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LineupNX 1.7 Demonstration © Baobab Productions 2009.

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1 LineupNX 1.7 Demonstration © Baobab Productions 2009

2 Your quick introduction Welcome. This presentation will introduce you to some of the things you can do with LineupNX 1.7 It is designed to show you many of the features of this program and give you insight into how they may work for your organization, whether it be a production company, television or radio newsroom, university or college media/journalism program or a community cable television operation. Of course this presentation is not comprehensive. If you have questions about LineupNX, features and pricing, please contact us by email:

3 What is LineupNX? A way to build a lineup for a radio or television program that keeps all required information well-organized A computer program that keeps track of item times and back times as the rundown is built, ensuring the final show will run to time

4 What is LineupNX? A convenient clearing house for writing and editing host/presenter copy A program that prints the copy with page numbers in the correct, collated running order A program that sends that same copy to a teleprompter

5 What is LineupNX? A sophisticated stop-clock in the control room that gives the director accurate timing information as the show goes to air or is recorded A production tool for program packaging A program planning tool from Future File to Archive

6 Where is LineupNX? In TV newsrooms and production units In classrooms and journalism labs In production houses In community and small market television In radio

7 Use LineupNX For live productions –News, magazine shows, telethons Live-to-tape productions Pre-packaging shows Television or radio documentary planning Radio station logging/programming

8 Use LineupNX On a computer network, large or small –Shared newsroom resources –Desks or views appropriate to job function –With internet access and built-in RSS As a stand-alone program –As a show planner or item planning tool

9 Operationally speaking LineupNX will run effectively on very modest computer systems and networks. It’s memory footprint is small and it doesn’t duplicate functions such as calendars, alarms and contact databases that are already available as powerful standalone applications from other vendors

10 It’s easy

11 More detail Login Initial screen A rundown An item record An intro Control room Clocks Timing Teleprompter Desk views

12 First you login User Name is the computer name Login depends on function –Admin: the Executive Producer or Administrator (can be changed) –Editor: the desk (only 1 per show) –Reporter: writers or journalists –Production: newsroom pa –Technical: prompter ops –Altedit: editor for a different show –ShowPA: control room pa –Director: control room director If the “Network” button is active you may login to the network and files are shared. “Local” means all files are on your computer. Only the Administrator / Executive Producer can configure the computer to enable network mode. LineupNX keeps track of how many people are logged in.

13 More detail Login Initial screen A rundown An item record An intro Control room Clocks Timing Teleprompter Desk views

14 The initial screen Rundown work area Show status Updates as you build the rundown Shows total time of items, run time of individual show blocks, time to air and more. Toolbar Includes five item status indicators Menus Different entries depending on role in production RSS available Read news / sports feeds from the Internet The toolbar buttons and available menus depend on the specific login or desk view (reporter/writer, editor, production, technical etc.)

15 More detail Login Initial screen A rundown An item record An intro Control room Clocks Timing Teleprompter Desk views

16 A rundown Block boundaries in color Individual items in the block with front and back times Press Ctrl R to reveal a script preview screen

17 A rundown

18 More detail Login Initial screen A rundown An item record An intro Control room Clocks Timing Teleprompter Desk views

19 An item record Include up to four events with their times from the start of the item Block id, location in block, and designator for reader Each of five status indicators may be customized These headings are also customizable

20 More detail Login Initial screen A rundown An item record An intro Control room Clocks Timing Teleprompter Desk views

21 An intro Our built-in, two-column, intro editor produces announcer copy for printing or sending to a teleprompter

22 More detail Login Initial screen A rundown An item record An intro Control room Clocks Timing Teleprompter Desk views

23 Control room clocks

24 Control room timing Timing for both items and events within items. Modify the running order and hit reload. All timing is adjusted and the light / heavy status updated

25 More detail Login Initial screen A rundown An item record An intro Control room Clocks Timing Teleprompter Desk views

26 Teleprompter Prompter status display shows current run list loaded, coarse and fine speed settings and whether the next item is cued or running or stopped

27 More detail Login Initial screen A rundown An item record An intro Control room Clocks Timing Teleprompter Desk views

28 Exec Producer or Administrator Assignment / lineup editors Production / script assistants Reporters / writers Technical / teleprompter ops Director and show pa

