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Book 9: New Coasts and Poseidon’s Son

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1 Book 9: New Coasts and Poseidon’s Son
Book IX Book 9: New Coasts and Poseidon’s Son THE ODYSSEY Taylor Washington Seherzada Softic Ms. Rubano Period: 3

2 Characters Odysseus- Leader of the soldiers and the voyage
Odysseus’ Men- The soldiers who are on a voyage home (Ithaca) with Odysseus Lotos Eaters- Lazy people who dwell on an island eating the Lotos all day Polyphemus- Son of Poseidon, a Cyclopes

3 All of book nine is written in the form of a very long flashback.
ON the road again Book nine begins with Odysseus talking to the Phaeacians . He begins to tell them the story of how he and his men begin their voyage home from troy. (Beginning) All of book nine is written in the form of a very long flashback.

4 The story From Troy, Odysseus and his men go to the island of Kikonês.
They conquer the land. Afterwards, they disrespect the land which Odysseus isn’t proud of. (Rising Action) “I stormed that place and killed the men who fought.- Plunder we took, and we enslaved the women,” (Homer 47-48). After 9 days on sea in a storm sent by Zeus, Odysseus lands on an island full of Lotus eaters. The Lotus plant makes people not want to continue their journey. Odysseus barely gets his men on the ship to get them to leave. (Rising Action) Homer

5 The New Land After leaving, Odysseus lets the wind take over. It leads him to an island of Cyclopes. Here the men stayed for a couple days, eating and enjoying the land. (Rising Action) Homer Pg. 148

6 He questions them a bit and then becomes very hostile.
Hostile Hospitality Odysseus and his men come across a Cyclops’ cave. His men wanted him to steal the food from the cave but he couldn’t. (Rising Action) When Polyphemus, the Cyclopes, finds Odysseus and his men at first he acts friendly. He questions them a bit and then becomes very hostile. He instantly kills and eats 2 of Odysseus’ men. Then he put the rest in his cave for a later meal. (Rising Action) Homer Pg. 153

7 Late night snack While sitting in the cave Odysseus and his men come up with a plan to get away from Polyphemus. The plan was to get Polyphemus drunk. Then, when he became overly intoxicated they would attack him.

8 Nobody’s Killing me! When Polyphemus became drunk, he asked Odysseus what his name is. To which Odysseus replies “My name is Nohbdy”(page156) Page 156 lines Heroic simile “straight forward they sprinted, lifted it, and rammed it deep in his crater eye, and I leaned on it turning it as a shipwright turns a drill in planking,” Once Polyphemus passes out, Odysseus and his men send a burning stake through his eye. Polyphemus screams “Nohbdy’s tricked me, Nohbdy’s ruined me!”(page157) The other Cyclopes think he is crazy. Homer page

9 LIVING on a prayer Odysseus and his men then flee the scene and he taunts Polyphemus. Page 158: lines Personification -“When Dawn spread out her finger tips of rose the rams began to stir, moving for pasture, and peals of bleating echoed round the pens where dams with udders full called for milking Polyphemus cries and prays to his father Poseidon for Odysseus never to arrive home. Page: 159 lines “ ‘O Kyklops! Would you feast on my companions? Puny, am I, in a caveman’s hands? How do you like the beating that we gave you, you damned cannibal? Eater of guests under your roof! Zeus and the gods have paid you!’ “

10 The literary Criticisms
Heroism Wisdom and power In the beginning, Telemachus needs Athena to help him find his courage like his father. His qualities of cleverness and courage save them while they are with the Cyclopes and help him come home. Being a hero means, not only to be courageous, but to also be wise and cunning. Moral Fable Gods never give out evil ideas but now Poseidon has the choose between being good or avenging his son. When they are at the island of Kikonês, the idea of good vs. evil come in when they kill all the animals and enslave the women. Odysseus contradicts himself when he taunts Polyphemus. These choices lead to the happy ending at the end of the book.



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