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Corporate Overview Masters in Success Dynamics Mission Statement “To partner with people to Maximize their success with Extraordinary products and service”

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2 Corporate Overview Masters in Success Dynamics

3 Mission Statement “To partner with people to Maximize their success with Extraordinary products and service” Masters in Success Dynamics

4 EXCELLENCE “The Difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little extra” Masters in Success Dynamics

5 What MM can do for You Help you start a business and grow your business Increase sales and customers in your business Assist you to create a business plan Assist you to create a life plan or estate plan Teach, educate, guide and mentor you to develop and accomplish your dreams and goals Education on financial freedom Corporate restructuring Recruit and retain quality personnel Personal development and performance management

6 A central administration linking members and customers to specialist divisions and services MM International MRsM Prosperous Estates MMPM1 MM Investments

7 Founder and CEO Martin J Morris Martin has an impressive career in direct sales, financial services, sales, sales training as well as extensive management experience of large sales teams and human resources. Martin is a specialist in brokerage business structures accumulated from over twenty-five years of professional experience across a broad spectrum of markets. These include property, telecommunications, networking, e-commerce, insurance, financial planning and product manufacturing. His business achievements inter alia, include successful “ASX” listings and business turnover growth from inception to $100 million, within two to three years. Martin has been a board member of many public and private companies working with Executive Directors on entity design. His equity input has been in the implementation of strategic organisation and management plans specific to market capitalisation and sales growth.

8  MM is a growth dynamics organization, developed over the last decade to operate as an international authority in estate and business brokerage services. Within the MM group are a professional group of affiliate partners, consultants and coaches, who assist small and medium sized enterprises and personal individuals to attain business and financial success.  MMI P/L was established to be a single source for the education and mentoring for life prosperity, business success and personal achievement.  The MMI P/L team uncovers the opportunities and addresses the challenges that businesses and people face across all management disciplines. The teams approach in everything from strategic planning to product implementation is unique.  Individuals looking to maximize their wealth and wellbeing look to MM for motivation, specialized curriculum coaching courses and a personal achievement coach team to develop peak performance.  The MM group’s membership plan offers a personal and ongoing education and coaching process that is tailor made to fit a member’s goals and ambitions. Members have access to a wide range of products, services and discounts to assist estate and business needs under the one umbrella. With a central command and administration nucleus, members are assured that in any one project, they have a team of professionals coordinated from within the MM divisions who work together on behalf of the member.

9 MMPM1- Managing Partner; Marty Morris is a recognised authority on peak performance and performance management. Martin is a renowned master sales person and trainer on the science of selling and is a sought after motivational speaker and personal achievement success coach. No.1 in personal peak performance coaching Life coaching resources Wealth creation education Personal training /mentoring Business strategy and growth Sales training and systems Human resource management Best practice customer service processes Organisation restructuring Corporate systems and operations Building leadership capacity Budgeting and fiscal planning Aint it great to be alive

10 Prosperous Estates is a division of MMI and focuses on a members estate needs in finance, financial planning, real estate, property investment, insurance, property management, lifestyle assets, leisure and travel coordination. At the heart of the Prosperous Estates network is a brokerage group of highly qualified, experienced and professional accredited professionals. Working with the MM member plan, their primary role is to assist individuals, small and medium size business, to grow profit, financial excess and develop to their full potential. Prosperous Estates professionals utilize the MM unique generic performance management tool available to members called D.R.I.F.T. ™ which can be applied in diverse business and social arenas... D.R.I.F.T.™ focuses on a number of core principles to include improvement and increase with an individual’s wealth and potential, how to influence and manage change and how to maximise personal performance and accountability. It is particularly effective in developing financial independence capacity and residual cash flow resilience. It includes a specific product marketed as T.I.P.S. ©.T.I.P.S is a practice-based product underpinning D.R.I.F.T.™ that facilitates techniques, ideas and principles into a complete system for personal and/or business situations. “Techniques and ideas without a corresponding principle and harnessed in a system rarely produce maximum efficiency”. M.Morris

11 MR’sM MM INVESTMENTS is an MMI division focusing on mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructure and market capitalisation on behalf of the MM group and its members. It collaborates with the MMI advisory board to maximise asset development. This division brings tremendous professional and entrepreneurial equity together for facilitating successful wealth and asset creation. MR's M a division of MMPM1 is a Woman To Woman business - Health, Wealth & Beauty Managing Partner Linda Morris has helped thousands of woman with her 'Facinating Woman' series via seminars, training, education and personal coaching.

12  MMS4U is an MMI division. MMS4U is the research and development center for members and MMI divisions.  MMS4U focuses on an e-commerce or personal solution for members questions- pointing to the answers in options with members questions via tools, books, blogs, training, member directories, education forums, personal contact, affiliate partners, associates,websites and much more.

13 Affiliated Partners: Professionals and companies that have a certified MM agreement for services to members. Associates: Companies and individuals that have a product or service for member referral purposes. MM Divisions: Companies owned and managed by MM International Pty Ltd. MM Membership: Unique service and access to all MM Group products, divisions, associates and affiliated partners Masters in success Dynamics

14  Membership: Join Free – Access to all MM Divisions, associates, affiliated partners, newsletters, blogs, e-commerce communication and education, seminars, functions and solutions for you ( MMS4U)  Basic Plan: $149 – Membership plus 6 monthly review, personal member relationship manager and rebates  Basic Plan Plus: $349 – Membership plus quarterly review, rewards program and basic plan plus benefits  Platinum plan: $849 – Membership plus monthly review, advisory council, seminar and function tickets and basic plan plus benefits MM Membership – guiding, educating, teaching, encouraging and finding solutions

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