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Mother Josepha the pilgrim The Pilgrim is in touch with the nature.

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2 Mother Josepha the pilgrim

3 The Pilgrim is in touch with the nature

4 With wind and weather

5 She is on the way

6 She is seeking help

7 1. Kevelaer The last wish of Mo. Josepha in this world, …. Somebody should go to Kevelaer and bring my prayer

8 Kevelaer Joyfully, Hendrina Stenmanns made her pilgrimages to Kevelaer In processsion with her fellow parishioners or alone or with her little brother Anthon.

9 The Comforter of the afflicted Like Arnold Janssen and Mo. Maria, she brought all of her concerns.

10 2. Aengenesch There she asked help for all her worries.

11 3. Tienray There, the Comforter of the afflicted was admired In her last pilgrimage, she offered to the Blessed Virgin Maria her little golden cross that she had received in her first Holy Communion

12 There is a Lourdesgrotte in Tienray, that was constructed in order to honor Mary

13 4. Das Wundertätige Kreuz von Haltern With her friend, Anna Schröers, she visited the Miraculous Cross from Haltern

14 5. Boextel In Boextel, she adored the Precious Blood

15 6. Boxmeer The time is precious like the precious blood

16 7. Klein Jerusalem The Little Jerusalem reminded her of the Holy Land

17 Klein Jerusalem

18 8. Barloo 8. Barloo In Barloo, she joyfully honored St. Odilia

19 9. Xanten a place, at which old and modern Martyrs are venerated.

20 10. Die Pilgerfahrt nach Steyl She made the pilgrim to Steyl for the forty hours prayers. There, finally, she found the place to fulfill the deep desire of her life.

21 So we, led by your guidance still May safely pass through every ill

22 Vivat Deus Unus et Trinus in Cordibus Nostris

23 This presentation is prepared in honor of the beatification of Mo. Josepha Hendrina Stenmanns by Sr. Ortrud Stegmaier SSpS and technically done by Sr. Augusta Surijah SSpS Most of the pictures are our old collections, so it’s difficult to mention the original source one by one. For that we want to ask apologize and thank to all of you who has any contribution for this presentation. May God rewards you with a special blessing through the intercession of Mo. Josepha. Anyhow, if you are the owner of any image and you do mind we use it, please contact us : January 2008

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