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SME and ND Partnership For The Next Level. Who is the Society of Manufacturing Engineers? For more than 77 years, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

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1 SME and ND Partnership For The Next Level

2 Who is the Society of Manufacturing Engineers? For more than 77 years, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) has been the place Where Manufacturing Comes Together. Founded in 1932 with 33 members. Formed amid the Great Depression by a group of tool engineers and master mechanics, the organization looked to collaborate on how to build what would give the Motor City its name — the automobile. Today, SME is the world's leading professional society supporting manufacturing education. Through its member programs, publications, expositions and professional development resources, SME promotes an increased awareness of manufacturing engineering and helps keep manufacturing professionals up to date on leading trends and technologies. Headquartered in Michigan, SME has members in more than 70 countries and is supported by a network of hundreds of technical communities and chapters worldwide. SME's members hail from diverse manufacturing industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive and transportation, medical and many, many more.

3 Personal Testimonial Family of service technicians Industrial Ice Manufacturing –Costa Rica –Nigeria –United States Automation, Manufacturing Systems, Lean Systems, and Auto-ID Technologies SME Member for almost 5 years Former Student Chapter President Active member in tech groups and a leadership development group

4 Networking Expos –Nation wide with focuses on different industries and communities Free and Pay webinars –Cutting edge technology insight and valuable reporting of case studies Technical Events –Showcasing some of the most sought after skills in today’s industries Local and Regional Chapters –Professional –Student

5 Professional Development Reduced cost for members for: –Certifications LEAN SixSigma Certified Engineering Manager Certified Manufacturing Technologist and Engineer –Training Classes Online Onsite Job Connections –Looking for a job or employees? Library of Resources for research

6 Technical Information Reduced cost for members: –Technical Papers $0.00 for members when others have to pay up to $60.00 each –E-Newsletters –Journals –Research Publications –Technical Quarterlies

7 Communities and Industries Communities that provide for most interests and almost all industries SME Communities: –Automated Manufacturing & Assembly –Forming & Fabricating –Industrial Laser –Machining & Material Removal –Manufacturing Education & Research –Plastics, Composites & Coatings –Product & Process Design and Management –Rapid Technologies & Additive Manufacturing

8 Communities and Industries Industries within SME –Aerospace & Defense –Medical Device Manufacturing –Motorsports – Oil & Gas –Wind Energy Manufacturing SME provides lifelong learning programs, certification and skills assessment, technical resources, publications and industry expertise through their members.

9 Advantages to Students Scholarships –Last year 175 student members received more than $452,000. Ask the Librarian –Inquiring minds want to know, get answers here fast. SME is there to help. Access –Thousands of technical papers with answers to your classroom questions. CIRP Papers –Written by leading manufacturing R&D experts from all over the world. Manufacturing Engineering Magazine Daily Executive Briefing Emails

10 Advantages to Students Career & Workforce Development –Certifications Stay ahead of the competition and stand out from the crowd, get certified. Become certified before leaving campus. Jobs Connections Conferences Student Activities & Contests Chapters in the student and professional world. Technical Community Network Awards –Can be nominated to receive one of many prestigious awards. Auto, Life, Health Insurance SME Products Books, DVDs, CDs and more — members receive generous discounts.

11 Advantages to Employers Find and Develop Skilled Workers –Develop your existing work force. As you work to continuously advance the knowledge and skills of your current work force, SME's prestigious Certifications are a way to ensure your workforce stays ahead of the competition. Find better hires today. –The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that, each year through 2012, employers will be seeking nearly 300,000 new engineers and technicians. SME Jobs Connection can help find candidates who have the skills and experience to hit the ground running. –SME Education Foundation's student programs, scholarships and grants are comprehensive, nationwide efforts that may aid your organization in getting the bright stars of tomorrow.

12 Advantages For The Economy, The Community, and North Dakota Highly Skilled and Experienced Work Force –By developing a more highly skilled workforce, ND has the opportunity to draw more business to the region and attract our college graduates to stay in ND –With increased jobs and business expansion into ND comes increased attendance to our universities and therefore a feeder for the cycle of more students, more jobs and more money throughout ND It starts with creating a world class workforce sought after by companies nationwide. –If we provide the skilled workforce, companies will want to come to ND. –We have the work ethic and the potential to reshape the region and American Manufacturing. It takes a vision, some hard work, and dedication to the cause.

13 Why a Chapter in North Dakota? The student chapter at NDSU currently is advised by the professional chapter in Minneapolis, MN. Let’s keep it in house. By providing opportunities within ND, student are more likely to participate. Manufacturing is growing in ND and we have to keep up to be competitive. Getting the word out is half the battle. Through SME ND can post the results of cutting edge research and attract much needed attention to our universities.

14 Membership Student Membership –Just $20 per year –Reduced cost for first two years after graduation prior to paying full dues –Full rights and access to website and SME tools –The savings on resource books, DVDs, and technical papers will more than likely pay for your membership on your first purchase. –$20 per year could lead to thousands of dollars in grants and scholarships.

15 Membership SME is not just for engineers. It is for anyone who has a passion and drive to better themselves and their company as a member of the Manufacturing Industry or as a supplier to Manufacturing Industries. –1 year - $125.00 –2 years - $225.00 –3 years - $318.75 Should you decide to become a member of SME, DDA will sponsor your company

16 Testimonials “Even though I am not an engineering student, the contacts I made through my student chapter of SME at UTSA helped me to obtain my current position as an Intern at IBM in Austin, Texas. This internship could turn into a long term employment opportunity for me. Manufacturing is not just machines and production; the support of manufacturing operations also holds enormous opportunities.” –Than Nguyen, IBM Intern, Computer Science Major –University of Texas at San Antonio “One of my great joys is providing an avenue for young students to explore their potential through cutting edge research in advanced manufacturing. Through the years I have been an officer in multiple SME professional chapters and currently serve as the advising professor for a student chapter. Through plant tours and seminars, SME provides exposure to the practical manufacturing environment that enables growth for students beyond that available in the classroom. Well rounded graduates make successful employees and members of society.” –Dr. Can Saygin, Assoc. Prof., Mech/Mfg Engineering Director – Manufacturing Systems and Automation Laboratory –University of Texas at San Antonio

17 Closing The DDA Connection Q&A

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