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William Shakespeare & Romeo and Juliet

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1 William Shakespeare & Romeo and Juliet

2 The Globe Theatre Built in 1594, The Globe broke away from the traditional rectangular shape of English theaters.

3 The Globe Theatre Located on the banks of the River Thames, the Globe was a three story wooden building that held up to 3,000 theatergoers. In the center was an open-air courtyard with a platform stage.

4 The Globe Theatre Those paying the lowest admission were known as “groundlings,” who stood in the pit. Wealthier theatergoers sat in the buildings interior balconies.

5 The Globe Theatre Performances were advertised by means of playbills, and took place during the hours of daylight when the weather was suitable.

6 Shakespeare’s Works Shakespeare wrote 37 plays, which are categorized in one of three classifications. 154 Sonnets 6 Long Poems Shakespeare wrote most of his work in blank verse, unrhymed lines consisting of 10 syllables (aka Iambic Pentameter).

7 Shakespeare’s Works Tragedy: A play that traces the main character’s downfall Comedy: A play that ends happily and that usually contains many humorous elements History: A play that chronicles the life of an English monarch

8 Romeo and Juliet Takes place in Italy during the 1300’s.
There is a feud between 2 wealthy families – the Montagues and the Capulets. It has raged for many years.

9 Romeo and Juliet “A pair of star-crossed lovers”
Romeo was a Montague and Juliet was a Capulet Forbidden love…

10 Romeo and Juliet – The Play
CAPULETS Lord Capulet Lady Capulet Juliet Tybalt Nurse Sampson Gregory MONTAGUES Lord Montague Lady Montague Romeo Benvolio Balthasar Abram

11 Romeo and Juliet Other Characters Prince Escalus, ruler of Verona
Mercutio, Romeo’s Friend/Prince’s Relative Friar Laurence, a Fransician Priest Friar John, another Priest Count Paris, young nobleman and kinsman of the Prince

12 WHAT IS A DRAMA?? DRAMA -- a dramatic work intended for performance by actors on a stage

13 Dramatic Conventions Aside – lines specifically meant to be heard by the audience and/or select characters onstage. Think of a pause in the action on stage.

14 Dramatic Conventions Monologue – a speech given by one character. Other characters may be on stage, but only the one character speaks. “Mono” means “one.”

15 Dramatic Conventions Soliloquy – a speech given by one character, usually revealing a character’s innermost thoughts. The character is alone on the stage.

16 Dramatic Conventions Foil – the existence of two characters whose personalities and/or traits serve to contrast the characteristics of the other. Example: Benvolio (peaceful) and Tybalt (fiery and angry)

17 Dramatic Conventions Dramatic Irony – the audience has knowledge that the characters on stage do not have or are not aware of yet. Example: The audience knows that Juliet isn’t really dead when Romeo believes that she is.

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