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Mt. Fuji Morning Class: Aileen Xu, Moy Zhong, Sonya Hu.

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2 Mt. Fuji Morning Class: Aileen Xu, Moy Zhong, Sonya Hu

3 Geographic Location 35 o 21’28.8”N, 138 o 43’51.6”E

4 Nearest City  Tokyo  Distance: Approximately 80 kilometers from the center of Tokyo to the top of Mt. Fuji  Population: 127, 467, 972 people

5 Eruptions Most Recent:  December 16, 1707 Most Destructive:  1705  Killed 8,000 people hot-spots-active-volcanoes- world/

6 Other Events I. Mud Slides II. Ash Clouds III. Localized Earthquakes

7 Tectonic Process and Formation  Hot Spot Mt. Fuji was created when one of the Earth’s tectonic plates descended on the Philippine Sea plate, which is above a subduction zone. This caused a series of eruptions beneath the Earth which eventually hardened and built up a mountainous volcano. http://www.japanfo Earhart/3528

8 Photos 0.html 08.html ugh_04.html

9 Interesting Facts I. Mt. Fuji is a Composite Volcano which is also called a Stratovolcano II. Mt. Fuji is nearly perfectly symmetrical. III. Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in the country of Japan, with an elevation of 3, 776 meters. IV. Mt. Fuji is located on the island Honshu V. Mt. Fuji was sacred to the ancient Japanese. VI. Scientists fear that Mt. Fuji may awake again after it’s last eruption 305 years ago.

10 Links  /whatfuji.html /whatfuji.html   volcanoes-world/ volcanoes-world/  02/19/japans-mt-fuji-volcano-awakens-after-300- years-increased-risk-of-an-eruption-warns-scientist/ 02/19/japans-mt-fuji-volcano-awakens-after-300- years-increased-risk-of-an-eruption-warns-scientist/  http://news/ 07/060717-mount-fuji.html http://news/ 07/060717-mount-fuji.html  feature3/ feature3/


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