110 Cell: Lak Chahal – President Office: ext 104

29 Questions? George Tonzetich – Sales Manager
Office: ext 110 Cell: Lak Chahal – President Office: ext 104

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