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Welcome to Seminar HW215 Models of Health and Wellness

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1 Welcome to Seminar HW215 Models of Health and Wellness
Unit 8 Health and Wellness Model Design: Multi-cultural Instructor: Add Day, Date, Time Robyn Hoban

2 AGENDA Unit 7 Review Unit 8 Discussion Questions Questions
Wheel of the Future eHealth Unit 8 Discussion Questions Study Abroad Practicum for Oaxaca, Mexico. Questions To play Wheel of History is simple. Everyone knows how to play wheel of fortune? I will give you a definition. I will also give you the vowels. You need to fill in the consonants to come up with the key term. As soon as you know the answer, type it in.

3 E _ O _ O _ Y The study of the relationship of plants and animals to their physical and biological environment. Ecology

4 E _ E A _ _ _ The use of advanced technologies such as the Internet, advanced networks, portable equipment and telecommunications to deliver and archive information related to health eHealth

5 _ E O _ O _ I _ I _ A _ Perspective combining geography and social sciences related to spatial patterns of health ranging from home, city, region, state to international.  Geo-political

6 _ E A _ _ _ According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this refers to being free of disease and illness. health

7 I _ _ O _ _ A _ I _ _ The science of information Informatics

8 _ E _ _ _ E _ _ I _ E Viewpoint of advocate, supporter, promoter

9 _ O _ I _ I _ A _ Relating to politics, especially party politics and the support for policies and principles advocated by various groups Political

10 _ E _ _ _ O _ O _ Y A method or methodology that applies technical knowledge or tools such as the World Wide Web (WWW) referred to as the Internet Technology


12 eHealth Efficiency Enhancing quality Evidenced based Empowerment
Encouragement Education Enabling Extending Ethics Equity Before we go on to unit 8 discussion, let’s take a minute to look at eHealth. Gunther Eysenbach, in his article in “Journal of Medical Internet Research”, identified 10 qualities of eHealth. Efficiency – avoiding duplication Enhancing quality – improving quality of care and outcomes Evidenced based – proven by rigorous scientific evaluation Empowerment – records accessible, patient centered medicine, enables evidenced based patient choice Encouragement – relationship between the patient and health professional, decisions are made in a shared manner Education – continuing medical ed, health ed and information for consumers Enabling – information exchange and communication Extending – enables consumers to easily obtain health services online from global providers Ethics – poses new challenges and threats to ethical issues such as online professional practice, informed consent, privacy and equity issues. Equity –It was believed that computers would allow everyone to access information, but not everyone has the money, skills, and access to computers and networks or cannot use computers effectively. Results in an inequity Eysenbach,G “What is e-Health” J Med Internet Res 2001; 3(2):e20 <URL:

13 UNIT 8 Oaxaca, Mexico

14 QUESTION 1 Why is the “Study Abroad Practicum recommended for the state of Oaxaca? What were the benefits to the people of Mexico? What were the benefits to the students?

15 QUESTION 2 What initial connections were used to develop a study abroad nursing course? How was this program set up? Who were the key players?

16 QUESTION 3 What were the lessons learned from using the nursing elective program in Oaxaca, Mexico? Do you think it was successful? In what ways? If given the opportunity, would you like to participate in such a program? Since we can’t all be part of this program, how else could we provide this type of cultural learning experience?

17 CULTURAL COMPETENCY What are the key components of a culturally competent healthcare system? Culture and cultural barriers: cultural diversity training Language – interpreters, bilingual instructions Access – ethnic specific settings Quality – system to recruit and retain multicultural staff Community involvement – identification of needs and implementation process

Which ones did you like from the readings? Why? What made them successful? Can they be duplicated?

19 ANY QUESTIONS? Do you have any questions about the final project?
Instructions for the project?

20 REFERENCES Eysenbach G, What is e-health?J Med Internet Res 2001;3(2):e20, <URL: Microsoft Corporation. (2008). Microsoft clipart. Retrieved from Kaplan University. (2007). HW215 course materials. Retrieved from Holtz, C., (2008). Global health care: Issues and Policies. Boston, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers

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