29 EP / Administrator

30 Has all privileges to customize LineupNX Can set options and parameters for the newsroom Can correct or reset in case of mistakes or errors Can edit rundowns and write and edit scripts and prompter copy

31 Accessing admin options The administration function gives you flexibility and control

32 Preferences and options The Executive Producer / Administrator can set options that best suit the needs of the newsroom. Here are some examples of what you can customize in LineupNX 1.7

33 Network mode In network mode all information about a show is stored in a central location, accessible to each computer user running LineupNX on the network It could be a folder on a special server or just a folder on a designated computer in the newsroom

34 Other admin functions Unlock a rundown that has been locked (split in traditional TV newsroom parlance) in error by the Desk Release the program lock that prevents more than a single desk editor from being logged in Release scripts for editing in case they have been left locked by a reporter or editor Monitor how many users are logged in

35 Editors Assignment and Lineup

36 Editors - the Desk Have full control over the content of a rundown (add, drop, edit, running order) Can write and edit scripts, prompter copy Can pass control of rundown to the control room Can lock page numbers for show split Only one person can be logged in as the editor for the current show but other rundowns can be edited by other users on the network

37 Editor options 1.Open an existing rundown to work on 2.Open an existing template to start a new rundown 3.Design a new template for a new show

38 Option 1: Existing rundown Select the Open icon from Tool Bar or click File > Open Lineup…

39 Option 1: Existing rundown LineupNX 1.7 comes with several sample rundowns similar to this one for you to try.

40 Option 2: Open template LineupNX stores common elements for a recurring show in template files. Select File > Open Layout… to display a list of your templates. LineupNX comes with a set of sample templates for you to start with. They may be modified or you may create your own from scratch. A template is the base for a new rundown. From the menu we will select CUTV News

41 Option 2: Open template All items in the template are common for each edition of the show you produce. For example the name of the show, the running time, the number and times of commercial breaks, where you put billboards and look-aheads etc. Regular breaks from the show divide it into blocks and the block boundaries are indicated in red. To make this into a new rundown, select File > Save Layout Template and then click “Yes” Next select the air day for the show from the drop down box and click OK

42 Option 3: Create template To create a new template or a standalone rundown, click on the New icon on the tool bar or select File > New Lineup or Layout. This starts the process. First you set the basic show details such as the name, the regular On Air and running times. If you select to save as a layout, a new template is loaded into the rundown work area. You can now add items to the template. Each block starts with a letter or number followed by 00. These are usually commercials or promo breaks.

43 Adding to the rundown When you build a rundown you add information as it is available. Reserve a slot for the item by assigning a position and a slug

44 Drop items from a rundown The Desk (Editor) can drop items from a rundown at any time and hold them for later use. Dropped items can always be recovered later. LineupNX keeps a clipboard of dropped items for each day of the week and for baggers and outlooks. Dropping is not the same as deleting. A deleted item cannot be reinserted into a rundown. LineupNX provides a separate delete button on the toolbar

45 Recover dropped items You can recover any item that has been dropped from a lineup and insert it back into the lineup or into the lineup of another show. LineupNX keeps 9 separate clipboards for dropped items. One for each day of the week and one each for outlooks and baggers

46 Keeping notes Each item can have a set of detailed notes attached to it. This could be contact information, background material, event schedule details and so on. You can paste information from emails, from web- sites and other sources, even keep shot lists and field notes The first paragraph of the note attached to an item can also be used in the outlook for the show

47 Connect items LineupNX lets you link items, notes, intros that have been written offline to the slugs assigned by the desk.

48 Production Assistants Newsroom and Control Room PA

49 Production Assistants Can update item information in a rundown but cannot change the slug or the running order and cannot add new items or delete items Can use the control room stop-watch and clock features Can use and preview the teleprompter copy display

50 Outlooks and future files LineupNX supports a full newsroom workflow from future file to air You can use our Future File template or create your own LineupNX can prepare outlooks with varying degrees of detail

51 Mark items for reuse Often you will want to use an item in several programs –For example the same item might appear in both the supper news and the late news These items can be marked and then retrieved

52 Adding marked items To insert any items marked from another show use Edit > Merge items marked for retrieval This menu item will be grayed-out if no items have been marked All copy, notes and intros will be available in the new rundown

53 Modifying item info As more information about an item becomes available, both the Editor and Production Assistants can update the record. PAs cannot change slug or position.

