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Planning & Expansion Bow Brickhill Presentation 17 February 2005 The Milton Keynes Local Plan The MKSM Sub-Regional Strategy The South East Plan The Milton.

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1 Planning & Expansion Bow Brickhill Presentation 17 February 2005 The Milton Keynes Local Plan The MKSM Sub-Regional Strategy The South East Plan The Milton Keynes 30 Year Sustainable Growth Plan David Hackforth Head of Planning & Transport Milton Keynes Council

2 Background to growth proposals in & around MK Milton Keynes & South Midlands Study - Identified capacity for 71,000 homes and jobs to 2031 September 2002 Milton Keynes and Aylesbury Growth Area Study - Detailed review of capacity and infrastructure requirements to 2016 May 2003 RPG9 – identified MK & South Midlands as a potential growth area March 2001 MK Local Plan – timeline to 2011. First expansion beyond DA - committed land for 22,720 dwellings. October 2002 Sustainable Communities Plan – Identified MKSM as one of 4 Growth Areas based on findings from the September 2002 study February 2003 MKSM Sub-Regional Strategy – Consultation on ODPM proposed changes October 2004 PolicyStudies National Regional Local MK 30 year Sustainable Growth Plan – MKPC commissioned study to develop a new “Master Plan” for MK March 2005 South East Plan – New Regional Spatial Strategy for S.E. England January 2005

3 Milton Keynes Local Plan Public Inquiry July 2003 – June 2004 Inspector’s Report Part 1 - deals with strategy & city expansion areas Considered by Cabinet 18 October 2004 Agreed by full Council 14 December 2004 Part 2 report deals with all other objections Report to Cabinet on 15 March 2005 Full Council on 12 April 2005 Proposed Modifications “on deposit” for 6 weeks May/June 2005

4 Key Issues in Part 1 Report Plan should provide for more dwellings to 2011 New Strategic Reserve areas to show where growth will go after 2011 Reduce forecast of housing completions in CMK Delete Area 10.4 from Western Expansion Area Substitute Area 11 south of Stony Stratford Allocate Strategic Reserve in Eastern Expansion Area for development Allocate Stantonbury Park Farm for development Reclassify Hanslope as a Selected Village Delete Policy S11 (Areas of Attractive Landscape) and the designations in the Plan

5 Decision on the AAL recommendation Reject the Inspector’s recommendation & retain Policy S11 & AAL designations: Regional/sub-regional recognition of AALs Policy S10 gives insufficient landscape protection Inconsistent approach to AALs in Bucks by Inspectors Inspector relied on draft PPS7 – final version changed Countryside Agency concerns Landscape character study required

6 Key Issues in Part 2 Report Policy D4 (sustainable construction) Policy NE3 (nature conservation) Policies KS6 & KS6a (Wolverton) Policy H4 (affordable housing) Policy H11 (low impact dwellings in the country) Site BB1 (Bow Brickhill housing site) Sites HP1-HP5 (Hanslope housing sites) Sites OM41, 42 & 90 (housing sites in the city) Sites OM77-OM79 (housing sites in Olney) Policies PO3-PO6 (planning obligations)

7 Bow Brickhill – what the Inspector said Supported Council’s approach to the principle of deciding on limited housing development in villages – based on views of Parish Councils But where there is support for limited housing development, the choice of sites should be on planning grounds Recognised that decisions between sites in small settlements are finely balanced In Bow Brickhill he recommended a different site to that in DV2 (Rushmere Close rather than Blind Pond Farm)

8 Implications The Council is not bound to accept the Inspector’s recommendations – but must have strong planning reasons to reject If the Cabinet accepts – people can object (or support) decision at the Proposed Modifications stage If the Cabinet rejects – people can support (or object to) decision at Proposed Modifications stage The Council must consider objections (and the possible need for a second Inquiry) before adopting the Plan

9 MK & South Midlands Sub-Regional Strategy Proposed alterations to RPG covering: –East of England (RSS14 in preparation) –East Midlands (RPG8) –South East (RPG9) Purpose: –Clear, agreed long-term spatial vision for Sub- Region to 2021 and beyond; –Guidance on scale, location & timing of development & associated infrastructure & delivery mechanisms needed to achieve sustainable communities

10 MK & South Midlands Sub-Regional Strategy 18 July 2003Publication of draft SRS 23 March 2004Start of Public Examination 30 April 2004End of Public Examination 2 August 2004Publication of Panel Report 25 October 2004Publication of Proposed Changes to SRS 23 December 2004End of Consultation on Proposed Changes March 2005Publication of agreed Strategy by ODPM

11 MKSM Sub-Regional Strategy: Spatial Diagram

12 Strategic Policy 1: Locations for Growth Current Policies SRS Additions Total to 2021 Aylesbury7,7507,25015,000 Bedford etc19,500Nil19,500 Corby etc14,90019,20034,100 Luton etc8,75017,55026,300 Milton Keynes27,15017,75044,900 Northampton28,1001,90030,000 MKSM106,15063,650169,800

13 Spatial Framework for Milton Keynes Growth Area 2001- 2006 2006- 2011 2011- 2016 2016- 2021 2001- 2016 2001- 2021 Milton Keynes 7,90015,00011,000 33,90044,900 Annual Average 1,5803,0002,200 2,2602,245 Milton Keynes should accommodate an additional 44,900 dwellings over the period 2001-2021. Figures include any housing arising from MK’s growth and provided in Aylesbury Vale or Mid-Bedfordshire after 2011. This will be phased as follows:

14 MK 30 Year Sustainable Growth Plan “Shaping Milton Keynes’ Future” Project commissioned by MK Partnership Committee Consultation on draft project brief Clear direction for growth over next 30 yrs Holistic, integrated approach Partnership working with MKC & other LAs Will inform South East Plan and Local Development Frameworks

15 MK 30 Year Sustainable Growth Plan - Objectives Work jointly with MK Council & others to progress growth in MK as part of the overall growth strategy for the MKSM sub-region Provide an integrated 30-year spatial framework for MK growth within context set by MKSM Sub- Regional Strategy & South East Plan Translate vision & objectives in RSS & SRS, MK Community Strategy & MK Long Term Economic Vision into practical solutions to guide MK growth Within framework provided by RSS & SRS, provide strategic direction for preparing MK & adjoining LA’s Local Development Frameworks

16 MK 30 Year Sustainable Growth Plan - Objectives Clarify the direction of growth for MK over the next 30 years & define the urban growth boundary Set principles for how sustainable growth can succeed in MK & surroundings Establish a framework for more detailed site- specific master-planning of expansion areas Identify & progress key actions and priorities Engage with key stakeholders Build on MK Local Plan & other background studies & strategies already in place

17 Relationship between documents

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