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By: Dr. Josh Funk, DPT, CSCS Founder of Lax Factory Physical Therapist Power Development is Plane-Specific!

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1 By: Dr. Josh Funk, DPT, CSCS Founder of Lax Factory Physical Therapist Power Development is Plane-Specific!

2  Maryland native  Multi-sport athlete growing up  College Lacrosse at Ohio State  Professional Lacrosse in the NLL  Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of Maryland  Wearing many hats as a sport coach, performance coach and physical therapist

3  Noun  Physical strength and force exerted by something or someone  Verb  To move or travel with great speed or force  How do I train carryover?

4  MPH correlation with medicine ball toss and lateral bounds  Ages 10-17  6 kg med ball  3 reps each side  Correlation on dominant hand  Non-dominant hand affected by technique errors  Grip strength also correlated

5  Most research performed in baseball world  Improving sagittal plane performance markers is not correlated with increased throwing velocity  Ground reaction forces must be trained in the direction of the skill at hand  Power Development is plane specific  Increased levels of force production in back leg leads to higher throwing velocity  Increased stride length leads to increased power  Postural Restoration Institute

6  Liver on 1 side  3 lobes of lung on R vs 2 on L  Diaphragm attachments more expanside on R  R diaphragm built for success  More common to see L rib flares  In addition to hard wiring making most of us left brain dominant for certain motor tasks Courtesy of Postural Restoration Institute

7  L AIC  L Psoas  R Diaphragm  L TFL  L Vastus Lateralis  R Biceps Femoris  R IC Adductors  R BC  R Diaphragm  R Oblique  L Pec  R Triangularis Sterni  PEC  Superficial Back Extensors  Janda Lower Crossed

8  Left versus Right Handed Athlete  In-Season vs Off-Season  Pre-Season vs. Off-Season  Weight of the Medicine Ball (Strength-Speed)  Injury History  Sport and Position of the Athlete  Elasticity of the Athlete  Postural Restoration Institute

9  PRI themed Activation  Dynamic Flexibility  Frontal (bands) and Transverse plane bounds Medicine Ball Throws  Frontal Plane and Single Leg Strength Training  Anti-Movements  Sled Dragging

10  Teach total body power development  Allow you to safely load athlete’s in the sagittal, frontal and transverse planes  Can reinforce ankle, hip and T-spine mobility  Able to train the Strength-Speed portion of the training continuum  Can reduce acquired asymmetries  Stress reducer  FUN!!!

11  “Load To Explode”  Forearm parallel to the ground  Pull elbow back to the wall behind you  Back of front shoulder should face the target  Off hand support  Emphasis on Loading the back leg  “Push off” after you weight shift to back leg  “Cover Ground”- Get as close to the wall as possible after you throw  “Get Long” Full extension of the hands and arms  Don’t allow back leg to be “Stuck in the Mud”

12  Without Stretch-Shortening Cycle (SSC)  With Stretch-Shortening Cycle  Exaggerated Stretch Component  Can Vary:  Amplitude ▪ Short ▪ Long  Response ▪ Short ▪ Long  REMEMBER- Power Development is Plane Specific!!!

13  Linear  Granny Toss to Chest Pass to Overhead  Lateral/Rotational  Scoop Toss to Mid Rotational Toss to Shot Put  Stance Variations  Tall Kneel to Half Kneel  Symmetrical to Asymmetrical Stance  Stepping to Footwork

14  Stationary  Stepping  Jump, Leap and Hop  Locomotion  Shuffle  Carioca  Skipping  Skipioca  Possibilities are endless

15  Can Use Partner for Iso’s  If solo, perform press-outs  Positions  Half Kneel (In-line or regular)  Tall Kneel  Iso Split Squat  Athletic Position  Quadruped  Chops and Lifts  Y-Balance Reach  Usually use as A2 or A3 during weight program

16  Landing on 1 leg  Eccentric strength on the lead leg is equally as important  Need for bowler squats, single leg deadlifts, lateral lunge variations, etc.  Can train eccentric for lead leg with medicine balls (should always)

17  MacWilliams, B, Choi, T, Perezous, M, Chao, E, and McFarland, E. Characteristic ground reaction forces in baseball pitches. Am J Sports Med 26: 66-71, 1998.  Matsuo, T, Escamilla, R, Fleisig, G, Barrentine, S, and Andrews, J. Comparison of kinematic and temporal parameters between different pitch velocity groups. J Appl Biomech 17: 1-13, 2001.  Spaniol, FJ. Predicting throwing velocity in college baseball players. J Strength Cond Res 11: 286, 1997.  Lehman G, Drinkwater, ER, Behm, DG. Correlation of throwing velocity to the results of lower-body field tests in male college baseball players

18 DEMO!

19  Dynamax  Mike Boyle  Charlie Weingroff  Eric Cressey  Kevin Neeld  Kyle Tarp  Dave Gottfeld  Ron Hruska  Rob Taylor

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