54 Modifying show info Sometimes it is necessary to change, on a one-time basis, running details about a particular edition of a show. For example if a prior, live event runs late, the air time might change. The running time might also change. By adjusting Show Details, LineupNX will recalculate back and front times and light/heavy status immediately.

55 Reporters Copy writers and copy editors

56 Reporters/Writers Can write and edit scripts, prompter copy and notes for items in a rundown – both their own and those of colleagues Can read and copy from RSS feeds into stories They cannot edit the rundown or item information or change RSS feeds

57 Writing item scripts LineupNX can launch your preferred word processor directly for voice-over scripts and packages. The word processor (WordPad, WordPerfect, Open Office Writer or MS Word) is set by the show administrator in LineupNX preferences and options LineupNX manages file names and locations so you don’t have to

58 Prompter copy editor Put cursor over item that needs intro or announcer copy and press [Shift]F2 or select Edit > Intro/Prompter Script For a new intro answer “Yes” to create a new intro

59 A two column editor lets you write prompter copy in the right column and directions in the left Prompter copy

60 Align columns using the line count at the bottom of the screen Switch columns with the [Tab] key If you forget to save, LineupNX will do it for you Prompter copy

61 [Ctrl]U converts to upper case Tools > Time script gives an approximate read time for the intro and enters it into the rundown Prompter copy

62 Print options for scripts A reporter can print her/his intro from the Intro Editor screen Editors and PAs can print from the rundown either individually, by block or the entire show in running order

63 Technical Teleprompter operator

64 Technical This view is reserved specifically for the teleprompter operator Can operate the prompter –Stop, start and cue –Speed controls (Pg Up/Dn for coarse, Up/Dn for fine adjustments) Reload the prompter when running order changes

65 Teleprompter Options to send just one script, an entire block, the whole show, or the whole show from a specific page to the teleprompter

66 Teleprompter The teleprompter can run individual items, a block of the show, the entire show. It can pick up from any place in the show rundown. Rundown changes are automatically communicated to the prompter but it can also be updated by hand

67 To the control room Lock page numbers Split copy Release to control room

68 The split Once the show is set, rundowns and copy can be printed for presenters, directors, producers and production assistants Traditionally this is called the split, referring to multi-part paper that was split and collated in the final running order of the show before distribution

69 The split In LineupNX the split is done by locking the page numbers (set automatically up to this point) –Tools > Lock page numbers –The colors of the rundown change When the show is ready for air, the Desk releases the rundown to the Director –Tools > Release to Control Room

70 Director / Showpa When the Desk is done

71 Director or Show PA Has control over the rundown only after it has been released by the Desk Can re-order the show, drop and update items

72 Production assistants and Directors have a special set of displays to use when the show is on the air. They are like a sophisticated stopwatch, keeping track of the light/heavy status of the show, the time to the next event (key or super usually). If the running order of the show changes while on the air (say during a commercial break), the reload button adjusts for the changes. On the air

73 Using RSS Really simple syndication

74 Using RSS If you are connected to the Internet and RSS has been enabled (Administrator function) you can add, delete and view RSS feeds from LineupNX. We provide a set of links to feeds but you can add your own. Simply click the orange RSS button on the tool bar. Give your feed a name and paste in the location (usually copied from the RSS information given on the web site providing the feed.

75 Using RSS You can also remove feeds from the list very easily. Remember that many RSS feeds are copyrighted and may not be rebroadcast or published without permission. Once you have some feeds, they can be accessed by clicking the down arrow to the immediate left of the RSS button on the tool bar.

76 Using RSS

77 Once the item is displayed you can copy text to the clipboard To return to the rundown screen just click the red “RSS” button on the tool bar To enter the text into a script, open the script and paste Remember that copyright restrictions may apply

78 After the show Archive all show materials –Final rundown –All prompter copy –All voice-over script material –All show notes All material moved and saved in a zip file and originals may be deleted (option)

79 Online help LineupNX has a complete online help system and ships with a special tutorial guide book, setup instructions and user manual

80 In conclusion For more information about LineupNX or to request a quotation or a demonstration CD-rom, please contact Baobab Productions by email.

81 Thank you © Baobab Productions 2009

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