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2 Vocational Rehabilitation
Legislation Workforce Development Act Section IV - Vocational Rehabilitation Act Funding State funds must be appropriated Federal funds match state funds (approx. 4-1 ratio)

3 Vocational Rehabilitation
Congressional Intent Cooperation and coordination among all adult training and employment programs

4 What is Vocational Rehabilitation?
The Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is a part of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. A special program designed to help individuals with physical or mental impairment(s) obtain employment.

5 Where is Vocational Rehabilitation?
There are 27 District Offices located throughout the State of Missouri. There are 172 counselors serving approximately 19,000 cases on any given day. Approximately 25,000 individuals are served each year. Approximately 5,500 individuals are rehabilitated each year.


7 For Individuals with Disabilities Consistent with Their . . .
The Purpose of the State Vocational Rehabilitation Program is Designed to . . .  Assess  Plan  Develop  Provide VR Services  For Individuals with Disabilities Consistent with Their . . .  Strengths Resources  Priorities  Concerns   Abilities  Capabilities  So That the Individual May . . .  Prepare For and Engage in Gainful Employment 

8 Who Refers Individuals to VR for Services?
INDIVIDUALS Self-Referral HEALTH AGENCIES Doctors, Health Clinics, Hospitals, Insurance Co. OTHER Attorneys, Psychologists, Parents, Friends EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES MO Job Service, Private Rehab Agencies, Supported Employment Agencies

9 Who Refers Individuals to VR for Services?
EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS High Schools, Colleges, Private Trade Schools PUBLIC AGENCIES Family Services, Welfare, Social Security, Disability Determinations, Probation and Parole, Mental Health Agencies

10 What Types of Disabilities May be Eligible for VR?
Orthopedic Mental Retardation Mentally Ill Hard of Hearing Deaf Alcoholism Learning Disabled Visual Epilepsy

11 What Types of Disabilities May be Eligible for VR?
Digestive Disorders Character Disorders Brain Injury Drug Addiction Heart Disease Speech Impairment Autism All Other Disabilities

12 Who is Eligible For Vocational Rehabilitation Services?
The term Individual with a Disability means an individual . . . Who has a physical or mental impairment; Whose impairment constitutes or results in a substantial impediment to employment, and; Who can benefit in terms of employment outcome from the provision of Vocational Rehabilitation services.

13 The term Employment Outcome means,
Eligibility The term Employment Outcome means, with respect to an individual, entering or retaining full-time or, if appropriate, part-time competitive employment in the integrated labor market to the greatest extent practical; or supported employment.

14 Retain gainful employment
Eligibility A determination that the applicant requires Vocational Rehabilitation services to: Prepare for Enter into Engage in, or Retain gainful employment

15 Employment Consistent with the applicant’s: Strengths Concerns
Resources Abilities Priorities Capabilities Informed Choice

16 What Services Can VR Provide?
Assessment to Determine the Extent of Disability Evaluation Guidance Individual Counseling Medical, Surgical, Psychiatric, or Hospital Care Assistive Devices

17 What Services Can VR Provide?
Training Basic Living and Transportation Assistance in Finding a Job Job-Related Tools Job-Seeking Skills

18 What Types of Training Programs Can VR Provide?
College or University Junior College Community College Area Voc-Tech School Private Trade and Technical School

19 What Types of Training Programs Can VR Provide?
Business College On-the-Job Training Supported Employment Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program

20 Who Pays for VR Services?
Services Provided Without Cost to Client . . . Diagnostic Services Counseling and Guidance Referral Services Job Placement Assistance On-the-Job Training Fees

21 Who Pays for VR Services?
Services Based on Financial Need Medical Services Training Van Modification Books, Training Materials Tools, Equipment Living Costs Transportation Costs Other Goods / Services Not Listed Above

22 Other Programs Centers For Independent Living Personal Care Assistance

23 What is Independent Living?
Independent living services are provided by Centers for Independent Living (CIL). Funded through VR grants. Managed by persons with disabilities who have been successful in establishing their own independent lifestyles. Provides information and referral, independent living skills training, advocacy, and peer support.

24 What is the Personal Care Assistance Program?
Provides those services required by individuals with severe physical disabilities which enable them to live more independently by hiring individuals to perform routine tasks of daily living. Typical tasks include: getting out of bed, dressing, undressing, grooming, bathing, eating, meal preparation and clean-up, and other household management duties.

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28 Mo Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
James Ankrom District Supervisor Mo Division of Vocational Rehabilitation 310 NW Englewood Rd. Suite 300 Gladstone, MO 64118 Phone: (816) Fax: (816)


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