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Dbs6376 1 HY2008 Figures August 2008 Grontmij Sustainable design & engineering.

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1 dbs HY2008 Figures August 2008 Grontmij Sustainable design & engineering

2 dbs Contents 1.Results HY Strategy 3.Market: Country and Sector performance 4.Finance 5.Outlook 6.Sustainable Design & Engineering 7.Q&A


4 dbs Grontmij HY Key Facts Revenue (€ million) Net revenue (+13%) % Net result (€ million) +20% % Earnings/share (€) +20% ‘08‘07’06* ‘08‘07‘06 ‘08‘07‘ % 156 *excl. Carl Bro

5 dbs Headlines HY 2008 Result after tax: increased by 20% to € 18.5 million Revenue: increased to € million (2007: € million) Net revenue (own production): increased to € million Organic growth: 12.3% (2.3% currency effect) EBIT: increased by 23.6% to € 27.2 million (2007: € 22.0 million) EBITA: 7.1% of Revenue (2007: 6.7%) All countries in Europe are in line with expectations Outlook: unchanged; approaching 8% EBITA on Revenue

6 dbs Headlines Q Strong second quarter Revenue: increased by 18% to € million (2007: € million) Net revenue: increased by 21.9% to € million (2007: € million) EBIT: increased by 24.7% to € 14.1 million (2007: € 11.3 million) Acquisitions contributed 3.5% of Revenue increase

7 dbs Financial result HY 2008 In € million or % Amount ofDifference HY1 Difference% Revenue % Net revenue % EBIT % EBIT (% of Revenue)6.5%5.7% EBIT (% of Net revenue)8.2%7.5% EBITA % EBITA (% of Revenue)7.1%6.7% EBITA (% of Net revenue)8.9%8.8% Result after tax % Result after tax (% of Revenue)4.4%4.0%


9 dbs Current strategy Reorganisation current business Strategy Enhanced profitability 8-9% Divestments step by step  non core  low performers Portfolio management  Gaining new market share  Entering new regions in Europe: IRL, P, CR, H, T  Selected PFI’s  Enlargement in new niche markets products as Water, Energy and Transportation (including rail)  Consolidation in the home markets (Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, UK and the Netherlands)  Top 3 position in Europe

10 dbs Strategy nr 1 in NL 2007 nr 4 in EU B, DK, G, NL, UK, S nr 1-3 in EU B, G, NL Revenue € x 1000 B, DK, G, NL, UK, S sector specialisation to global services

11 dbs Services & Competences Project definition Conceptual design Functional program Feasibility study Investment plan Program management Design management Project management Financial, organisational and legal management support Technical specs Engineering Detail engineering Work drawings Calculations Samples, surveys Data Supervision Quantity survey Construction management (Turn-key) contract management Maintenance scheme Monitoring & control Facility management Consultancy & Design Project Management Engineering Contracting Asset Management

12 dbs Creating value in operations norm Consultancy & Design Multidisciplinary project management Engineering Asset management & maintenance Turnkey Contracting cross selling EBITA % enlarge decrease enlarge


14 dbs Revenue by country

15 dbs Market Sectors (indication) In € million or %Building and Industry TransportationEnvironment, Water and Energy Total Revenue Total Revenue (% total)31%29%40% EBIT7%8%

16 dbs Market positioning 2008 Good access in regional markets in Europe Strong order book Strong demand Water, Energy and Environmental services Increasing demand for sustainable design, green building and industrial ecology Recruitment and pricing under control Engineering market competitive and fragmented Competitive strength by increasing cross selling, cross border tendering and improving processes

17 dbs FINANCE

18 dbs Profit & loss account In € million Difference HY1 Revenue Third party Net revenue Operational cost JV’s EBITA Amortisation EBIT Interest-2.9 EBT Tax Net result

19 dbs Growth (Net revenue) In € million or %Incl. currency%Excl. currency% Net revenue HY currency6.8 Net revenue HY Growth % % Net divested (2007/2008)3.0 Invested (2008)-11.5 Organic growth % %

20 dbs EBIT per country In € or %HY 2008HY 2007 Total revenue EBIT%Total revenue EBIT% Belgium % % Denmark % % Germany / Poland % % Netherlands % % Sweden % % UK / Ireland % %

21 dbs EBIT increase (+23.6%) In € millionEBIT EBIT 2007 HY122.0 EBIT 2008 HY127.2 Increase5.2 € 35 million more revenue x 5.7% % more profitability x € 418 million

22 dbs Cash flow statement In € millionHY 2008HY 2007 Net cash from operations Net cash from investing activities Net cash from financing activities Normal seasonal pattern Cash position: € 20 million ( : € 34 million)

23 dbs Financial result Q In € million or % Amount ofDifference Q2 Difference% Revenue % Net revenue % EBIT % EBIT (% of Revenue)6.3%6.0% EBIT (% of Net revenue)8.1%7.9% EBITA EBITA (% of Revenue)7.1% EBITA (% of Net revenue)9.0%9.3% Result after tax % Result after tax (% of Revenue)4.1%3.8%

24 dbs OUTLOOK

25 dbs Outlook Solid platform in all regions Order book improving Leading positions in sustainable design and engineering (Water, Environment, Energy and Transportation) Cross-selling (synergies) Cash management Add-on acquisitions Outlook 2008: unchanged; approaching 8% EBITA on Revenue

26 dbs SUSTAINABLE DESIGN & ENGINEERING - a varied number of assignments in HY2008 -

27 dbs Sustainable design & engineering Climate & Energy Reduce CO 2 discharge Suppress/control emission Green energy (wind, sun, water, bio mass) Efficient use of fossil fuels Flood management Waste to energy, Germany The River Mølle system, Denmark Geostatistical Vegetation Mapping, United Kingdom

28 dbs Sustainable design & engineering Green building concept Energy passive CO 2 neutral (Terrestrial) heat exchange Waste/water recycling and treatment systems Use of sustainable materials Haus Cumberland Berlin, Germany House of Musik Aalborg, Denmark Audi site Brussels, Belgium

29 dbs Sustainable design & engineering Environmental Impact Assessment Study, Dutch coast ‘Room for the river project’, The Netherlands Redeveloping Faelledparken Copenhagen, Denmark Health & Safety Sewage and waste water treatment Waste collection and recycling Soil/water remediation Shared space Separated flows of traffic Storage of hazardous materials

30 dbs Spoorzone Delft Spatial planning: “Spoorzone Delft” (railway area) Turnover Grontmij appr. € 13.5 million Project set up according to the innovative Systems Engineering process Sustainable design & engineering


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